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Diversified overseas travel, effective empowerment 2023 Effie Brand Overseas Private Enjoyment Meeting in Greater China was successfully held

Diversified overseas travel, effective empowerment 2023 Effie Brand Overseas Private Enjoyment Meeting in Greater China was successfully held

When going overseas has gradually become a must for brands, and the commercial market is facing new opportunities and challenges, how should brands find the next outlet? On March 10, Effie in Greater China invited 20 senior executives from overseas companies to gather in Shenzhen to focus on the future development trend of brands going overseas, cutting-edge insight into overseas markets, new opportunities under the global marketing boom, and overseas marketing solutions, etc. Topics that practitioners of brand overseas are most concerned about. Find new ways to go overseas by interpreting the data of experts in the overseas industry, and share practical cases brought by the person in charge of the winning brand of the 2022 Effie Globalization Awards, and analyze new ideas for overseas marketing.

Explore the effective growth plan and create a new engine for the brand to go overseas

Xu Haoyu, Managing Director, Greater China, Effie

Focusing on the topic of going overseas, Xu Haoyu, Managing Director of Effie Greater China, said: “As an international marketing award, Effie has the inherent conditions to go overseas.In 2022, we set up the Effie Global Marketing Award for the first time, attracting more than 80 applicants from home and abroad, and the distribution area spans 40 countries and regions around the world.This fully shows that under the influence of the epidemic in the past few years, Chinese brands have set off an upsurge of going overseas to the global market. In the face of the current bonus period for brands going overseas, how to use better content and more effective links to achieve continuous growth in brand business value? The Greater China Effie Global Marketing Awards help brands achieve deterministic global growth by commending effective cases that have been tested by the market. Today, Effie Greater China invited front-line practitioners from various fields to explore new paths and new ways of going overseas from different dimensions. I hope everyone can gain something! “

Dong Chi Director of TikTok for Business Overseas Direct Customers

Dong Chi, director of TikTok for Business’s overseas direct customer service partner of the Effie Global Marketing Awards in Greater China, said in the sharing session: “Around the world,In September 2021, TikTok’s monthly active users will exceed 1 billion. TikTok’s unique user stickiness and high participation can help brands develop more effective marketing.The effect of TikTok for Business and the conversion of brand advertisements are not only to promote purchases, but also to promote APP downloads, and finally precipitate into the brand’s own asset pool, and then promote online e-commerce or offline stores to feed back the accumulation of assets through talents. , forming a full-funnel marketing from brand awareness to conversion. Today’s era is the best golden age for Chinese corporate brands to go overseas. I believe that everyone here has the same sense of pride and mission to sell Chinese brands to the world as I do. TikTok for Business will continue to strive to do its best and help Advertisers sail overseas. “

Say goodbye to traffic involution and let the brand firmly go overseas

RCEP, emerging markets, cross-border e-commerce

Shen Yingfeng, VP of Rui Capital

Shen Ying, VP of Fengrui Capital, first shared the trend of going overseas. She said: “From 2022 to 2023, the cross-border market will stabilize, the bubble will recede, and good companies will begin to show their strength.This year, investment institutions will focus on cross-border brands that truly have technological attributes and create some new categories, such as special technological products added for overseas market application scenarios. Through the dual drive of technology and brand, it will help the development of the project, and through localization and differentiation, it will open up a different track from the previous generation of cross-border products. “

Timing is Everything, four stages of localization, digitalaccording to

Jonathan Haibeili to the global brand manager of YOU

Jonathan, head of the 2022 Effie Global Marketing Award-winning team and global brand manager of Haibeilizhi YOU, said in the on-site sharing: “For brands going overseas,Rhythm is very important. The key to localization is to do the right thing at the right time and disseminate the right content. Just right is the best.I divide localization into four stages, which are channel localization, brand localization, product localization, marketing localization, and team localization. Step by step, follow the company’s development context, relax to a certain extent, control the direction, and relax If you have to open the details, then the problems encountered in the process of going to sea will be solved. “

Companionship value, attention to user communication, content creativity

Feng Huiran can be the head of the overseas market of science and technology

Feng Huiran, head of Can Technology’s overseas market, shared the opportunities and challenges that Can Technology encountered in the process of going overseas, and through link integration and content innovation, make full use of platform traffic, make a good combination, and gather strength to go overseas. “What really needs to go overseas is how the team can get through the communication between the product and the market. We used to pay more attention to making products well. Now we summarize the experience and lessons of the past few years:Brand going overseas is to use good products and build a communication channel with users.This is the essence of our company going overseas. “

Build a benchmark brand, create value for users, and unique selling points

Yalei ChenCMO of Anker Innovation

Ms. Chen Yalei, CMO of Anker Innovations, shared Anker Innovations’ overseas journey, and summed up the thinking of brands going overseas.she thinksBrands must create value for users,How to continuously create value for users requiresIncrease the company’s integration links,From research and development to products, to design, to marketing, to sales, to the insight into the consumer system of each port of service, and provide targeted services to consumers;Resolutely build an industry-leading brand and expand upward for the industry,Hold up an umbrella for everyone, cooperate together, and be the only one if not the first.

After the meeting, the guests conducted in-depth exchanges and free discussions around the topic of going overseas. From the practical experience of different dimensions, they gained insight into how to shift from “Made in China” to “Chinese brand”, “Chinese technology” and “Chinese experience” to better A good look has gained a foothold in the global market where there are many foreign brands. Going overseas with diversification, shaping the future of the brand, and the private enjoyment of brand marketing going overseas has come to a successful conclusion.

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