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Why is it said that “watching AWE means watching Haier Smart Home”?

Why is it said that “watching AWE means watching Haier Smart Home”?

  Market radius determines the level of an enterprise.

On March 14, the annual China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE 2024) kicked off. The New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai was crowded with home appliance exhibitors, agents and media reporters from all over the world. Meet here again.

Going to an exhibition has always been considered a technical job, and it is by no means a one-step process. Experts generally make a choice and focus on what the top brands show, because they are the most qualified to represent industry trends and market trends.

Looking at AWE alone, I think there is one company that must not be missed, and it is Haier Smart Home. A media veteran once talked about his experience and said, “Haier Smart Home is a must-see if you want to see AWE.” The explanation is: No matter the product, technology, brand or presentation method, Haier Smart Home is the most interesting.

AWE2024, what did Haier Smart Home show?

What did Haier Smart Home show at this year’s AWE?

As in previous years, Haier Smart Home will participate in the exhibition this year in the form of “one meeting + one exhibition”.

On March 13, on the eve of the opening of AWE, Haier Smart Home held an ecological conference with the theme of “Boundless Symbiosis of Digital Intelligence Update”, which focused on demonstrating a series of new achievements of the company towards becoming a “world-class smart residential ecological enterprise”.

I noticed two details: first, the scale of this conference is very large, occupying the entire Expo Silver Hall; second, there are many overseas guests, and simultaneous interpretation in Chinese, English and Japanese is provided on site.


Haier Smart Home at AWE has more to see. In summary, there are four major highlights:

  1. The world’s strongest brand lineup.Currently, Haier Smart Home has established a matrix of seven high-end brands: Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA, and Candy. This year’s AWE, representing Haier Smart Home, will be represented by the four high-end brands Haier, Casarte, Leader, and Fisher & Paykel, as well as the world’s first smart home appliance and home integrated customized scene brand Triwing Bird.

Among them, the Haier brand focused on displaying two major series, Shijia and Baiqiao, which are designed for young people and families of three, as well as full-space fresh-keeping refrigerators, “invisible” air conditioners, the industry’s first dual-cycle constant temperature zero-cold water water heater, and sweeping robot H13. All are explosive products in smart technology.

Casarte is naturally the highlight of the exhibition.

Casarte displayed three major series of “Zhijing”, “New Conductor” and “Nebula” as well as smart kitchen experience scenes in the living art area; the fusion art area presented Casarte refrigerator embedded technology and series embedded design , ecological customization, etc.; the Science and Technology Art Zone displays MSA oxygen-controlled freshness preservation, 3D perspective drying, original flat-embedded technology, etc., all of which are high-end “black technologies”.


Information from the Ecological Conference shows that the Casarte brand value will reach 71.1 billion in 2023.

Fisher & Paykel focused on the social kitchen scene solution, as well as the 3°C constant temperature refrigeration and invisible fully embedded technology of the refrigerator. At the same time, it released a new luxury product called Yueji, which can wash and care for silk, cashmere, leather or high-end suits. Aiming at the high-end luxury crowd.

This time Leader also matched new life scenes for four young circles: e-sports circle, camping circle, cute pet circle, and beauty circle.

  2. The most advanced technological innovation.Technological innovation has always been the strength of Haier Smart Home. This year, AWE Haier Smart Home showcased 101 industry-first technologies such as flat inlays, essence washers, and crystal bladders. In addition to original technology, you can also experience the convenience of smart technology everywhere on site. Haier Smart Home Brain, as the core center of the smart home, penetrates into the entire scene space of Triwing Bird and can provide users with proactive services at any time.

  3. The most comprehensive scenario plan.Unlike most exhibitors who only showcase products, Haier Smart Home also showcases smart home scenario solutions integrating home appliances. The on-site Triwing Bird intuitively presents smart life scenes to visitors in the form of 8 large spaces and 20 scenes, such as a perfectly integrated smart kitchen, a smart bedroom that actively creates a bedtime atmosphere, a smart bathroom for sunbathing, etc.

