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“Wall” Shows Love, “Advertisement Economy” Boosts Gold Street Consumer Index

“Wall” Shows Love, “Advertisement Economy” Boosts Gold Street Consumer Index

  On the Chinese Valentine’s Day that just passed, Jinjie Heping Road was crowded with people, and the consumption index was full. Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza has attracted a large number of couples to check in with “new makeup”. It also invited popular singers from the city to perform large-scale urban confessions on Jinjie with moving love songs. The successful case of “love economics leveraging commercial consumption” was staged on Jinjie.

  A century-old cultural relic building, a city confession landmark

  One week before Qixi Festival, the “City Confession Wall of Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza” appeared on major media and social platforms one after another, making people curious, what magic power awakened the “sleeping century-old building”? In 2023, Tianjin Henglong Plaza will lead the pulse of the city,Combining modern art with century-old architecture, the “City Confession Plan” is launched. After the “KOORABBEE Cool Fan Rabbit Art Exhibition” and “520 Romantic Holding Hands Wall”, it is another “renewal” for a century-old cultural relic building, and invites lovers from all over the city to come here to verify the century-old commitment through beautiful meaning. The walls full of confession dialog boxes allow colors and trends to collide, rendering and redecorating the romantic atmosphere of the entire Golden Street.

  Harmony with singer Tian Ying, romantic love songs reverberate on Jinjie

In addition to the romantic check-in wall, the “Love Resounds” Tanabata music scene initiated by Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza invited Tian Ying, a popular Tianjin singer, and a group of Netease musicians to turn Jinjie Heping Road into a confession with romantic love songs in rotation In the Holy Land, people with love gather around the “Wheel of Time Stage on Heping Road Pedestrian Street”, listening to classic love songs and feeling the ultimate romance.

  Love economy, causing the city to return to the beautiful era full of love

Random interviews with shopping couples during the Qixi Festival, many people said that they felt a series of surprise changes in Golden Street in 2023, and felt that there were new changes in Golden Street on Heping Road. The neighborhood full of love theme allows you to find a reason to pay for beautiful things and have more vision for the future.

  Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza responds to the government’s overall commercial development strategy of “building Tianjin into an international consumption center city”. Help Heping District to focus on the overall goal of building “a place with a century-old business line, an international trend-leading place, a place for consumption innovation experience, and a place for shopping in Jincheng”, and support the cultivation and construction of an international consumption center city landmark area with practical actions.

  Driven by the “advertisement economy”, the merchants in Tianjin Hang Lung Plaza also feel the obvious warmth. During the Qixi Festival, gold jewelry and fashion retail are ushering in a phased annual sales peak, and popular restaurants are even more difficult to find. Many merchants said that the overall passenger flow and sales in August have increased significantly compared with the past, and they are full of confidence in their future operations.

Existing commercial operations no longer focus on “simply selling goods”, and shopping destinations should include multiple experiences of popular elements such as fashion, trend, art, and music. Tianjin 66 Plaza is located in Golden Street, Heping Road. It has high-quality commercial elements such as century-old cultural relics, modern shopping space, and luxury fashion brands. High-quality popular activities create a premium living space, which will continue to increase the commercial atmosphere of the century-old Golden Street, and create more dazzling commercial value together with the city.

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