The movie “Frog Kingdom: The Adventures of the Fantasy Queen” double-exposed the character materials of the frog “Moe” army’s last battle

The movie “Frog Kingdom: The Adventures of the Fantasy Queen” double-exposed the character materials of the frog “Moe” army’s last battle

Produced by Jilin Jidong Yushuo Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Jilin Animation Institute and Jilin Jidong Culture and Art Group Co., Ltd., the fourth part of the original 3D animation film IP “Frog Kingdom” series “Frog Kingdom: The Adventures of the Fantasy Queen” Recently, 4 groups of character relationship posters and the “Frog and Mouse Showdown” version of the plot preview have been released. The main characters such as Princess Geek, Raindrop, Master Mouse and new characters King Mole and Dr. Mole have all appeared. What kind of joy will they have? reaction? The two armies of the Frog and Rat Kingdom are facing each other, and the war is about to break out. What will be the fate of Jike, who has just become the queen, and the friends of the Frog Clan? With a high-burning super strong look and feel, and layers of adventures, fans who love the “Frog Kingdom” series are really blessed.

Queen Jike sets out to protect the homeland with the Knights

According to reports, the movie “Fantasy Queen’s Adventures in the Frog Kingdom” mainly tells that Princess Jike of the Frog Kingdom is about to be crowned king. At the same time, the Mole Kingdom is attacked by sewage and faces survival difficulties. Bewitched by the careerist Dr. Mole, the Mole King decided to attack the Frog Kingdom to seize the water source… The appearance of the Mole tribe destroyed her coronation ceremony, and a sewage caused a dispute between the two countries, so Jike led the Frog Knight Corps to fight together Fight hard to defend your homeland. If you want to wear the crown, you have to bear the burden. Jike’s road to becoming king is full of difficulties. She will never admit defeat in the face of defeat on the battlefield. She uses her wisdom to successfully reverse the situation. The path of transformation from an innocent princess to an independent and self-reliant queen.

Frog and bee team up with strong assists and take on the role of father and son’s cute face

Raindrop, the “strongest brain” in the Frog Kingdom, and the clever little bee formed the best think tank together. They played an indispensable role in the battle between frogs and mice and became a powerful assist for Queen Jik. They not only solved the sewage problem that had plagued the two races for a long time by surprise, but also successfully rescued the army of crazy frogs that were eroded by the sewage. Raindrop and Bee are good friends. They work together tacitly and have the same goal. They love peace and protect the environment. They are the strongest support for the Frog Kingdom. The flowers surrounding the raindrops and bees in the poster have a mysterious role in the movie. “Ji Shiyu CP”, who is both a bickering friend and a life-and-death partner, has upgraded their friendship this time. Although they usually hurt each other, they will never leave at critical moments. They can be absolutely trusted. Fighting side by side with the raindrops, fighting wits and courage with the mole.

With a cute expression and a furry appearance, the cute face of “Fantasy Queen Adventures” must be a mouse! In the poster, the groundhog father and son stared forward with laughter, surrounded by all kinds of dried fruits, and the image of foodies appeared vividly on the poster. The jijigugu mouse language is an encrypted conversation between Shushu father and son, which is full of magic and makes people laugh. The interaction between father and son is full of love and harmony. Master Shu loves peace and has been working hard to avoid wars and maintain peace between the two countries. He is not only a peace messenger connecting the two countries, but also a life mentor for Jike. His wise words inspired Jike and helped her find the source of pollution. Reverse the trend at the key point of the battle between frogs and mice!

The villain alliance of the mole kingdom staged a shocking performance of technology and hard work

A new race of moles joins the worldview of the Frog Kingdom and becomes a highlight of this film. The science geek Dr. Mole and the power king Mole King join forces to form the villain alliance of “Fantasy Queen Adventures”. In the poster, the ambitious Dr. Mole controls the army of crazy frogs, implying his dominant position in the war. The Mole King bears the brunt and leads the army to the front. The brave and combative Mole King is the strength of the film. His large physique and terrifying image form a strong contrast with his simple personality. The novel technological equipment on Dr. Mole stimulates the curiosity of children.

“Fantasy Queen’s Adventure” has changed from the cool and bloody style of the previous one to a natural fantasy style, and added epic fighting scenes. The shocking scene of the battle between frogs and mice reflects the top special effects technology of Jilin Animation Institute. Teachers and students Team up for a sophisticated visual. The images in the animation are small animals in nature, and the scenes, accessories, props, etc. are also full of natural style and childlike innocence. The natural and wonderful settings and vivid and interesting stories can not only satisfy children’s exploration of nature , and can convey correct values ​​to them, so that children can establish the awareness of protecting the environment and ecological homes from an early age, and understand the truth of caring for animals and cherishing resources.

“The Adventures of the Fantasy Queen in the Frog Kingdom” is produced by Jilin Jidong Yushuo Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Jilin Animation Institute and Jilin Jidong Culture and Art Group Co., Ltd. It is the fourth IP series of the family animation film “Frog Kingdom” Film. The movie will officially land on theaters across the country on April 1, and watch the Queen of Jik lead the army of frogs to ride the wind and waves!

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