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When SAINT ANGELO sports suits hit talk show

When SAINT ANGELO sports suits hit talk show

“Today, I joined SAINT ANGELO!” On the occasion of the launch of SAINT ANGELO’s 2023 spring and summer sports suits, the official simultaneously announced Pang Bo as the SAINT ANGELO brand ambassador and sports suit experience officer.

In the official announcement video, the talk show actor Pang Bo is set as a “senior professional man”-to pass on some workplace tips to everyone.

In the first season of the talk show competition, Pangbo, who was not conspicuous at first, won the championship. In addition to his talented, funny and hilarious jokes, Pangbo also showed his excellent popularity with the audience.

Soon, Pangbo became popular. In addition to becoming a regular cast member of the talk show contest, he was constantly invited to various variety shows. And those jokes about “community animals” and “community beasts” made Pangbo popular among the huge group of professionals in the workplace.

Young people like talk shows, like Pang Bo’s talk show, because it is true enough, but it can easily release everyone from workplace stress and anxiety. His naturalness and authenticity are like a colleague you are familiar with. When he is talking or not speaking, he is Pangbo.

I’m afraid this is also the reason why Pangbo and Baoxinniao became attached.

A man has more than one side, but a man must have one thing. As for the sports suit, although it is not as formalized and ceremonial as the formal suit in the past, it inherits the elegant essence of the suit.

The best thing is that sports suits break through the constraints of multi-scene switching and unit functionality, and can better meet the full-scenario needs of modern commuting and travel.

It has the same positioning as casual suits. The latter is comfortable relaxation, while sports suits advocate freedom, but also emphasize relaxation. So it is also closer to the workplace.

Now, when the sports suit hits the talk show, it is no longer just a commodity, it is a new social symbol. What it advocates is to inspire young people to work hard, and to arouse those who are no longer young to regain their original aspirations.

One——The waves are raging

“You only have one chance to live in life, don’t let it regret it!” A few years ago, the 70-year-old director Takeshi Kitano appeared on the screen in person and made a short film with a very simple structure, exhorting young Japanese to stand up.

In Japan, which has already entered an aging society, the “beat generation” is an unavoidable social disease.

Takeshi Kitano hopes to send a message to young people through the short film: Don’t think that society is impregnable, and it is impossible for you to stand up. Don’t be an otaku and otaku, just live in your own little world.

In the process of young people born in the 90s and 00s gradually becoming the backbone of society, we have also experienced the invasion of “mourning culture”. The popularity of youth subculture concepts such as “wastewood” and “laying flat” is exactly the same as in Japan. .

The pressure of workplace competition is superimposed on the life pressure of marriage, education and housing. The collective anxiety of young people is unavoidable, but it can be relieved and guided. Therefore, cultural products such as talk show contests are indispensable.

Jokes about the boss, resignation and job-hopping, and all kinds of poor and happy self-deprecation are always the source of creation of talk shows, but after the complaints, the core of Pangbo’s performance is also positive-although it is hard, you still have to choose a hot life ah.

Pangbo said that young people are more concerned about changes in the world. Therefore, we must become “the back wave who has fire in his heart, light in his eyes, and is always surging.”

This is also the theme that SAINT ANGELO sports suits want to express.

A suit can be used in all commuting scenes, and it should be both fashionable and business-oriented. It should be comfortable to wear, look youthful and have a sense of technology.

There must be a fabric base that is sufficiently resistant to compression, and there must be technical support that is wrinkle-resistant and waterproof at any time. It can be rubbed by pressure, but it will never admit defeat. After countless product iterations, SAINT ANGELO did it.

The spiritual outlook of young people must be captured first from the appearance, so a sports suit that is easy to wear, durable and versatile should become the standard equipment for professionals in the workplace.

Suits need to be compressive, wrinkle-resistant, and waterproof. Isn’t life more like this?

2——The Undefined Generation

Is it only the road that the predecessors have walked that should be taken?

Why do young people feel more and more disgusted by relatives asking when they will get married during Chinese New Year? When are you going to have kids? Any details about work and life may become the points taught by the elders, which makes young people at a loss.

