Where is the social road of Generation Z?MIYI redefines video dating and making friends


According to the 49th China Internet Development Statistical Report released by CNNIC, as of December 2021, the number of mobile Internet users in China is 1.029 billion, of which the population of Generation Z accounts for more than 30%.

83.6% of Generation Z users are socially active, and nearly 70% of Generation Z users in China tend to socialize online. Instant messaging social applications can no longer fully meet the social needs of young people. They are more interested in content quality and entertainment features. Their main appeal is to expand their circle of friends through online social networking to make up for the gap in the social needs of acquaintances.

With the rapid development of social networking on the Internet, today’s generation Z has more needs for social networking.

In the eyes of Generation Z, social networking is not only used to maintain relationships, but more to discover and promote relationships, and it is also a way of self-expression.

The circle of acquaintances created by traditional social platforms can no longer meet the social needs of Generation Z. Instead of maintaining existing relationships, they are more keen to express themselves through “tags” and integrate into circles they are interested in.

As a result, Miyi App came into being, redefining the way young people socialize, and has been recognized and sought after by Generation Z young people.

According to relevant survey data, the main users of Miyi are young people, and users under the age of 30 account for 33.66%, accounting for more than 60%. This also means that Generation Z has begun to rise strongly and has become the main force of the Miyi App dating platform.

As one of the most popular social platforms for young people, Miyi focuses on solving the “problem of making friends out of singles”. In today’s fast-paced life, it looks at both interests and faces, helping young people quickly and accurately find like-minded partners.

After new users come to MIYI, they first need to upload a real person’s profile picture, and then complete their personal information. In addition, you also need to fill in the “friendship label” to enrich your brand-new image, “two-dimensional”, “sporty man”, “spoofer”, “cute girl”…

Generation Z enriches their “personality” by constantly updating their labels, redefines their identity, and demonstrates their interests. And based on this, quickly find like-minded people, express yourself in the corresponding circle without any burden, and communicate with people who are “connected with each other”.

At the same time, in order to allow users to quickly find like-minded people of the opposite sex with the same views, and to communicate and match more safely, Miyi has always adhered to the product concept of “authenticity first”, advocated users to upload real photos, and encouraged users to fill in real personal information and cooperate Self-set labels to build your true self.

This true self, freed from the shackles and uncertainties of the virtual network, has given the young users of Generation Z a great sense of security. Let users feel at ease to interact emotionally with others in various social scenes of MIYI.

In Miyi’s view, the most important thing for interest + social interaction is to meet the spiritual needs of users, which is mainly manifested in several points such as communicating with friends, satisfying the desire for expression, and self-satisfaction.

Young users in the Miyi App are often active in various social activities based on interest and entertainment, such as the “mood” dynamic plaza, family group chats, and live broadcasts. The purpose is to focus more on sharing and making friends.

For example, in the “mood” square, the content is mainly about life, including daily selfies, outfit display, beauty sharing, cute pets and other sections.

Users share their daily life and hobbies on the square, and communicate with like-minded people, and then communicate in a timely and effective manner through interactive methods such as likes, comments, chats, private text messages, voice calls, and video chats. That favorite Ta.

In Miyi App, the social network attributes based on interests and entertainment make the precipitation of relationships more diversified. It is not limited to the one-to-one relationship between the sexes, but the one-to-many and many-to-many relationships are also common.

In response to the trend of young core user groups, Miyi actively creates video dating and pan-entertainment social functions. Through the creation of interactive functions such as mood dynamic squares, entertainment activities, and family group chats, pan-entertainment elements such as live broadcasts, short videos, and multi-person online chats are integrated to achieve visual, auditory, and tactile interactive experiences.

Miyi hopes to remove the influence of physical factors such as falsehood and inefficiency, and build a real circle of friends, so that users can find like-minded partners based on their interests, and finally gain recognition and spiritual resonance.


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