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Why is Haier Smart Home the global hit model?

Why is Haier Smart Home the global hit model?

It is said that Cantonese are the most Trisolaran-like group on earth because they need to be careful about the timing of dehydration and soaking.


This is because of the real-life nightmare that Cantonese people experience every spring: “Returning to Nantian.” The walls are dripping with water, the floor is slippery, and the clothes cannot be dried… Cantonese people who are soaked in Huinantian like to mention the latest hell joke: “Cantonese people are expected to be the first to evolve gills.”

The way to deal with Hui Nantian is very simple, which is to close the windows and add a dehumidifier at most. It was very painful to have to close the windows in the hot and humid weather.

The only difference between suffering and comfort may be an air conditioner.

If there is an air conditioner that can adjust temperature and dehumidify, and can also turn on temperature compensation during dehumidification to prevent room temperature from fluctuating too much, then it will definitely be the best companion for southerners to spend their time in the south and the rainy season.

Fortunately, technological progress has made it possible for modern people to overcome the little troubles in life.

  The hidden global home appliance giant

While the Cantonese people are worried about returning to Nantian, Jennifer, an office worker living in the United States, is worried about another thing: washing clothes.

Like most Americans, Jennifer’s habit is to wait until weekends to do the laundry, but the amount of clothes she has saved for a week is huge, and she has to use a dryer to dry it, which takes a long time and consumes electricity.

If you live in Malaysia, it is not that simple to have a clean and tidy kitchen. Because unlike the standard kitchen flue in Chinese urban households, many Malaysian homes are not equipped with flues, making it difficult to effectively discharge cooking fumes, and the kitchen environment is relatively harsh.

Going back to Nantian, doing laundry on weekends, a kitchen without a flue… The obstacles that transcend countries and regions and make life more comfortable and convenient are actually hidden in every small detail, waiting to be solved.

In reality, air conditioners that can dehumidify, washing and drying machines that do not need to transfer loads, and range hoods that are not afraid of oil fumes pouring back are all mature products that have come out, making the lives of many ordinary people more comfortable and healthy. And they are all from the same company: Haier Smart Home.

Casarte’s “invisible air conditioner” can actively adjust the temperature and humidity of indoor air according to the environment, giving users a senseless and comfortable experience.

The Combo ultra-efficient all-in-one washing and drying machine developed by Haier Smart Home for the characteristics of concentrated laundry on weekends for North American users can wash and dry large loads of clothes in one machine. It shortens the washing and drying time that generally takes 6 hours in the industry to 2 hours, and also saves energy. 50%.

Based on smart air flow technology, Haier Smart Home intelligently adjusts the wind speed according to the air duct pressure, uses AI smart algorithms to automatically match the oil fume management route, and develops a range hood that is self-sensing of dynamic pressure differences, can discharge oil fumes smoothly, and has no fear of oil fume backflow. It has changed the history of cooking in oil fume for Malaysian users.

In most people’s perception, Haier Smart Home is the leading home appliance brand in China, but in fact, starting from 2022, Haier Smart Home’s overseas revenue has exceeded domestic revenue. It is a truly global enterprise, operating in more countries. and areas, changing the lives of local people.

At the Haier Smart Home Ecology Conference held on March 13, Haier Smart Home released a report card like this: In China, Casarte refrigerators have a market share of more than 50% in the 1.5w+ price range, and Casarte washing machines The market share in the 1w+ price segment reached 84%, and the market share of Casarte air conditioners in the 1.5w+ price segment reached 28%. In 6 mainstream countries including the United States and New Zealand, Haier Smart Home ranks first in market share. It has entered the TOP3 in 9 mainstream countries such as India and Italy; it has entered the top 5 in 5 mainstream countries including the UK and the Philippines.

Haier Smart Home has sold its products all over the world and established its brand in one market after another. In the eyes of Xu Meng, General Manager of Government and Enterprise Strategic Affairs of Haier Group, Vice President of Haier Smart Home, and General Manager of China, this means that “only by adhering to high-end brand creation, resonating with the times, and sharing the same frequency with users can we become a true brand of the times. brand.”

Why does Haier Smart Home become a giant in overseas markets?


  break out of comfort zone

Regardless of users in China, the United States, Malaysia or other markets, Haier Smart Home seems to be able to come up with products that dazzle users. This stems from the underlying logic that Haier Smart Home has always adhered to: starting from user needs, rather than building products behind closed doors.

As early as the 1970s, Japan had achieved 100% popularization of household appliances, making it the most difficult market to crack in the global home appliance industry. However, in 2022, Haier Smart Home topped the list of this “home appliance kingdom”.

The sharp edge that pierces the barrier comes from precise insight into user needs.

