welcome! AITO asked the world “Fun Unbounded? Dream Set Sail” car owner activity entered Shenzhen!

welcome!  AITO asked the world “Fun Unbounded? Dream Set Sail” car owner activity entered Shenzhen!

On February 25th, AITO’s “Unbounded Fun·Dream Set Sail” event for car owners entered Shenzhen. There were multiple sessions such as exhibition car tasting, sailing competition, and yacht viewing. Users can play, chat, and enjoy themselves during the event , fully experience the pleasant life experience of people and vehicles brought by the AITO brand.

On the tasting venue, AITO Wenjie series models were displayed in an orderly manner, simple, stylish and full of temperament. AITO M5 is positioned as an intelligent luxury electric drive SUV, equipped with a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender specially designed for the range extender system, with a battery life of 1100+ kilometers, an all-aluminum alloy chassis, front double wishbone, and rear trapezoidal multi-link independent suspension The combination of the vehicle not only reduces the weight of the vehicle, but also further improves the handling stability.

A user of AITO Wenjie M5 shared on the spot, “This car is a range-extending model that can be powered by gasoline and electricity. Whether you are commuting in the city or traveling in the suburbs, you will not have mileage anxiety, and the driving quality is good. In the past six months, I am very satisfied.”

AITO M7 is positioned as a luxurious and smart large electric SUV. It has 3 rows of 6 seats and AITO zero-gravity seats. The space conversion rate reaches 92.4%, which can meet the storage of high-frequency items. The proper wheelbase design makes the vehicle more flexible. The AITO zero-gravity seat supports one-button opening, and you can enjoy the zero-pressure comfortable ride like a first-class cabin anytime, anywhere.

A car owner who has many years of experience in using fuel vehicles shared, “The replacement of Wenjie M7 is because it is suitable for families with many children. The 6-seater design is convenient for the whole family to travel. The AITO zero-gravity seat can give the body a zero-pressure riding experience. , taking a short break during long-distance trips can quickly restore energy, and the flexible handling is very friendly to female car owners.”

AITO M5 pure electric is the third model of the AITO brand. It has an acceleration of 4.5 seconds to 100 kilometers. It has both the comfort experience of a pure electric car and the powerful power performance that does not lose to a fuel car. It is jointly designed by Cyrus Automobile and Huawei. The DATS Dynamic Adaptive Torque System can intelligently adjust the torque to bring a smooth and comfortable handling experience even in the face of bumpy road sections. In particular, the smart charging function of the “Poached Egg Map” of the car can also measure the reachable range of the current power and intelligently recommend charging piles, so that users do not need to worry about battery life anxiety.

The three models of AITO Wenjie series are all equipped with HarmonyOS smart cockpit system. The operation of the car is smooth and integrated with the Huawei mobile phone ecosystem. It can realize remote interconnection with Huawei mobile phones, watches, and smart homes; In other words, it has multi-sound zone recognition and continuous dialogue functions, accurate recognition, and timely response; the car-machine system has Huawei’s ecologically rich audio-visual, video, game and other applications, mobile phone WeChat, navigation can also seamlessly flow with the car-machine, and Support multi-screen collaboration function, the car machine can be used as a mobile phone, and it is easy to go out to work.

The three products of the AITO Wenjie series combine excellent performance, super long battery life, extreme intelligence, and luxurious configuration. They are comfortable and energy-saving for urban travel, and there is no fear of battery life for outer suburban travel. They perfectly adapt to the needs of vehicles in multiple scenarios. Since its official delivery in March 2022, the AITO Wenjie series has achieved more than 80,000 deliveries so far, and has been widely recognized by the market. The NPS (User Net Promoter Score) has reached 70%, surpassing the average NPS of 40% in the automotive industry level. At the event site, the AITO brand also awarded the “Socialist of the Year” and “Influential Car Owner of the Year” awards to users, thanking users for their support and love for the brand for more than a year.

In addition, centering on the user-centered concept, Cyrus Automobile has taken multiple measures to continuously improve user satisfaction. At present, AITO user centers and experience centers have 1,000 stores, covering more than 230 cities. By the end of last year, more than 160 AITO user centers have taken the lead in completing image upgrades. Divide the space, expand the boundary of services with many characteristic services extended in each region, and comprehensively improve service quality.

At the beginning of 2023, Sailisi Automobile has also successively launched a series of activities such as the “New Year Thanksgiving Feedback” activity and the “Spring Fun Festival”, which not only benefit users, but also allow users to experience, share, communicate and create as they wish. Sri Lanka Automobile will continue to open up the value chain of the whole life cycle of automobile consumption, continue to create value for users, and realize the co-creation, sharing and win-win between AITO and users.


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