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Designed to create a good-looking home for young people, Haier AWE launches the Baiqiao series

Designed to create a good-looking home for young people, Haier AWE launches the Baiqiao series

The unified color tone of ice and snow can perfectly match any home. Each popular product is equipped with black technology, coupled with smart technology for one-click intelligent operation… All the convenient and versatile home appliance solutions that young people want are available here!

On March 14, the 2024 China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE) opened in Shanghai. In the Haier Smart Home exhibition area in Hall N5, Haier Home Appliances launched two major series of Baiqiao and Shijia in the world, including 18 super popular products, bringing users high-tech, high-quality, and high-looking complete sets of smart home appliance solutions.


  Good looks + high technology, white and clever sets are on the same page as young people

Since entering the new consumption era, complete sets of home appliance solutions have become a new track for gold nuggets in the industry. However, young people’s demand for complete sets of home appliances is difficult to meet. For young user groups, they are keen to buy complete sets of white home appliances that match their home decoration styles. However, most of the home appliance brands on the market only offer single white products, which cannot meet the complete set of purchasing needs of users.

The Baiqiao series launched by Haier Home Appliances during this year’s AWE anchors the minimalist life needs of young users and fully embodies Haier’s innovative thinking that resonates with users. As can be seen at the exhibition site, the entire set adopts the same ice-white appearance, which perfectly matches the most popular simple and minimalist styles at the moment, and can be better matched with home decoration styles.

In addition to the simple appearance design, the Baiqiao series has realized the zero-embedded design of all products in response to the needs of young people for the integration of home decoration and home appliances. The popular products in 12 major categories including refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers included in the series can all be integrated with cabinets and appliances, maintaining the unity and coordination of the overall home decoration. In addition, home appliances with zero-embedded design eliminate traditional designs such as protruding windows and doors, which not only does not affect use, but also makes the home space look tidier.

Of course, Haier’s Baiqiao series also achieves the ultimate goal of meeting the convenient life pursued by modern young people. In terms of experience, every product in the Baiqiao series is equipped with a one-click smart operation function, which can meet 90% of daily operation needs and simplify housework to the extreme. For example, after users purchase ingredients and put them into Haier’s full-space fresh-keeping refrigerator, they only need to speak the type of ingredients, and the refrigerator will automatically create storage data and adjust the temperature and mode in one sentence. Haier clothes dryers are equipped with dual-engine heat pump drying technology, which can start the smart drying program with one click and stop clothes drying immediately. Haier electric water heaters will record water consumption every day, monitor changes in water use in real time, and automatically turn on warm water mode or shut down.


  Wisdom empowers original technology, Haier home appliances upgrade to smarter and better life

For Haier Home Appliances, the core of realizing the high-end brand strategy lies in the continuous iterative upgrading of original smart technology. At the AWE site, Haier Home Appliances not only displayed new sets and products, but also demonstrated the smart technology foundation behind the scene to users. In response to the fast pace of life and long entertainment time of young people, Haier Home Appliances enables one-click smart operation of home appliances throughout the house.

Washing and drying clothes have always been a headache for young people. Traditional washing machines are complicated to operate and dryers cannot dry, which will affect the quality of life. However, during the laundry process of the Haier washing and drying suit, both washing and drying can be operated intelligently with one click. The washing machine adopts a full touch operation mode. After activating the essence washing function with one click, the washing machine can instantly dissolve the pre-mixed essence to effectively activate the chemical components of the laundry detergent, so that clothes can be washed quickly and cleanly. After the clothes are washed, the smart drying program of the clothes dryer can be started with one click. The clothes dryer monitors the humidity of the clothes in real time until they are completely dry. The user can take the clothes out of the dryer and put them on directly when going out.

When users are entertaining at home, they do not need to frequently adjust the air conditioning temperature. Haier air conditioners can automatically detect air temperature and humidity during operation, and actively adjust healthy air supply modes to provide users with the most comfortable air supply solution. When cooking, the Haier range hood realizes intelligent control by waving hands through infrared induction. You only need to wave your hand within 10cm from the gesture sensing area of ​​the operation panel to conveniently turn the range hood on and off.

In addition, Haier Home Appliances also demonstrated the smart control solution of the smart home center at the AWE site. All household appliances in the house are connected to the “Smart Home Brain Screen”, and users can control household appliances in smart spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and balconies on the screen, meeting users’ needs for a minimalist smart life.

As the No. 1 brand of smart technology home appliances, Haier has achieved Euromonitor International’s 15th consecutive title of global large home appliance brand. During this year’s AWE exhibition, Haier Home Appliances also demonstrated brand-new smart technology home appliances and scenario solutions to the outside world. In the future, Haier Home Appliances will continue to be guided by user needs, continue to explore and lead the development direction of the home appliance industry, and create a better life experience for users.

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