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The TV series “The Storm Chaser” is scheduled to be released on March 21. Wang Yibo and Li Qin go hand in hand in troubled times.

The TV series “The Storm Chaser” is scheduled to be released on March 21. Wang Yibo and Li Qin go hand in hand in troubled times.

  Today, produced by CCTV and iQiyi, jointly produced by Ruyi Pictures, Enlightenment Pictures, Oriental Panorama, and Wanda Pictures, it is a Strange Love Studio project, with Wang Xiaohui and Chen Zhixi as directors, and Dai Ying and Zhang Shuwei as chief producers. , Yao Xiaofeng serves as the chief director, Weng Liangping serves as the screenwriter, starring Wang Yibo, Li Qin, Wang Yang, Zhang Tianyang starring, Wang Xueqi, Gao Lu special starring, and Yang Kun friendly starring in the contemporary youth growth drama “The Storm Chaser” has been announced, will beIt will be broadcast simultaneously on CCTV8 Prime Time and iQiyi from March 21st. At the same time, the drama released the “Riding the Wind” version of the poster and the “Dawn of the End” version of the trailer with the final release.

  Young and fearless in turbulent years Patriotic youth pursue their ideals

  The TV series “Storm Chaser” tells the story of Wei Ruolai, a patriotic young man in the 1930s who witnessed the darkness of society, gradually found his life direction, and finally joined the historical torrent of the new democratic revolution led by the Communist Party of China. The posters and trailers released by the play comprehensively present the grandeur and delicate texture of the work from multiple angles, show the turbulent years from a new perspective, and raise the audience’s expectations.

  Published todayIn the “Riding the Wind” version of the poster, Wei Ruolai, played by Wang Yibo, has a burning gaze and thoughtfully fiddles with the silver dollar in his hand, trying to realize his ideals and ambitions in troubled times. Shen Jinzhen, played by Li Qin, has a firm gaze. As an underground member of the Chinese Communist Party, she looks at the doves of peace flying in front of her eyes and sticks to the communist ideals in her heart. Shen Tunan, played by Wang Yang, has a solemn expression, and the banknotes in front of him are as light as feathers against the backdrop of the turbulent times. In addition, characters such as Lin Qiaosong played by Zhang Tianyang, Xu Nuo played by Wang Xueqi, Su Cishu played by Gao Lu and Aunt Zhou played by Yang Kun also appeared. “Storm Chaser” focuses on vivid group portraits in the tide of the times. This time’s finalized poster shows the smoke-filled era background and the ill-fated fate of each character.

  Aspiring young people remain determined Advancing through adversity to achieve the dreams of our country and our country

  Previously, inAt the “Year of the Dragon Drama Watch Main Station! China Central Radio and Television Station 2024 TV Series Release” ceremony, “The Storm Chaser” tells the story of a special era when young people have grown into qualified communist fighters through the baptism of blood and fire. The surprise appearance in the “Building a Business and Anbang·Sincerity” section aroused many expectations. And during this specific period, in the invisible smoke, what kind of thrilling story happened in “Storm Chaser”? In the complicated career process and the turbulent life and death battle, what kind of courage and will will the protagonist show? All aroused the curiosity of the audience.

  Published todayThe trailer of the “Dawn Finally Comes” version shows more details of the drama: Shanghai in the early 1930s was covered by clouds, the financial world was intertwined, and economic development was struggling. Against this background, Wei Ruolai, an aspiring young man with ideals and ambitions, was recognized as a student by Shen Tunan, a senior adviser to the Central Bank, for his outstanding work ability. He also met Shen Tunan’s sister Shen Jinzhen. Wei Ruolai discovered evidence of a joint operation by wealthy businessmen in Shanghai to speculate in treasury bonds, but Shen Tunan suppressed the matter on the grounds that “it would arouse greater public indignation and the consequences would be disastrous.” Wei Ruolai and Shen Tunan had a dispute because of this, and they were once close. The two masters and apprentices drifted apart. Where will Wei Ruolai, who wants to “ride the long wind and break thousands of miles of waves”, go? Hesitating and confused, he seemed to be guided by Shen Jinzhen’s ideals…

  From the trailer, we can not only see the main line of the story of the series, but also“Newcomer in the workplace” Wei Ruolai’s life as a member of the “Shanghai Piao” army in Shanghai. In the rented shabby room, in the dense smoke of Qibao Street, it was the encouragement from the neighbors that made Wei Ruolai wear open-toed socks and take the first step into the “big factory”, and finally became a worker who is full of curiosity about everything. As a newcomer in the workplace, he also laid the foundation for becoming a legend in Shanghai. How will his career journey start and what challenges will he encounter? What opportunities of the times will the Qibao Street Hudiao group represented by him encounter, and how will they move forward side by side? The workplace illustrations and fireworks and human relationships shown in the play are also quite interesting and reflect reality. The youth growth drama “Storm Chaser” will be broadcast simultaneously on CCTV8 prime time and iQiyi from March 21. CCTV-8 prime time broadcasts two episodes every night; iQiyi updates 4 episodes on the first day and 2 episodes every day at 19:30.

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