CITIC Pacific Special Steel Appears at the Theme Event of the 7th “Made in China Day”


On February 26, the seventh “Made in China Day” event was held online and offline simultaneously. The event is guided by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the News Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Li Guozhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group, attended the theme event of the 7th “Made in China Day” and delivered a keynote speech.

The theme of this year’s event is “Made in China, the scenery is just right”. Dozens of representatives of Chinese manufacturing companies, technical leaders, experts and scholars, etc., will focus on “accelerating the construction of a new development pattern and focusing on promoting high-quality development” and “building modernization”. “Industrial System” and other important content, fully demonstrate the great changes in the field of Chinese manufacturing in the new era and the better life of the people, and bring a feast of ideas about Chinese manufacturing to the audience and netizens.

President Li Guozhong participated in the event and made in-depth sharing and exchanges in the section of “Responsibility: Made in China and Young Talents”. President Li Guozhong introduced the measures of CITIC Pacific Special Steel in implementing the concept of “running an enterprise like a school” in terms of talent innovation and talent training with the title of “Talent Leads Special Steel to Help Manufacturing Power” from multiple perspectives and the results achieved.

Li Guozhong said that in order to better “cultivate, introduce, and use well” innovative talents, build a good talent development ecology. Xingcheng Special Steel, a subsidiary of CITIC Pacific Special Steel, has not only introduced foreign advanced production lines and inspection and testing equipment, but also introduced and cultivated first-class cadres and employees, especially formed A platform and mechanism where everyone can grow and become a talent if there is an opportunity. The company has opened up “three channels” (the growth channel of scientific research and technical personnel, the growth channel of professional management personnel, and the growth channel of skilled workers). Standing out, a group of “blue-collar workers” became “gold-collar workers”.

We always adhere to the concept of “practice is the only standard to test the truth and the best way to evaluate talents”. In the 1980s, Xingcheng Special Steel began to conduct teaching and research cooperation with Beijing University of Science and Technology, and also sent batches of employees to Europe for training in a very forward-looking manner. Xu Xiaohong, the current chief engineer of CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group (won the award of China Outstanding Engineer , National Iron and Steel Model Worker and other titles, enjoying special government allowances from the State Council) was one of the members who was sent to Germany to learn steelmaking technology at that time. He has been working in the front line for 34 years. He has grown from an ordinary furnace worker to an expert in the field of special steel. He has always been committed to the innovative research and development of special steel cutting-edge technology and “stuck neck” products. National major research and development projects, leading the team to develop ultra-pure bearing steel, 2000MPa-grade ultra-high-strength steel for cables, 1.2-meter continuous casting blooms and other “world’s firsts”, making a major contribution to the self-reliance and self-improvement of Chinese manufacturing.

In Xingcheng Special Steel, we always adhere to the concept of “encouraging innovation, forgiving failure”, and gather the talents from all over the world to use them. Correspondingly, the company’s R&D investment has remained above 3.5% for many years, and Xingcheng Special Steel has maintained an annual patent application volume of more than 100 for many years. The attraction of enterprises to talents is not just because of high salaries. Dr. Miao Pifeng, who graduated from the University of Birmingham, is an outstanding representative of the talents introduced by Xingcheng Special Steel. Since joining Xingcheng Special Steel at the end of 2010, as the chief expert, he has been engaged in the research and development of new high-quality special steel products and advanced processes. A new situation of high-quality products and high-end customer structure. In 2022, in the special finals of the 17th “Rejuvenation Cup” National Youth Vocational Skills Competition (Workers Group) jointly sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the first-line youth R&D team trained by Dr. Miao went through three After several rounds of competition, it finally won the Gold Award in the R&D and Innovation category in the national finals. This is the only project of a central financial enterprise to win a gold award, and it is also the first “Rejuvenation Cup” gold award project of CITIC Group.

Whether it is the historical logic of national prosperity, the realistic logic of economic development, or the evolutionary logic of technological development, they all prove that whoever has first-class innovative talents and scientists can take advantage of technological innovation. We also sincerely welcome all young friends who are interested in the special steel industry to join our special steel family. In the future, we will further improve the independent training system of scientific and technological talents, innovate the training mode of high-skilled talents, increase the training of urgently needed scientific and technological talents, improve the talent evaluation and incentive mechanism, and build a team of scientific and technological innovation talents of New Era Group, so as to help Chinese enterprises achieve from The overall improvement of the industrial chain technology from basic materials to industrial applications has made Chinese manufacturing stand out in the world.


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