If the smart lifestyle presented by the three-winged bird touches your heart, you can move the home you want with one click through the “nest building” design tool.

As of 2023, Sanyiniao has contact points in more than 2,900 stores across the country, with more than 80,000 customized solutions, bringing smart life solutions to more than 413,000 families. In 2023, it will achieve a scene transaction volume of 5.1 billion.

  1.   The most leading ESG results.As a domestic ESG pioneer, Haier Smart Home has formed a mature low-carbon green development promotion system, such as green products, green packaging, recycling, smart buildings and other ESG solutions.


My overall impression

I spent most of the day watching the entire exhibition, and I am even more convinced that “watching AWE is watching Haier Smart Home.” I think Haier Smart Home’s outstanding performance in several dimensions such as products and technology, innovation capabilities, brand image, and on-site perception has strengthened my understanding.

The first is the dimension of products and technologies: from French door refrigerators, Italian drawer refrigerators, flush-mounted refrigerators, to “air wash” washing machines, “zonal washing” one-machine two-tube washing machines to twin-tower soft-wind air conditioners, Haier Smart The company has invented numerous product solutions, and there is no second company in the country. It is reported that Haier Smart Home currently has as many as 218 original technologies that have been followed up by domestic and foreign peers.

Secondly, there is the dimension of innovation capabilities: Haier Smart Home has built a global 10+N open innovation system offline, and has laid out the HOPE innovation ecological platform online, linking more than 1 million first-class resources around the world, and R&D and innovation can be promoted collaboratively on a global scale. This kind of R&D system can be called the world’s most advanced technology, most complete layout, and fastest innovation. It effectively explains why so many original products and major innovative products appear in Haier Smart Home.

The third is the dimension of internationalization: by 2023, Haier has ranked first in the world for 15 consecutive years; Casarte has ranked first in high-end products in China for seven consecutive years, and GE Appliances has become the largest major appliance company in the United States for two consecutive years; in Australia, Fisher & Paykel New Zealand TOP1, Australia’s top 2 white goods; Candy is the number one connected home appliance in Europe; AQUA and Haier are the top two brands in white goods share in Japan.

The average selling price and sales volume of Haier Smart Home’s high-end brands are higher than those of European and American brands. Looking at it, who is the other Chinese home appliance company that can dominate the global market like Haier Smart Home?

The fourth is the dimension of display methods: from ice-washing large white appliances to kitchen appliances, Japanese appliances, and health and wellness products, from technological innovation to solutions, from Haier, Casarte, Leader, Fisher & Paykel product brands to three-winged bird scenes Brands, from local brands to overseas brands… The many dimensions of Haier Smart Home display reflect that this company has achieved all-round leadership.

The fifth is the artistic dimension of display: the display form has a great impact on people’s visual perception. Many people who have visited the Haier Smart Home exhibition will have the impression that “Haier Smart Home has a style that only big international brands can have.” This feeling He might not be able to explain how it came about, but the feeling was indeed very strong.

My opinion is: Haier Smart Home, as a world-class brand, competes with international big names at large exhibitions such as CES, IFA, and AWE all year round, and has already established world-class aesthetic and display capabilities.

Sixth, the dimension of media reports: I once made a rough statistics on AWE media reports over the years. I found that the reports related to Haier Smart Home were the most among all exhibitors, and it alone accounted for more than one-third. A large number of media reports have continuously enhanced Haier Smart Home’s status in the public mind.

Another thing I have to say is that in the Haier Smart Home exhibition hall, you will find that there are many more foreign faces than in other exhibition halls. These people are basically Haier Smart Home customers in Europe and the United States, and some are media. This is rarely seen in other exhibition halls. See.

Taking the above into consideration, visitors will naturally have the impression that “AWE is just to see Haier Smart Home” in the minds of visitors.

However, what is the deepest impression that this year’s AWE Haier Smart Home has left on me? My answer is: globalization.


