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Guosen Securities’ digital transformation practice: Accelerate digital transformation and write a big article on “digital finance”

Guosen Securities’ digital transformation practice: Accelerate digital transformation and write a big article on “digital finance”

The Central Financial Work Conference clearly pointed out that finance is the blood of the national economy and an important part of the country’s core competitiveness. We must unswervingly follow the path of financial development with Chinese characteristics, continue to promote the high-quality development of my country’s finance, and do five major articles on technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance, and digital finance, so as to comprehensively promote China-style modernization and strengthen the country. construction and national rejuvenation.

Digital finance has the mission of promoting change, deepening services, and supporting the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy. Promoting the digital transformation of financial institutions with high quality, promoting financial institutions to establish digital operation thinking, optimizing digital service processes, accelerating the innovation and iteration of digital financial products, and activating new financial service functions are the missions assigned by the state to financial institutions. Guosen Securities attaches great importance to the construction of digital finance, takes in-depth digital transformation as a path, empowers enterprises to develop with high quality, and strives to write a great article on “digital finance”.

  Guided by the “Five Transformations”, we will systematically implement digital transformation work

Guosen Securities actively promotes digital transformation and incorporates “innovation-driven, technology-led” into the company’s development vision. At the same time, it includes “financial technology-driven development” as one of the six main business lines of the company’s “14th Five-Year Plan” strategic plan, and integrates financial technology to build Put digitalization based on the company in an important position, and systematically promote the company’s digital transformation by creating a system of “1 goal, 2 guidelines, 5 major values, and 8 major measures”.

Enterprise digital transformation will not happen overnight. It requires long-term response to challenges and proactive measures. Guosen Securities has systematically promoted the effective implementation of digital transformation through “five transformations” (transformation of consciousness, transformation of organization, transformation of methods, transformation of culture and transformation of model). Lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the enterprise.

The first is to change awareness. By releasing the “Guosen Securities Digital Transformation Work Plan”, establishing a financial technology committee, building a three-dimensional and normalized business technology communication mechanism, and precise IT investment, we will promote financial technology from “support and enablement” to “value”. Empowering” change.

The second is to transform the organization. By building a digital team with product managers as the main body, various measures are taken to promote IT front-end and further promote breakthroughs in business technology integration.

The third is to change methods, by clarifying the digital scenarios of each business line and promoting implementation, strengthening the value assessment of business needs and the input-output analysis of financial technology, so as to fully empower business needs.

The fourth is to transform culture, by creating a proactive innovation culture that integrates business and technology, building a “customer-centered” collaborative culture, and continuing to shape cultural soft power.

The fifth is to transform the model, build a financial technology platform, build an integrated operation and maintenance guarantee system, and comprehensively consolidate the construction of the financial technology base.

  Fintech helps “improve quality and efficiency” and empower business development in all aspects

Driven by the “Five Transformations” and combined with the continuous deepening of financial technology construction, Guosen Securities has achieved fruitful results in empowering businesses, improving customer satisfaction, improving efficiency, and reducing risks.

Comprehensive financial technology empowerment

  In the field of customer wealth management,Guosen Securities has created a “1+N” digital wealth management platform with Golden Sun APP as the core, achieving online and offline integration and multi-channel service integration to meet the differentiated needs of investors in different scenarios. At the same time, it innovatively creates one-stop, personalized asset allocation services with breakthrough thinking, and continues to create high-net-worth services such as “Xin Investment Consulting” securities investment consulting services, “Xin Zhitou” fund investment consulting services and “Xin Private Enjoyment, Family Trust” Customer customization services provide customers with accurate portraits, product classification and grading to achieve precise matching between customers and products, and provide customers with personalized product and service suggestions.

  In the field of comprehensive institutional trading services,Guosen Securities has built a one-stop comprehensive service solution for professional institutional customers. In response to the highly personalized needs of institutional customers, Guosen Securities provides services including “Extreme Speed ​​Trading”, “Extreme Speed ​​Network”, “Extreme Speed ​​Quotes”, “Extreme Speed ​​Risk Control”, etc. Integrated customized speedy solution. Among them, it provides specific customer strategy system customization services to the top high-frequency private equity market, launches GTrade strategy trading platform and cloud core strategy hosting platform for mature private equity, and provides iQuant full-variety quantitative trading platform to strategy enthusiasts to meet the differentiation of different investors. , professional transaction needs; at the same time, it released a one-stop smart fund platform to fully meet the financial service needs of various institutions.

  In the field of investment transaction support,Guosen Securities continues to build a five-wheel-driven major asset system of “convertible bonds, equity, fixed income, quantitative and derivatives”. With the investment value chain as the core, relying on capabilities such as ultra-fast trading, big data mining, artificial intelligence, and distributed computing, and focusing on core businesses such as investment transactions, market making services, and over-the-counter derivatives, we have built three major platforms to provide digital, integrated, Intelligent trinity solutions, and use this as a starting point to provide customers with a series of comprehensive financial services such as investment and financing, risk management, hedging transactions, market making liquidity support, etc., to reshape the new pattern of investment transactions.

  In the business field of large investment banks,As early as 2018, Guosen Securities took the lead in the industry to implement in-depth digital management of the entire business and process of equity and debt, intelligent issuance of all sectors, and electronic management of drafts. Since 2020, 19 investment banking smart tools have been continuously created and digital employees have been widely used to comprehensively improve digital investment banking service capabilities.

  In the field of operations management,Guosen Securities is based on efficient internal operations of the company and comprehensively improves customer experience. Comprehensive use of digital and intelligent technologies will continue to promote the centralization, leanness and intelligence of internal operation services and management to save customers every minute. In 2020, the company was among the first in the industry to implement the “7×24-hour uninterrupted business review” model. In the same year, it was also the first to implement one-stop intelligent witness account opening for institutions and products, shortening the entire account opening process by 75%.

  In terms of customer experience,Guosen Securities has made a comprehensive transformation from “business-centered” to “customer-centered”, with improving customer satisfaction as the core goal, from the original organizational structure divided by business lines to customer-centered business and collaboration Evolve the system to create a “1+N” service system that integrates online and offline, integrates multiple channels, and covers the entire life cycle to comprehensively improve customer experience.

In the future, Guosen Securities will continue to focus on digital transformation, continuously strengthen the construction of digital financial infrastructure, actively explore cutting-edge applications such as AIGC, cloud computing, and big data, implement financial technology-enabled business expansion, and enhance financial service capabilities. Promote the high-quality development of the digital economy and the real economy.

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