Five Dimensions brings cell technology from the laboratory to the dressing table to bring high-efficiency anti-aging power


Flowers will bloom again, and people will never be young again.

Aging is our common enemy;

Anti-aging is an eternal topic for mankind.

In recent years, cell technology has continued to break through the circle,

It has also been widely used in the field of anti-aging.

Five Dimensions of time and space emerge from the stem cell laboratory,

Bringing vitality and beautiful technology,

From the cellular level, we fight against aging for you.

  Deciphering the secrets of aging

Human cells are undergoing a large amount of renewal all the time, but as we age, the rate of cell aging is gradually faster than the rate of renewal, differentiation and reproduction. Wrinkles begin to appear on the skin, collagen is gradually lost, and the skin resists the outside world. The ability to stimulate is getting weaker and weaker, and behaviors such as computer blue light, ultraviolet rays, and frequent staying up late will make the skin worse.

It can be seen that the essence of skin aging is the decline of cell vitality. Only when the cells are plump and energetic can the skin remain young.

  Anti-aging starts at the cellular level

With the widespread application of cell technology, more and more biological companies have begun to get involved in the field of skin care, bringing more scientific and efficient comprehensive solutions, including Five Dimensions.

Five Dimensions is a brand of the International Joint Stem Cell Research Center INCOSC. In terms of cellular skin care, it has various patented technologies from extraction, storage to application.

Since its establishment, the R&D team led by scientists has begun to provide clinical-grade stem cell preparation technology and cell clinical preparations to professional beauty hospitals and dermatology departments, providing customized autologous cell skin care services for women who value healthy skin care and love new technologies. , allowing them to experience the exclusive experience and rejuvenation surprise brought by cell technology.

  Cellular anti-aging enters the homes of ordinary people

In order to bring cellular skin care technology to more women, FiveDimensions continues to carry out technology research and development and formula innovation, overcoming difficulties such as difficulty in preserving active ingredients, diversified user needs, and simple usage methods, carefully designing formulas, and opening up a new world. This series of products contains unlimited cell technology energy. The laboratory of INCOSC International Stem Cell Research Center specializes in cutting-edge freeze-drying technology. Biotechnology is used to achieve the stable vitality of skin, allowing cellular skin care technology to move from the laboratory to the dressing table of thousands of households. .

FiveDimensions cellular skin care products add key animal umbilical cord extracts, which can activate the self-repair function of endogenous cells, maintain a healthy skin environment, improve cell proliferation, migration and cell vitality, promote skin metabolism, and help skin secretion Elastic fibrin, collagen and matrix proteins provide skin with more youthful support.

FiveDimensions hopes to use the power of cells to create skin health and beauty, bringing youthful radiance from the inside out. In response to the different needs of consumers, the brand will continue to conduct research and development and upgrades to product formulas, and will continue to launch new products in 2024, just to allow more people to enjoy the charm of cell service technology and let beauty defeat time.

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