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Why don’t phones use removable batteries anymore?reason uncovered

Why don’t phones use removable batteries anymore?reason uncovered

Recently, EU countries voted on the bill on the ease of battery replacement of electronic products such as mobile phones, notebooks and tablets, and finally passed the bill with 587 votes in favor, 9 votes against, and 20 abstentions.

That means the phone’s removable battery may be coming back. However, most smart phones today use enclosed batteries, which cannot be replaced by users themselves. So why don’t phones use removable batteries anymore?

First, the more aesthetically pleasing design is one of the main reasons for using enclosed batteries. The removable battery requires a battery compartment cover and battery interface, which makes the mobile phone appear bulky and complicated in appearance, while the enclosed battery can make the mobile phone more concise, smoother and more elegant.

also,The enclosed battery can adopt a more compact design, thereby improving the utilization rate of the fuselage space. This provides mobile phone manufacturers with more design space to develop more abundant and innovative products.

Second, closed batteries can provide higher battery capacity at the same size. This means that for the same size, the enclosed battery can provide a longer battery life.

  With the widespread use of mobile applications, battery life has become one of the main concerns of users. Using a larger battery can help the phone last longer, and this is achieved in enclosed cells.

In addition, closed batteries have better sealing properties. This type of battery can better protect the interior of the phone from the external environment, such as dust, moisture and oxidation, which can cause corrosion to the battery and circuits.

This increases the lifespan of the phone and reduces the risk of corrosion of circuit components. In addition, the enclosed battery can also improve the water resistance of the phone, making the phone more suitable for outdoor use.

In terms of safety, enclosed batteries also have some advantages. Enclosed batteries can better prevent battery overheating, short circuit and other safety issues, which can reduce accidents caused by battery problems.

Cell phones with enclosed batteries are usually equipped with additional battery protection measures,Such as overvoltage protection, overcharge protection and temperature protection. These protective measures can improve the security of mobile phone use.

But others believe that the removal of removable batteries is an attempt to push users to upgrade to new phones. Some phone makers can encourage users to buy new phones by making the battery non-replaceable. Although this view is not accepted by everyone, it is worth considering.

Additionally, phones with enclosed batteries require professional disassembly and repair. Once the battery fails or needs to be replaced, it is difficult for the user to do it by himself and needs to seek the help of a professional technician.

It also means that phones with enclosed batteries may add extra costs in terms of maintenance. Even so, there are still many advantages to using a closed battery in a mobile phone. in the future,As battery technology continues to develop, we can also expect to see more innovative and practical battery designs.

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