What does Yoshinoya, which has been popular for 124 years, rely on?


From the birth of the first bowl of beef rice in 1899 to the opening of many stores around the world today, the fast food brand Yoshinoya has gone through a history of more than 100 years. In the ever-changing market environment, Yoshinoya has a stable customer flow and reputation, and is a fast food brand loved by many people. So, what exactly does Yoshinoya rely on to remain in this highly competitive market for so long?

First of all, Yoshinoya’s success is inseparable from its specialty dishes. As a brand that started with beef rice, Yoshinoya beef rice has now become a star menu in the fast food industry. It has been popular for a long time and is not only loved by many young people, but also a favorite dish of many elderly people and children. At the same time, Yoshinoya continues to innovate its menu and bring a variety of classic Japanese products to all parts of the world in response to the needs of diners. Today, in addition to the classic beef rice, products such as sukiyaki, small hot pot, and daifuku are also very popular on Yoshinoya’s menu. The constantly updated dishes continue to attract the attention of diners, making Yoshinoya’s popularity unabated.

Secondly, Yoshinoya pays attention to the creation and maintenance of brand image. From the decoration of the store to the uniforms of its employees, Yoshinoya strives to be simple, fashionable, and in line with modern people’s aesthetic concepts. This unified brand image enables consumers to have a sense of trust and recognition when they see the Yoshinoya logo. In addition, Yoshinoya continues to strengthen the brand’s image and popularity through advertising and public relations activities, winning a larger share of the market.

In addition to products and brand image, Yoshinoya’s success is also inseparable from its excellent business philosophy. Yoshinoya always adheres to the principle of customer first, constantly optimizes service processes and improves customer satisfaction. The store has a QR code channel for complaints and collection of suggestions, and a complete customer service system. Regardless of the store, takeout, or its own mini program, suggestions will be collected and resolved and processed quickly.

It can be seen that the reason why Yoshinoya has been able to survive in the fiercely competitive market for more than a hundred years depends on its unique product positioning, clear brand image, and excellent business philosophy. These factors together constitute Yoshinoya’s core competitiveness and enable it to maintain a competitive advantage in the fast food market.


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