Ping An Consumer Finance Created a New Ecosystem of Consumer Finance and Won Fintech Awards

Ping An Consumer Finance Created a New Ecosystem of Consumer Finance and Won Fintech Awards

In recent years, regulatory policies for the consumer finance industry have been issued frequently, leading the steady and compliant development of the industry. However, new players are still pouring into the field of consumer finance, making licensed institutions continue to expand. When the consumer finance industry is under the background of continuous refinement of regulation, financial technology has become a blue ocean of competition that consumer finance companies are rushing to.

For example, Ping An Consumer Finance has continuously extended its service boundaries through continuous and “one step ahead” financial technology innovation, and created a new ecology of consumer finance. For example, it will empower products with technology to create a time-saving smart product experience. Specifically, Ping An Consumer Finance combines the characteristics of customers who grow up in the era of rapid development of the Internet and smart mobile devices, fully leverages the advantages of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and integrates rich scenarios, channels, and financial experience. It was launched in June 2020. The first product “Ping An Xiao Orange Blossom”.

“Ping An Little Orange Blossom” has created a 7×24 fully intelligent and fully online consumer financial service. Customers only need four simple steps to complete the whole process of application. At the same time, it focuses on the smart wallet function with “loan + payment” as the core, integrating credit into daily payment, opening up mainstream payment tools, and enjoying a certain amount of interest-free service for small consumption, making payment faster. On this basis, users of “Ping An Little Orange Flower” can also accumulate credit through each consumption to increase their credit limit. Not only that, Ping An Consumer Finance also empowers customer service with AI to provide worry-free and intelligent customer service.

As a typical application of many digital technologies in customer service scenarios, intelligent customer service can assist or replace human customer service to perform simple repetitive tasks, realize omni-channel, all-weather, and full-modal customer service experience, and achieve cost reduction, efficiency increase, and quality improvement. Purpose. Ping An Consumer Finance builds an intelligent customer service platform. By building an intelligent customer service brain and a customer intent understanding model, it accurately locates customer identities, intelligently studies and judges customer behavior, actively understands customer needs and provides solutions, and realizes intelligent interaction. Up to now, the intelligent customer service platform has provided intelligent solutions for 1.49 million customers in total, serving more than 25,000 customers every month, and the accuracy rate of customer intent recognition has reached 96.5%, providing customers with worry-free, intelligent and high-quality service experience.

As a licensed technology-based consumer finance company, in July this year, Ping An Consumer Finance won the “2022 Technology Innovation Leadership Award” at the 11th Financial Summit and 2022 Sustainable Business Conference for its outstanding performance in technological innovation. In the future, Ping An Consumer Finance will always actively respond to the national call for “improving the quality and efficiency of consumer financial services”, continue to carry out cutting-edge technology research, and explore the use of advanced financial technology to empower consumer financial services.


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