VICUTU’s 2024 autumn and winter new products preview, revealing the four highlights of the new season’s formal wear king


On March 8, the VICUTU 2024 Autumn and Winter new product preview event, “Sparkling at thirty and coming out of the kiln,” was successfully held in Hengshui, Hebei. In this preview, VICUTU inherits the ingenuity of the king of formal wear, draws inspiration from Central Plains Jun porcelain and pottery that highlight the Central Plains farming culture, and combines it with the lifestyle of enterprising elite men to expand the new form of formal wear in contemporary life. As the prelude to the 30th anniversary ceremony of the VICUTU brand, the preview meeting also opened the Hebei Gray Garment Creative Industrial Park, the largest clothing intelligent manufacturing base in North China, to the media and VIP users for the first time, showing the glorious history of the past 30 years and starting to build a world-class clothing store. The men’s clothing group’s new path forward.

“Thirty and shine with all the colors” VICUTU 2024 Autumn and Winter New Product Preview Conference

  The king of formal wear has many highlights

Highlight 1: Central Plains porcelain, praising the beauty of Chinese costumes

Continuing to draw inspiration from the treasure house of Chinese culture, VICUTU’s fashion language has been repeatedly tempered and collided in inheritance and innovation, forming a unique design connotation. VICUTU’s new autumn and winter men’s wear products for 2024 focus on the Jun porcelain that “enters the kiln in one color and comes out of the kiln in various colors”. Its unique textures and colors are transformed into colorful pictures on the fabric, allowing oriental beauty and contemporary clothing to infiltrate each other, interpreting the kiln’s myriad colors. The style and power of color are combined with artistic color matching to create relaxed and casual outfits, adding fashionable fun to winter outfits.

VICUTU 2024 autumn and winter new kiln body transformation theme series

Highlight 2: Formal perspective, creating an elegant full scene look

As the king of suits, VICUTU is well versed in the philosophy of formal dressing, extending the unified aesthetic style to multi-dimensional scenes to meet the needs of fashionable elite men to switch freely between work and life. Among the new products in the 2024 autumn and winter series, VICUTU uses a formal perspective to create elegant and comfortable looks for all scenes. The RED VICUTU formal wear series embodies the old-money-quiet luxury style with simple fashion, fashionable accents, quiet luxury texture, exquisite fabrics, relaxed tailoring, and smooth silhouettes, creating the “CLEAN-FIT” quiet luxury series.

RED VICUTU 2024 autumn and winter new product CLEAN-FIT” quiet luxury series

VICUTU’s FOCUS series uses neat cuts and styles to create outfits for business, travel, skiing and other scenes. While using black technology fabrics to ensure functionality, it integrates unique design language into men’s life scenes to show the confident aura of the protagonist. .

VICUTU 2024 autumn and winter new product FOCUS ski series integrated with black technology

Highlight 3: Self-developed fabrics to create a unique wearing experience

VICUTU has always been committed to creating quality clothing with ingenuity and responsibility. While selecting high-quality fabric partners around the world, VICUTU always insists on self-developed fabrics: King Cashmere selects hairless cashmere that is more precious than diamonds to create a comfortable and extraordinary wearing experience; it combines traditional mulberry silk jacquard and modern digital printing fabrics The creative combination of weaving technology not only integrates tradition and modernity, but also ensures a softer and more comfortable wearing experience.

New autumn and winter product series showing tradition and modernity

Highlight 4: Cooperation between enterprises and schools makes sustainable development go further

Amid the clamor for sustainability in the fashion industry, VICUTU actively fulfills its responsibilities and continues to explore how to shape a sustainable modern fashion business environment. Currently, VICUTU is working with the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to conduct special research on two topics: systematic innovation research and sustainable innovation research and development of knitted garments, aiming to reduce the damage to soil and environment from the source of fabrics, and use creativity to empower idle products at the end of the manufacturing process. Fabrics have a second life. In addition, from the Classic of Mountains and Seas series, the Kuafu Chasing the Sun series, the Relics of Mountains and Seas series to the Collected Relics series, VICUTU has launched capsule series with the theme of Chinese traditional culture for many consecutive seasons, and in this way, it protects and inherits China’s intangible cultural heritage. It is VICUTU’s inner voice to nurture and start from the local area and lead the Chinese clothing industry to bloom gloriously in the world.

RED VICUTU 2024 autumn and winter new product collection capsule series

  Industrial foundation builds intelligent future

According to Cai Changxian, founder of the VICUTU brand and chairman of Beijing Gray Fashion Group, the confidence that has built the brand for thirty years stems from the magic weapon for effective communication with consumers – the product concept of “Four Respects”: respect for raw materials, respect for design, Respect technology and production. The realization of the “Four Respects” lies in the source of brand intelligence – VICUTU Intelligent Production Center in Hebei Gray Garment Creative Industrial Park. At this preview meeting, VICUTU invited industry media for an on-site visit for the first time.

VICUTU Intelligent Production Center Hebei Gray Garment Creative Industrial Park exterior view

The industrial park has a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, introduced the world’s advanced production equipment and computerized clothing-specific systems, and built a clothing production line whose “technological content, operation precision and efficiency” far exceed the average level of the domestic garment industry, with an annual output of up to 1.3 million sets. . In addition to a highly intelligent production system, VICUTU has also established an enterprise data management platform to achieve seamless connection between production and supply chain, business and finance. The introduction of the MTM (Made To Measure) advanced customization system has helped VICUTU realize the mutual cooperation between terminal stores, surface material suppliers, production technology and customization workshops. Through the automatic capture, automatic change and typesetting of templates, the automatic drawing and file Generate and intelligently meet the customized needs of “one person, one version”. Currently, the database has accumulated hundreds of thousands of suit models and Chinese body data samples.

Intelligent cutting is being completed in the VICUTU intelligent production center workshop

  Thirty and ready to go

For thirty years as a brand, VICUTU has led the market with its extraordinary product power in the formal wear field. From the age of thirty, VICUTU aims to build a world-class men’s clothing group and lead Chinese men’s clothing to the world. It is reported that VICUTU will join hands with the Beijing International Film Festival to usher in the 30th anniversary brand ceremony and the Beijing International Film Festival Light and Shadow Fashion Show in April, and officially kick off the brand strategic upgrade.

In the view of Yue Feng, General Manager of VICUTU Brand Center, VICUTU is bound to carry the banner of “cultural confidence, industrial upgrading, and consumption revitalization”, and based on the accumulation of the past 30 years, strive to become high-end, high-quality, and international. Tempering changes will promote the high-end ice-breaking and upward upgrade of Chinese clothing.


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