“Walking with the Phoenix” starts airing today, Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin compose an oriental mythological love song together


Produced by Tencent Video and Xinli TV, directed by Deng Ke, the original author Jiu Lu Feixiang is the screenwriter, Zhao Liying serves as the producer, starring Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin, Xin Yunlai, He Yu, Li Jiaqi, Zeng Li, Xuan Lu, Liu Guanlin , Qiu Xinzhi, and Huang Chengcheng, with special appearances by Xu Haiqiao, Dong Jie, and Song Ningfeng, and special appearances by Wang Yiyao, Wei Zixin, Li Zifeng, Huang Yi, Hu Dandan, Zhou Xiaochuan, and Chen Zhen, the oriental mythological drama “Traveling with the Phoenix” will be released today (March 18 Starting from 20:00 (Sunday), it will be launched on Hunan Satellite TV’s prime evening slot, and will premiere on Tencent Video and Mango TV.

The play is adapted from Jinjiang Literature City’s Jiulu Feixiang’s novel “This King Is Here”. It tells the story of Shen Li (played by Zhao Liying), the Bi Cang King of the spiritual world, who fell to the earth due to an injury after running away from marriage. By chance, she met the last ancient who came down to earth to experience life. Shen Xingzhi (played by Lin Gengxin), the two traveled across the three realms and joined hands to start a new mythical love story full of fireworks and majestic power. Today, the official released the final trailer of the “Feng Qi Yun Yong” version and the group portrait poster of the “Sacred Painting” version, depicting a magnificent group portrait spectrum of the Three Realms for the long-awaited audience. The undercurrent and sadistic trailer are even more exciting. It immerses people in this fantastic mythical world, attracting the audience to experience this oriental mythological love with the protagonist tonight.


Zhao Liying and Lin update their second pairing and join hands to protect the three realms

The combination of Phoenix, God and King sets the screen on fire in a new chapter

Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin have become unforgettable classic memories in the hearts of countless viewers with their tacit cooperation and wonderful performances. Now the two have joined hands again in “Walking with the Phoenix”, which not only meets the expectations of fans of the past drama, but also is full of contrasts. , the unconventional “double strong” character design has attracted more and more viewers. It is understood that this time, one of the two is the Bi Cang King of the spiritual world who can fight powerful enemies with force and has a heart for all people, and the other is the only ancient god who cannot be moved because of the safety of the three realms. As two people who have the courage to take on heavy responsibilities, the mythical love between Shen Li and Xing Zhi is not limited to a small love between a man and a woman, but is related to the safety of the three realms and the people of the world.

At the beginning of the final trailer of the “Feng Qi Yun Yong” version released today, the spirit master’s questioning of Shen Li rang in the ears, while Shen Li, played by Zhao Liying, was holding a silver gun, looking up and speechless, with a resolute back. The trailer is full of speculations on personal desires and responsibilities and missions. Shen Li insists on doing what should be done and will never hide. The love of the gods is difficult to break, but Shen Li must protect him! “I know very clearly what I am doing.” This is Shen Li’s answer to many inquiries, and it is also the best explanation of her tenacity and unyielding character. This shows that “Traveling with the Phoenix” is a story about love, growth and responsibility. It has both sweet and romantic love dramas, as well as a desperate “fight between gods”, and the magical and magnificent wonders of the three realms are about to be presented one by one. It is truly a true story. Whet the audience’s appetite.

The flow of life is light and joyful, with a unique style of fireworks and fairy tales

A strong team creates oriental myths with sincerity

The “Sacred Painting” version of the group portrait poster released at the same time as the final trailer is also particularly exciting, with all beings from the three realms appearing on the background of heavy colors and gold. The classical oriental mythological atmosphere of “Walking with the Phoenix” adds a grand and calm cultural heritage to the work, and the vivid and vivid beings with different expressions are vividly displayed before our eyes, which arouses everyone’s expectations for the exciting plot and characters in the play. In the plot to be broadcast tonight, the encounter between Shen Li and Xingyun is full of fun, and what stories the two will have in the human courtyard that is rich in fireworks and yet elegant and poetic is also exciting. “Traveling with the Phoenix” no longer focuses on the tone of sadomasochism, but cleverly uses life flow narrative to turn on the audience’s emotional switch, opening a new chapter for the theme of ancient costume love myths. The tranquil pastoral scenery and the unique warm and healing feeling of the farmhouse are also particularly prominent, which may bring a relaxing time for the current audience to watch the drama.

It is worth mentioning that behind the show is a creative team that has launched many hit dramas. Director Deng Ke, who has directed the phenomenal costume light comedy “The Son-in-Law”, is here to direct; Jiu Lu Feixiang, the original author of “The Hit Making Machine”, who has created novels such as “The Secret of Blue Orchid” and “The First Acquaintance with the King”, is here In this update, I personally handled the screenwriting work throughout the entire process to solidify the foundation of the work. National actress Zhao Liying served as a producer for the first time and was deeply involved in the creation of the series. In addition, the behind-the-scenes team also assembled Mu Ning, the action director of “Jiang Ye”, “Meng Hua Lu” and the animated version of “The Legend of Mortal Cultivation”, Chen Tongxun, the styling director of “The Legend of Zhen?” and “Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace”, and the art director of “Xiu Chun Dao” Zhao Yu, “Thirty Only” photography director Liu Bin, “Jiuzhou Piao Miao Lu”, “Thirty Only” and “Little Willing” lighting director Chen Xiaoyong, “Spirit Cage” and “Tianguan Blessing” music director Yang Bingyin… all the gold medal creators work together Create this mythical love story, unfold the narrative from a female perspective, focus on the growth and transformation of Shen Li, the King of Blue Cang, and also express the relationship between the “divinity” and “humanity” of the ancient god Xingzhi, conveying the courage to challenge fate, and the courage to challenge destiny. The spiritual strength of fearing difficulties and moving forward courageously has profound practical significance and is highly anticipated.

Starting from 20:00 today (March 18), “Traveling with Phoenix” will premiere on Hunan Satellite TV, Tencent Video, and Mango TV. Hunan Satellite TV broadcasts 2 episodes from Monday to Thursday, and 1 episode from Friday to Sunday; Tencent Video and Mango TV members can watch it first. Members in the first week will update 2 episodes from Monday to Thursday at 20:00, and update 1 episode from Friday to Sunday. The first update 4 episodes, so stay tuned!


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