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Cost-effective color lenses suitable for office workers, easy to use even for novices in the Qifuli Wilderness Story series

  In the workplace, the choice of colored pupils is not only a kind of personal decoration, but also the key to showing a professional and refined attitude. With the increasing popularity of colored lenses, it is not difficult to find that more and more people are wearing colored lenses, whether in meetings or business situations. They can not only improve our vision, enlarge and brighten our eyes, but also add a bright color to makeup, allowing people to stay fashionable and sophisticated in the busy workplace.

  For novices who are new to the workplace and busy office workers, naturalness and comfort are undoubtedly the primary considerations when choosing colored lenses. But who doesn’t want to have beautiful eyes while staying comfortable? If you want to get a comfortable wearing experience and good looks at the same time, why not try the Wilderness Story series of colored pupils launched by Qifuli at the beginning of this year. As the name suggests, this series is full of vitality and relaxation from the wilderness, and the upper eyelids are focused and refreshing. This series is divided into two seaming designs, pearl rings and fruit rings, with pearl embellishments, which are comfortable and effortless. Change beauty!Because of this, although this series has been launched not long ago, and there are only 6 monthly models in designs and colors, it has been deeply loved by young people, especially the working people who pursue comfort and appearance at the same time!

  Walnut brown, an eye-catching choice for newcomers in the workplace

  Listening to the name, you can feel a playful and lively atmosphere. This colored pupil is edged with dark brown delicate texture, adding a touch of depth and mystery to the eyes. The walnut brown in the inner circle gradually fades, making the eyes deeper, as if there are endless stories hidden. After applying it, it not only focuses the eyes but also expands the pupils, making the eyes more energetic. The orange-yellow highlight design is even more transparent and bright, like the rising sun, illuminating your career path.

  For newcomers to the workplace, this color lens is undoubtedly an excellent choice. It not only loses youthful vitality, but also shows your unique personality. In a busy workplace, it can bring your eyes into focus and make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are attending an important meeting or communicating with colleagues in daily life, walnut brown can make you face it more confidently and calmly.

  Thorn Brown, the mature and charming choice for career veterans

  A soft colored eyeglass, its design is inspired by the flexibility and tenacity of thorns. The low-saturation thorny pink-brown tone is both gentle and has a unique charm. The cute and pure high-light pupil design adds a touch of bright color to the eyes, which seems to contain endless wisdom and charm.

  This colored pupil can visually create the effect of shallow pupils, making the eyes deeper and more lively. Wearing thorn brown will not only make your eyes more charming, but also highlight your mature and stable temperament. In important business occasions, it can make your image more outstanding and become the center of attention.

  For veterans in the workplace, thorn brown colored pupils are undoubtedly an excellent choice to show their mature charm. It is gentle and discreet, allowing you to exude unique charm inadvertently. Whether it is negotiating with partners or communicating with subordinates, thorn brown can make you more confident and calm to deal with various occasions.

  Wheat Wave Brown, the exclusive charming eye for energetic professionals

  This colored pupil is highlighted by a rich halo of gold-pink pearls, adding a dazzling light to the eyes. The highly saturated black and gold contrasting color design makes the eyes look deep and gorgeous, as if it contains endless energy and charm.

  Wearing Mailang Brown is like injecting endless vitality and enthusiasm into your eyes. Whether you are busy at work or in your leisure time, it can keep you in top condition at all times and show your unique charm and confidence.

  Qifuli Wilderness Story series colorful pupils are not only unique in color design, but also put great effort into comfort, truly achieving the double standards of beauty and comfort.

  The diameter of this series of colored pupils reaches 14.2mm, and the base arc is 8.6mm. This design is not too exaggerated, but can appropriately enlarge the eyes, adding mystery and charm to the wearer. The 38% low water content design fully considers the comfort of long-term wearing. The low water content design can effectively reduce the lens’ absorption of moisture from the eyes and avoid eye discomfort due to dryness.

  In addition, the smooth multi-gradient design on the edge of the lens is also a highlight. This design not only makes the lenses fit the eyeballs more closely, reducing friction and discomfort, but also allows novices to easily master the skills of wearing and removing them. Without too much practice and exploration, you can easily control this color lens and show your unique charm.

  In general, Qi Fuli’s Wilderness Story series of colored pupils not only meet the needs of professionals for nature and comfort, but also demonstrate the brand’s pursuit of beauty in details. I believe that whether you are a newbie in the workplace or an experienced veteran, you can find the one that suits you in this series, allowing beauty and comfort to coexist and shine in the workplace.


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