Walking firmly with Chinese snowboard athletes?? BURTON once again joins hands with the Chinese national snowboard team to help China’s ice and snow sports climb to new heights

The first anniversary of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been successfully held. It has witnessed the outstanding achievements of the Chinese snowboarding national team with one gold and one silver, and established the status of snowboarding as a strong event in the Chinese Winter Olympics. The performance at the 2020 Milan Winter Olympics is full of expectations. Among them, it is the global leading snowboard brand BURTON that helps the new generation of Chinese snowboarders to break through themselves and show off their style.

Inheriting the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics and further participating in the development of China’s ice and snow sports, Burton has been hand in hand with the Chinese National Snowboard Team for 18 years. From boards to snowshoes, bindings, snow goggles, helmets, snow suits and a series of professional training and competition equipment, it serves BURTON skaters including Su Yiming and Liu Jiayu with strong product strength and innovative technology. The signing ceremony for this cooperation was held in Beijing Shougang Park on March 14. Craig Smith, CEO of BURTON China attended, Li Yang, deputy director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the General Administration of Sport of China and other leaders, and Wu Shaotong, the athlete representative of the Chinese national snowboarding team, participated together to pay tribute to the spirit of the Winter Olympics, showing BURTON and Chinese athletes and China Ice and snow sports are determined to walk together and climb the peak together.

The sponsorship signing ceremony between China Snowboard National Team and Burton was held in Beijing Shougang Park

The cooperation between BURTON and China Snowboard National Team can be traced back to 2005. At that time, China’s professional snowboarding sport had just started, and the snowboard U-shaped pool project had just been designated as the breakthrough point of the project. For the first time, BURTON joined hands with the national team of the Chinese snowboard U-shaped pool field. At the World Championships in Korea two years later, Liu Jiayu, an athlete of the Chinese women’s snowboard national team, won the women’s U-shaped pool gold medal, which shocked the world with “China’s speed”; in 2018 At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, BURTON once again helped Chinese snowboarding to achieve a “zero” breakthrough in the Winter Olympics. Liu Jiayu, an athlete of the Chinese women’s national team of snowboarding, won the runner-up in the U-shaped field final, achieving the first medal breakthrough in the Winter Olympics, opening a new era of Chinese snowboarding, and paving the way for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. A good start for a good snowboarder to come to the fore.

BURTON joins hands with the Chinese Snowboard National Team again,

As the 2022-2026 annual sponsor of the Chinese Snowboard National Team

The realization of China’s goal of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” has not only brought an important legacy to the global winter sports and the Olympic Games, but also significantly expanded the number of ice and snow sports participants, and provided a new opportunity for the vigorous development of the ice and snow industry in China. opportunity. According to relevant statistics, in the ice and snow season before and after the Beijing Winter Olympics, the number of ice and snow leisure tourists in my country reached 344 million, more than twice that of the 2016-2017 ice and snow season. While witnessing and participating in the process of China’s professional snowboarding from its inception to its rapid development, BURTON also passed on the freedom, unrestrained and innovative spirit and infinite charm of this sport to the public outside the competitive arena.

Li Yang, deputy director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sport, visited and delivered a speech

With its rich experience in event operation and in-depth understanding of ice and snow sports, BURTON has launched a series of active measures to promote the development of snowboarding in China: in the touring snowboarding event Ride in China held throughout China, professional skaters are invited to Show the fun and culture of snowboarding to the public; uphold the brand spirit of “WE RIDE TOGETHER”, launch the global snowboarding open event – Mystery Series, bringing together skaters of different ages and genders Together, we encourage everyone to challenge themselves and enjoy the pure fun of skiing. The event is currently ongoing in multiple sub-station cities including Beijing and Jilin City, Jilin Province; in addition, BURTON also showcases snowboards through the international trend culture exhibition Innersect The charm of skiing, the trend and lifestyle behind it, and the spread of diverse ice and snow fashions with celebrities and stars have led this sport to the forefront of fashion and “planted grass” for more potential target groups. At the same time, BURTON also continues to participate in sustainable development actions such as wildlife protection and environmental protection by adopting the giant panda “Fun Fun” and launching the “Burton Clean Up Action”, echoing the brand’s environmental protection genes, and jointly exploring health, vitality, sustainable future.

At present and in the future, BURTON strives to become an all-season brand rooted in the snowboarding industry. In the non-snow season, highlight the multi-functionality and multi-purpose features of software products; optimize the layer penetration of software products, and provide high-quality and optional mountain sports functional products in the way of BURTON; cultivate a diverse and inclusive Communities, use brand stories and marketing activities to establish contact with consumers, and use this to convey the spirit and values ​​of snowboarding, create an internal and external, online, and ice and snow industry-leading education and training platform; and establish an omni-channel and integrated platform, Provide a complete consumer journey and experience, truly integrate local characteristics, and develop BURTON into a leader of Chinese snowboard brands.

Whether it is in the field of professional competitive events or the level of participation by the whole people, BURTON brings the skaters’ self-transcendence and perseverance to life."Let people all over the world enjoy the fun of snowboarding"As the original intention, actively participate in the popularization and development of China’s ice and snow sports. Riding on the east wind of the post-Winter Olympics era, BURTON will work with the Chinese national snowboarding team to achieve great results in more competitions in the future; it will also write a new chapter in the ice and snow story with more Chinese snowboarding enthusiasts.

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