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“Ole” attracts customers to activate the city’s business potential

“Ole” attracts customers to activate the city’s business potential

  Tianjin North News:In the era of stocks, the development of outlets shows a growth trend. Behind the growth against the trend is the change of the consumption environment – the pursuit of high quality and the young people’s more rational consumption concept make the “famous products + discount” Olympic The Lai project was able to become a “darling”.

When Outlet first entered China in 2002, it was still mainly a department store discount store. With the improvement of national consumption level and demand for shopping experience, coupled with the fact that operators have brought the common overseas outlet town/holiday operation mode to China, domestic outlets have gradually developed from the initial retail format to the current stage of integration of culture, travel and business, multi- Business complex space.

After 20 years of development, like other new forms of consumption, Outlets are also changing from simple selling goods to multi-faceted. The warehouse-style discount space in the original impression is more and more emphasizing the shopping experience, plus rich brands and lower prices, consumers are willing to enjoy the fun of Taobao here. With the continuous expansion of the city and the continuous evolution of outlets, this is also a new leisure destination for urban residents.

Today’s Outlets are constantly innovating in terms of business model, service content, business combination, form of expression, and marketing methods. In recent years, in many newly opened outlet projects, we have seen that in addition to the famous brand discount retail format, the proportion of experience format is increasing, and even customer group segmentation and scene creation have begun, such as micro vacation, parent-child theme, cultural Concepts such as travel Ole are becoming more and more common. Emphasis on experience and multi-format development has become an unspoken trend, and superposition with shopping mall functions has become one of the ways to strengthen its own advantages and improve commercial content.

“Outlet Complex” not only meets the basic needs of surrounding customers, but also has the concept of “micro-tourism” for the far-end attraction of urban customers, weaving scenes, improving consumers’ leisure experience, and enhancing family entertainment interaction , to create a relaxed and comfortable shopping environment, to meet the needs of consumers for “short-distance travel”. Existing large-scale outlet projects in Tianjin: Tianjin Florentia Town-Beijing-Tianjin Famous Outlets located in Wuqing District, New Yansha Outlets in the Airport Economic Zone and Youa Outlets in Binhai New Area s. Tianjin Shanshan Outlets, which will open in September, and the regional development where it is located will leverage and empower each other, endowing the city with new cultural and commercial significance.

  Cover all consumer groups and create urban micro-resorts

As a large-scale comprehensive commercial complex of outlets, on the one hand, it can make up for the lack of large-scale commercial facilities in the region; on the other hand, it needs to radiate the whole city and even the entire Beijing-Tianjin metropolitan area to create an urban micro-resort. The creation of any product originates from the mining of the needs of the core customer group. Based on the research on consumer groups, more and more outlets are positioning their main customer groups with new familyism, individuality, refinement, and pluralism. They focus on quality, pursue fashion, and have diverse interests. Their status in the current consumer group Improve more and more. Based on this, Outlets focuses on tourists, families and young consumers, and provides consumers in surrounding areas and cities with a “full-time, All formats, all customer groups, all age groups, all-round” consumption experience.

  Cutting-edge business model to meet the diverse consumption needs of consumers

Different from the traditional Outlets, which supplement non-retail formats, it pays equal attention to retail and non-retail, optimizes the brand selection and the proportion of formats, and satisfies the diverse shopping needs of various consumers. It is worth mentioning that the business district where Beijing-Tianjin Florentia Town is located often introduces new ones, creating an urban “micro-vacation” destination in conjunction with the surrounding creative Milan Life Plaza and V1 Auto World. The just-concluded V1 Auto World Summer Carnival brings together top auto races, boxing and bodybuilding competitions, auto trend culture gatherings, technological interactive novel experiences, classic car shows, trendy markets, music, outdoor camping, and many other experiences. Combination, refreshing customers’ brand-new understanding of “warm life experience”.


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