It is very different from the post-60s and post-70s who grew up in the age of gray and black, and the post-80s who grew up in the era of chaotic colors at the junction of light and dark. The young people born in the 90s and 00s are born to see a The era of rich colors.

Compared with their predecessors, in them collective identity is replaced by group identity, individuality is more important than commonality, and they prefer to customize rather than be defined.

As Pangbo said, young people are more concerned about changes in the world. Change, in fact, is to break the so-called “how you should” growth model.

In Pangbo, this “undefined” characteristic is very obvious.

Straight men in science and engineering and programmers, these two former identity labels of Pangbo can easily be generated in the minds of others: unkempt, rigid personality, boring life, plaid shirt computer bag is always a standard look.

But Pombo is not. On stage and off stage, he is bright, likes to dress freely, and can live a boring life into jokes.

Programmer and talk show actor, these two roles that were originally very inconsistent, finally fit together naturally into a real and beloved Pangbo in the talk show.

In the latest talk show competition, Pangbo said something that touched people’s hearts. At the moment when the cabin door closed, the stewardess rushed outside and shouted, “Is there any more going to Shanghai?” Pangbo said, I really listened to it at that time There was a voice saying “I’m going to Shanghai!” That was my eighteen-year-old self!

When we face various situations and various pressures, sometimes we will compromise and go with the flow, but in the end we need to get back to our original self.

It is easier for people to get back to their original form only when they are free and unrestrained.

How can we be free and unrestrained? Answering this question with the design of SAINT ANGELO sports suits is an interesting answer.

Because sports suits can be said to be a suit that is not defined by tradition. When creating this category, SAINT ANGELO made a traditional challenge in the production process: no shoulders, no lining, no lining.

Shoulder pads and lining, for traditional suits, are important components to support the soul of the board and are indispensable. But just as each era has its own color changes, suits also need innovation to adapt to each era.

In this era of rapid change, shoulder pads and linings have become a kind of constraint, and it is difficult to adapt to the scenes that cannot be ironed, upper body at any time, and stacked in the suitcase.

The elastic fabrics and anti-wrinkle materials of sports suits are also liberating people’s bodies. After all, there is a degree of relaxation and relaxation, which makes sports suits maintain the elegant demeanor of traditional suits.

“Anti-traditional”, SAINT ANGELO’s sports suits have another commendable point, that is, they are versatile and uncomfortable. A sports suit can be compatible with various outfits, so that choice is no longer an obstacle.

“The suit is versatile enough to change the workplace easily.”

Three—Give me joy or give me death

In this era of rapid change, the world is like a kaleidoscope, and every moment the angle will be different.

The Chinese culture not only has a rich heritage, but also has always been open and inclusive. Young people in the new era are born with multiple perspectives to observe the world and innovative thinking to change the world.

From this perspective, sometimes any product or commodity may become a carrier of value implantation. It is needless to say what influence Coca-Cola and Hollywood have had on the young generation in the United States and the young people all over the world.

Clothing products such as suits have actually had a great impact on young people. For example, TVB Hong Kong dramas in the golden period in the 1990s can even be called suit dramas.

At that stage, Hong Kong, China, which became the Four Tigers of Asia, was taking off economically. Eastern and Western cultures and trends of thought collided and blended here, and the suit drama was a window reflecting the social and cultural outlook at that time.

Zheng Shaoqiu in “Heaven and Earth Man”, Luo Jialiang in “Genesis”, and later Miao Qiaowei in “Apostle Walker”, all of them control the suit with a strong character style, thus gaining countless fans.

Today, the reason why SAINT ANGELO wants to lead the trend of sports suits, signed a contract with talk show actor Pang Bo as the brand ambassador, and is the first experience officer of sports suits, is also for the subject expression of a kind of value: youth is to be positive and full of vitality , Fearless challenges, fearless to fight, to struggle, to achieve goals.

A suit, if it is only measured by its physical value, is just a commodity; but if it is endowed with the style of representing a generation of young people, its meaning and value are far greater than a commodity.

The 33-year-old Pangbo said to himself: embrace love and shine!

When SAINT ANGELO sports suit hit the talk show, we saw that tomorrow belongs to the group of young people full of energy and wisdom.

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