The living area of ​​apartments where urban groups live in Japan is generally relatively small. When it comes to daily storage of fresh food, users prefer to buy a refrigerator with a small footprint and large capacity. Therefore, the refrigerator needs to be small enough while providing as much storage space as possible. Starting from the needs of Japanese users, Haier Smart Home has launched high-end differentiated products such as the TZ51 refrigerator and TX series refrigerators with the thinnest design in the industry, which are not only small in size but also large in capacity.

Many similar products have helped Haier Smart Home gradually expand and gain a foothold in the Japanese market. And such stories are not uncommon in Haierzhi’s family.

When users can only solve the problem of unhygienic mixed washing by purchasing additional baby washing machines and underwear washing machines, Haier Smart Home breaks the framework of traditional drum washing machines and launches a double drum washing machine. One washing machine can wash two buckets of clothes separately, solving the problem. problem.

Faced with the problem that users often encounter the problem that down jackets and other laminated clothes cannot be dried or dried thoroughly, Haier Smart Home installed “eyes” on the washing machine and pioneered 3D perspective drying technology to see through the internal conditions of the clothes and accurately control the dryness and humidity, truly realizing Stop when the clothes are dry.

The source of all cool technologies is simple user needs. Not showing off skills for the sake of showing off skills, but finding or creating new methods to solve specific problems. This is the biggest feature of Haier Smart Home product research and development, and it also builds its unique competitiveness.

Today, we walked into Hall N5 of the Shanghai AWE Exhibition and saw a series of surprises brought by Haier Smart Home: the refrigerator can be seamlessly embedded in the cabinet, the range hood has strong enough suction and can be “invisible”… This year Haier Smart Home is in AWE brought five major brands: Haier, Casarte, Leader, Fisher & Paykel, and Tri-winged Bird to the scene, and demonstrated 101 industry-first technologies such as flat inlays, essence washers, and crystal bladders. No matter what the needs of users, they can Here you can discover the wisdom that technology brings to life.


In the past year, Haier Smart Home has launched more than 1,000 original technology products and added 37 new internationally leading scientific and technological achievements. Today, Haier Smart Home has a cumulative number of published patents of 29,486 globally, ranking first in the world. These achievements are derived from user needs and truly serve users’ lives.

Keeping up with changes in user needs, Haier Smart Home’s intelligent layout is always evolving. At the Haier Smart Home Ecological Conference on the 13th, it demonstrated the home vertical model HomeGPT, which can more intelligently understand user needs and provide “smart butler-style” proactive services. Home appliances have also entered the era of true intelligence. According to reports, currently, there are 6.5 million active users of Haier Smart Home smart scenes.

At the same time, Haier Smart Home’s smart home ecology is also advancing globally. In addition to the clothing and food ecology in the Chinese market, North America’s first smart home IoT ecology platform has also been unveiled.

Insight into user needs and dissatisfaction with product innovation form the foundation of Haier Smart Home, a global enterprise. The persistence of its own brands and continuous investment in the supply chain have created another layer of armor for Haier Smart Home.


  Using platforms to support global brands

Made in China, there is no doubt about its strength. For a long time, OEM has been a good way for many home appliance brands to do export business and make quick money.

But in Haier Smart Home’s strategy, OEM has never been the best choice for global business. But insisting on building your own brand, making brand influence in overseas markets, and achieving high-end development requires huge investment.

In 2016, Haier Smart Home integrated GE Appliances and developed an ultra-fresh large drum series of washing machines based on research on the U.S. market demand, which solved the pain points of odor and bacterial growth in the drum of drum washing machines from the source. This series of washing machines are equipped with IoT technology functions such as automatic detergent dispensing and smart washing. Once launched, they quickly became a hit in the US market.

By meeting demand and producing popular models, the once-loss-making GE Appliances washing machine segment not only achieved profitability, but also reached the second position in the U.S. market. This is inseparable from the support of Haier Smart Home’s global R&D collaboration and supply chain system. For example, the above-mentioned washing machine mobilizes multiple R&D nodes in China, the United States, and Europe. GE Appliances of the United States leads product design, Fisher & Paykel of New Zealand provides motors, and Europe provides electricity. control system.

This is the result of Haier Smart Home’s global supply chain support, and it is also a representative case of Haier Smart Home’s continuous investment in back-end construction and the gathering of sand into a tower.

Steel is not made in a day. Haier Smart Home has invested in overseas supply chains and channels since launching its brand overseas. Up to now, Haier Smart Home has established 35 industrial parks, 143 manufacturing centers, 126 marketing centers and 230,000 sales networks around the world. Its products are distributed in nearly 200 countries and regions, serving 1 billion user households around the world.


These localized layouts have allowed Haier Smart Home to gain a foothold in the global market. Haier Smart Home has also used years of persistence to write the answer to how Chinese companies can globalize.

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