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Renewed image of “Heng Lung Club” and upgraded exclusive experience

Renewed image of “Heng Lung Club” and upgraded exclusive experience

  In order to further practice the tenet of “Customer First”, Hang Lung Properties (HKEx stock code: 00101) (the “Company” or “Hang Lung”) has launched a membership program “Hang Lung Club” in Plaza 66 across the country since 2018. “.In September this year, “Hang Lung Club” ushered in the sixth year,Open up a new image, upgrade a series of privileges and privileges for members, and join hands with 10 Hang Lung Plaza projects in 8 major cities in mainland China to hold a grand “dazzling environment” for more than a month from September 1 to October 6 New Year’s Eve celebration. With the advent of a new chapter, “Heng Lung Club” will bring more exclusive and thoughtful personalized shopping experiences to customers across the country, as well as high-quality lifestyles. With high-quality services and experiences, it will closely connect with customers.

  “Hang Lung Club”Rejuvenate the opening of the national enjoyment

“Hang Lung Club” will present a new look of the brand, including brand visual rejuvenation, adding a more exclusive color texture to the image of the membership level. Among them, “Hang Lung Club” strengthens the image characteristics of 66 degrees. “66” is the iconic symbol of Hang Lung Plaza. The curved and connected lines combined with the horizontal 66 degrees imply that Hang Lung connects merchants and customers. The upgrade of “Hang Lung Club” has taken on a brand-new attitude. It uses a strong but delicate visual image, full of modern and modern style. It also gives tactile sensations to different levels of colors in the comprehensively renewed membership card design, which is more integrated into Hang Lung. The 66-degree angle of the square shows a dazzling new look.

At the same time, “Heng Lung Club” held a month-long “Dazzling New Opening” event in the top 10 Hang Lung Plaza projects across the country, bringing different on-site activities and generous gifts every week, including “66° New Moment” Game interactive devices, exchange of selected points rewards for limited gifts, ice cream distribution and other unique experiences for each member. “Hang Lung Club” has launched a new “Heng Lung Surprise Day”, and a specific day of each month is designated as an exclusive day for “Hang Lung Club” members. Members can use their points to unlock limited rewards on that day, and have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive rewards at their favorite merchants. Rewards and discounts increase opportunities for regular interaction between merchants and members, and promote the flow of merchants. At that time, every customer is welcome to come to the site to interact and explore, and experience the unique and dignified personalized shopping experience of “Heng Lung Club”.

On the occasion of the grand celebration of “Dazzling New Beginning” with a renewed image, “Heng Lung Club” invites distinguished members to join the ranks of “Renewed Image”. To this end, “Hang Lung Club” has created a game interactive device called “66°New Dynamic Moment”. Looking down from above, the top of the device is a three-dimensional 66 symbol, which attracts people to stop and participate, and through fun and interactive multimedia Interaction allows members to have an immersive and surprising experience. Participating in the game can also get exclusive videos and rewards for free. It has both fun and courtesy, full of surprises.

In addition, during the activity period of the month, the Plaza 66 project will launch selected point rewards every week. Members can use points to exchange for exclusive gifts of the “Hang Lung Club” brand, as well as sustainable products created in cooperation with the environmental protection recycling platform “Flying Ants”. Eco Bag. During the “Dazzling New Beginning” period, there will also be an “Ice Cream Distribution Station” activity. Both new members and existing members will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious ice cream, as well as a wealth of exclusive life experiences such as member service experience weeks, such as flower art, century-old Architectural guided tours, hand-made classes, etc. are wonderful and extraordinary. You are welcome to pay attention to the WeChat tweets of the top 10 Hang Lung Plaza projects in the country, and get the preferential information as soon as possible.

  A generous gift, extraordinary and lasting enjoyment

“Heng Lung Club” has always been committed to creating value for customers and satisfying high-spending and loyal customers by creating unique and dignified personalized experiences. For this reason, member benefits are strengthened at the time of rejuvenation, grandly launching the privileges of star alliance partners, and working closely with national cross-border partners, no matter where in the country you are, you can enjoy delicious food and wine through the exclusive status of “Hang Lung Club” members , Hotel tourism, credit card rebates, and the respectful courtesy of different industry platforms such as culture and art, in addition to shopping, it improves the life taste of members in an all-round way, and provides delicate and thoughtful arrangements for each member.

  The Shanghai EDITION

  Conrad Shenyang

“Hang Lung Club” simultaneously launched a nationwide preferential limited-time upgrade. Designated members can enjoy priority upgrade privileges during the event period, and experience the wonderful membership benefits designed by Hang Lung Club one step faster. In addition, every year, Plaza 66 across the country will hold the highly anticipated iconic annual VIP event, and this year will also be held as scheduled. During the celebration of “Dazzling New Beginnings”, Wuxi Plaza 66 “TAKE CENTER STAGE” and Wuhan Plaza 66 will be presented respectively. “BE MY HEARTLAND”, Shenyang Municipal Government Plaza 66’s 11th anniversary celebration party, honored members were invited to visit different cities to experience the diverse city style and unique charm.

“Hang Lung Club” not only attaches great importance to members’ exclusive experience and benefits, but also rewards customers with respect and benefits, and further promotes a low-carbon and environmentally friendly sustainable lifestyle. By rewarding members for more environmentally friendly shopping and providing more environmentally friendly rewards, we will work hand in hand with members Contribute to the beautiful and sustainable environment. “Heng Lung Club” will also launch a new Hang Lung Club mini-program in late September, integrating the content of 10 Hang Lung Plazas into one, providing members with a richer and smoother experience, and making it easier to understand member rights, latest promotions, query records and cross-border information. Events, etc., presenting more surprises.

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