Enbedo 315 Deworming Science Popularization: Recognize the 4 Standards and Don’t Step on the Pit

Enbedo 315 Deworming Science Popularization: Recognize the 4 Standards and Don’t Step on the Pit

How not to step on pits when buying insect repellents? Enbeiduo, known as the “insect repellent ceiling” for cats and dogs in China, tells you: recognizing the following 4 standards can help you avoid most pitfalls.

The first standard: approval number. All legal and compliant pet deworming drugs must have a veterinary drug production certificate and a veterinary drug approval number. Open the “China Veterinary Drug Information Network”, enter the product batch number on the packaging box, and you can identify the authenticity of the veterinary drug.

The second standard: GMP certificate number. The full name of GMP is Good Manufacturing Practice of Medical Products (that is, “good manufacturing practice”), which is the basic principle of drug production and quality management. The World Health Organization began to organize the formulation of drug GMP in the mid-1960s, and China began to implement it in the 1980s, and promulgated China’s drug GMP in 1988. Only regular pharmaceutical factories can obtain the GMP certificate number. Over the past 30 years, China has made great achievements in the promotion of pharmaceutical GMP, but there is still room for improvement, especially the implementation of GMP in pet medicine still needs to be strengthened.

The third standard: the QR code of “National Veterinary Drug Product Traceability Inquiry” on the packaging box. After buying pet medicine, you can use the “National Veterinary Drug Comprehensive Inquiry” APP to directly scan the QR code on the packaging box to trace the veterinary drug information, and you can know whether the product in hand is genuine or not, and how many times the anti-counterfeiting code is checked .

It should be noted that the first query must be fidelity! Online purchases with only 2 or 3 inquiries, or offline purchases with no more than 10 inquiries are generally no problem, but if basic inquiries There are too many times, it is very likely to be fake – it is very likely that unscrupulous merchants printed it with old decks!

The fourth standard: product specifications. We know that deworming drugs will bring a certain stress response to pets, and excessive dosage will seriously damage the health and life safety of pets, so we must pay attention to the amount of single use according to the weight of pets. For example, the classic product of foreign drive, Feprenil Drops, cats use no more than 0.5ml per bottle, dogs weighing less than 10kg use 0.67ml, 10~20kg use 1.34ml/bottle, and weigh 20~40kg use 2.68ml/bottle. For more than 40kg, use 4.02ml/bottle. If 0.5ml/bottle of Feprenil drops for cats is used uniformly regardless of body weight to deworm dogs, it is difficult to control the dosage: either the dosage is not enough to achieve the ideal deworming effect, or the dosage is too much to cause harm to the dog. Therefore, when you buy products, you must choose a brand with more complete specifications.

To kill insects without hurting pets, just use Enbeiduo! With its excellent product quality and hard-core price, Enbeiduo has been praised by millions of pet owners as “quality ceiling, cheap wooden floor”, and has become a domestic insect repellent Medicine head brand. On the occasion of March 15th, Enbedo warmly reminds us: To care for our different family members, we must use legal and compliant products, and we must pay attention to drug safety.

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