Reappearance of the classics, let the spring glow with a new “sound”


The spring is full, and all things are revived,From March 10th, Bowers & Wilkins, Marantz, Polk Audio, Denon, DT and other well-known audio brands, dozens of series and models, nearly A strong lineup of 100 offline stores participated, and join hands to usher in the huge spring promotion of “Rejuvenate the sound of spring, and enjoy great benefits for family movies”. The original sound is reproduced, and the perfect rhythm welcomes an immersive rhythm feast for the warm spring day.

Not only that, this big promotion also has unprecedented discounts. Offline official physical stores, a variety of family shadow suits are up to 50% off! Let the sound of rejuvenation resonate throughout the spring season, let the classic sound continue again, and beautify life with the ultimate rhythm.

Whether it is for music lovers or movie fans, a set of exquisite audio equipment can bring them a very shocking auditory feast and visual experience. The audio brands participating in the spring promotion this time have many years of experience and technology accumulation, and have unique advantages in sound quality, design, and performance. The big promotion not only provides users with more shopping choices, but also provides users with more favorable prices. During the event, consumers can experience the products of major brands in depth and get professional shopping suggestions and services.

At the beginning of the big promotion, Marantz has already started a national tour exhibition of its flagship new products with the theme of “Family Movies, Unparalleled Luxury”. Not only did the two flagship new products, the industry benchmark pre-amplifier AV10 and the post-amplifier AMP10, but also Baower & Wilkins 802 D4 floor-standing speaker, HTM82 D4 center speaker, Difeniti DI6.5 LCR Custom-installed speakers, UIWRLSII custom-installed speakers and other very representative and powerful peripheral matching equipment products, from classics to inheritance, have created enough momentum for the spring promotion and sounded the clarion call for progress.

The golden ratio creates an immersive home theater with audio-visual area and first-class sound effects, products with different budgets and different functions, customized private viewing experience, palace-level three-dimensional surround space somatosensory, and free shuttle in the sound field. It fully meets the needs of audio-visual lovers of different stages and groups of people, and brings them the ultimate supreme feeling.

This big promotion will also bring two surprise benefits;

Surprise benefit one: During the event period from March 10th to May 10th, the official will draw lucky users who have successfully registered as members and send multiple surprise gifts.

Special prize: a set of Baohua Weijian + Marantz Hi-Fi suit worth 30,000 yuan;

First prize: 1 pair of Tianlong AH-C830NCW true wireless Bluetooth headset;

Second prize: 1 pair of Tianlong AH-C630W true wireless Bluetooth headset;

Third prize: 10 brand customized wireless charging mouse pads;

Fourth prize: 20 brand-customized three-in-one data cables.

Surprise benefits two: Make an appointment in the member center for an offline audition, participate in the Chunri Huanxinsheng activity, upload pictures or videos on any of the following social platforms (Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin), and share them with the hashtag #春日照新声# Store check-in content, that is, a free wireless charging mouse pad. The official will select a user with the most high-quality content among the three platforms, and send a POLK OWM3 surround speaker worth 2080 yuan!

Let the classic sound never stop, let the moving melody be inherited forever, and pass on the breath of the spring promotion to everyone.

About Bowers & Wilkins

Founded in the UK in 1966, Bowers & Wilkins has been at the forefront of high performance audio technology for over 50 years. Bowers & Wilkins designs and manufactures precision home loudspeakers, headphones, custom installation equipment and high-performance car audio products, setting new standards for innovation and sound quality and winning numerous awards and accolades from world-renowned recording studios and musicians. Bowers & Wilkins’ reputation is built on the relentless pursuit of the best sound quality and an unrivaled music listening experience. In 2020, Bowers & Wilkins joined the Sound United LLC family of brands. For more information about the Bowers & Wilkins brand and more latest information, please follow WeChat: Bowers & Wilkins; membership mini-program: Masimo Consumer Member; Weibo: Bowers & Wilkins; Douyin: SoundUnited .


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