Haier Smart Home Global Report Card

Please allow me to list the following data again:

Haier has been the world’s No.1 large home appliance brand in terms of retail sales for 15 consecutive years, Casarte has been No. 1 in high-end products in China for 7 consecutive years, GE Appliances has been the No. 1 major appliance company in the United States for two consecutive years, Fisher & Paykel has been TOP 1 in New Zealand, and Australia’s Big White TOP 2. Candy is No. 1 in connected home appliances in Europe, and AQUA and Haier are the top two brands in terms of share of white goods in Japan.

The share of refrigerators is TOP 1 in 5 countries including Japan and Pakistan, the share of washing machines is TOP 1 in 9 countries including Pakistan and the United States, the share of freezers is TOP 1 in 3 countries including Japan and Nigeria, and the share of air conditioners is TOP 1 in 4 countries including Thailand and Pakistan.

A global 10+N open innovation system has been built offline, and the HOPE innovation ecological platform has been deployed online, linking more than 1 million first-class resources around the world, so that R&D and innovation can be promoted collaboratively on a global scale.

It has deployed 35 industrial parks in 16 countries around the world, with 9 lighthouse factories, 143 manufacturing centers, 126 marketing centers, and 230,000 sales outlets.

This is the report card written by Haier Smart Home on the globalization answer sheet!

While the internationalization of most companies is still at the level of trade and export earnings, Haier Smart Home insists on the path of “creating independent brands”, not only ranking first in sales in the world, but also spreading its brand to every corner of the world.

While some companies are still talking about grabbing the market at low prices, Haier Smart Home’s high-end brand has blossomed around the world.

While the innovation of most companies is still dominated by micro-innovation and lacks disruptive innovation and invention, Haier Smart Home has already entered the stage of meeting user needs with original technology and disruptive inventions.

While most companies are still in the stage of large-scale manufacturing and focusing on domestic layout, Haier Smart Home has achieved large-scale customization and relied on many lighthouse factories to quickly meet the personalized needs of users. This is due to Haier Smart Home’s establishment of a global supply chain system.

In a word: Haier Smart Home’s globalization is based on the localization of the “trinity” of R&D, manufacturing and marketing. If you still think that Haier Smart Home performs well only in China’s domestic market today, it may be because you know little about Haier Smart Home’s performance in the international market.

In my opinion, this is the most valuable thing about Haier Smart Home, and it is the confidence that ensures its sustainable growth in the next few years, because the global economic structure and investment and trade rules are undergoing profound changes.


If you don’t go to sea, you will be out.

Today, the global economic landscape and investment and trade rules are undergoing profound changes. The supply chain is facing the risk of being reshaped, and the thinking of selling products abroad is facing huge challenges. What should we do? Insightful people believe that Chinese companies must penetrate their industries and supply chains into overseas markets through in-depth globalization and establish localized operating capabilities. Only in this way can they gain more shares in the global market. If we do not go in the direction of globalization and open up the global market, we will not be able to form a truly competitive economic scale, and we will not be able to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. If we do not participate in global competition, we will not be able to improve our competitiveness, and enterprises may not be able to see the future. In a word: If you don’t go to sea, you will be out.

But not all internationalization paths are worthy of recognition. For example, the internationalization of thinking about earning foreign exchange through exports has obviously lagged behind the times. Only by penetrating industries and supply chains into overseas target markets and establishing localized operating capabilities can internationalization and globalization be achieved. The royal road. Immelt, the former CEO of General Electric, said: “In the process of globalization, future sustainable growth requires localization capabilities.”

Of course, directly setting up factories, R&D centers, and sales channels overseas to achieve localization from an international perspective is globalization for investors and localization for locals. But this road is the most difficult of all internationalization paths, and it is also the most promising. It is easier to win the emotional recognition of the people in the host country and more closely connects China with the world.

Some people say that “globalization is the last game for Chinese enterprises.” This is not unreasonable. Whoever can make a difference in both domestic and international markets can be invincible in the more fierce competition in the future.

Haier Smart HomeAs a world-class smart housing ecological enterprisethe various certainties shown in the face of the uncertainty of the world economy are undoubtedly the result of the management’s far-sighted layout many years ago. It is gratifying that Haier Smart Home has finally reached the harvest period.

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