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The movie “My Love from the Dog” is scheduled to be released on April 12, Aaron Kwok and Lan Yingying will join hands to stage a fantasy journey

The movie “My Love from the Dog” is scheduled to be released on April 12, Aaron Kwok and Lan Yingying will join hands to stage a fantasy journey

“My Love from Dog Star” finalized poster

Produced by Zhang Jiazhen, starring Aaron Kwok and Lan Yingying, directed by Lu Ke, special starring Huang Ling, Wang Dalu, and Xing Yunjia, and friendly starring Dai Jun, Sun Yue, VaVa Mao Yanqi, Fan??, and Xiao Xiao, the fantasy healing film ” “My Love from the Dog Star” was announced to be released on April 12, and a preview and poster were released today. The story tells the story of father Jiang Siwang (played by Aaron Kwok) who accidentally transformed into a puppy and came to his daughter Jiang Lu (played by Lan Yingying) as Awang. After experiencing many hardships and ups and downs, he realized that they had always cared for and accompanied each other. . Through the perspective of canine father Aaron Kwok, the film depicts to the audience the beauty and difficulty of getting along with father and daughter.

  Aaron Kwok’s changed puppy makes his debut with Lan Yingying on the big screen, a fantasy interpretation that heals the love between father and daughter

The movie “My Love from the Dog” tells the story of a sugar factory worker, Jiang Siwang, who raised his daughter Jiang Lu alone, but unexpectedly turned into a puppy by accident. The dog father Awang tried his best to find his daughter, and found that Jiang Lu had grown up and became a singer-songwriter, but there was something hidden behind the seemingly glamorous appearance. Dad decided to start a “guardian journey” as the puppy Awang.

Aaron Kwok, known as the king, and powerful actress Lan Yingying collaborate for the first time in this film to play a father and daughter across time and space. In the preview, the father and daughter made birthday wishes together in a warm and comfortable cabin, but they didn’t want all the good things to be broken in an instant. From 1999 to 2023, from separation to reunion, a magical journey of healing is about to begin. In the film, Aaron Kwok, in addition to appearing as his father, also transformed into “Xiu Gou” Awang to meet the audience in surprise. It is reported that this time, Aaron Kwok tried to present the image of Awang, a puppy, through a combination of real-life capture and special effects. In order to maximize the details of the puppy’s movements and expressions, Aaron Kwok not only made detailed adjustments to the dog in reality Through observation and repeated rehearsal, we can accurately grasp the detailed changes in the facial expressions of small animals, striving to present a vivid and lifelike character image to the audience.

  The most sincere fantasy film of the year, with all-star talent and surprises

It is not difficult to see from the scheduled poster that the father and daughter seem to be in a state of “misplaced” communication. Under the dim light, the young Jiang Lu and his father were snuggling together for a photo. After the photo was developed, it turned out to be the grown-up Jiang Lu and a puppy, which gave people a fantasy and healing look and seemed to tell the story of even though The father turned into a puppy, but he still cared about his child. When filming the film, director Lu Ke chose to tell the story of this wonderful father-daughter relationship from the father’s perspective, comparing the two periods before and after Jiang Siwang turned into a dog. Before he accidentally turned into a puppy, Jiang Siwang did everything he could to take care of his daughter Jiang Lu, both materially and spiritually. After he accidentally turned into a puppy, he entered into the inner world of his daughter Jiang Lu as a friend. Whether it is making hand-cut window grilles with her daughter, or still silently guarding the tired Jiang Lu after turning into a puppy. These seemingly ordinary little things embody the father’s care and love for his daughter, and the relationship between father and daughter gradually deepened as they got along.

In addition to the fantasy setting of the movie “My Love from the Dog Star” where the king changes his puppy, the cast is not to be underestimated. Not only does the transphonic singer Huang Ling, the popular actor Wang Dalu, who is loved by the audience, but also the host Many stars including celebrity Dai Jun, crosstalk actor Sun Yue, female rapper VaVa Mao Yanqi, well-known debate contestants Fan Xiang, Xiao Xiao and others star in the show. They have all brought very surprising works to the audience, and they must also have quite exciting performances in the film this time. Many netizens also said after watching the trailer, “With a fantasy plot and an all-star cast, the new work of King of Heaven is full of expectations.”

The movie “My Love from Wang Xing” is produced by Lu Shilu Pictures (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Beijing Chuangshitong Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Minghe Film and Television Culture Development Co., Ltd., Huarui Pictures (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Xiamen Hengye Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Lu Shilu Culture Media Co., Ltd., produced by Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Tianqiong Culture Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Xinao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Xinfeng Yuening Film and Television Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing It is jointly produced by Yun Xingqian Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Tianyi Yingke Holdings Co., Ltd., and Sichuan Anxun Film and Television Co., Ltd., and distributed by Shanghai Taopiao Piao Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. The film will be officially released in major theaters across the country on April 12, and audiences across the country are sincerely invited to witness this fantasy reunion journey from the “dog star”.

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