Using “flowers” as a medium to accelerate the heating up of the consumer market

Using “flowers” as a medium to accelerate the heating up of the consumer market

Spring is warm, flowers are blooming, everything is recovering, and consumption is vigorous. Since the beginning of this year, our city has promoted the innovation of consumption patterns by issuing consumer vouchers, holding a series of themed activities, and introduced a number of measures to promote consumption, which effectively stimulated the vitality of consumption and promoted the rapid recovery and comprehensive recovery of the consumer market. Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, with the theme of “Traveling in Tianjin and Enjoying Consumption”, closely combined business and cultural tourism, focused on holding the 2023 “Spring Rebirth” Outing Consumption Month, and organized major business districts to use “flowers” as a medium to celebrate festivals. Build momentum, constantly innovate business models, create new consumption scenarios, and better attract citizens and tourists to come to consume and check in.

During the 32nd Tianjin Canal Peach Blossom Culture, Business and Tourism Festival, Hongqiao District will focus on holding a series of activities to promote consumption in the 2023 Peach Blossom Festival of “Peach Blossom Spring, Shopping in Hongqiao”, and extensively organize major supermarkets, hotels, and catering companies to participate , focusing on the four major sectors of tourism, shopping, entertainment, and food, highlighting the characteristic resources of Hongqiao consumption, and bringing a spring consumption feast to the citizens. Shopping centers such as Tianjin Lujiazui Center and Aqua City will extensively arrange beauty displays with peach blossom elements, creating peach blossom themed stages, peach blossom camping scenes, and peach blossom themed blocks, bringing consumers delicious food, listening to cross talk, watching performances, wearing Hanfu, and shooting videos , Appreciate the light show and other all-round experience.

Nankai District Water Park makes full use of the beautiful scenery of flowers in full bloom, and plans more than 50 special business, cultural and tourism activities throughout the year. In the near future, it will hold a series of flower appreciation activities of “Qinglong Lianchun Outing on the Green Water” to create the best viewing of plum blossoms, pear blossoms, peonies, and peonies The first Peony Cultural Festival will be held during the “May 1st” period. At the same time, various cultural fairs, agricultural product exhibitions, starlight night markets, e-sports festivals, cultural and creative markets, etc. will be held one after another. Focusing on outings and enjoying flowers, major shopping centers and catering companies around the water park have also taken advantage of the opportunity to launch a variety of market exhibitions, new spring clothes, discounted packages, etc. Luneng City Shopping Center will start a cultural and art season in April, focusing on music, Topics such as drama, art, and environmental protection present consumers with a variety of activities, and organize sports and leisure brands to launch promotions such as instant discounts on full purchases based on the theme of outings.

The other districts will also use the theme of flower appreciation to jointly start the beautiful spring time. Heping District will plan and launch a series of activities of “Jin Encountering Peace-Begonia Flower Festival”, which will include colorful flash mobs of national customs, praying for Begonias, cultural and creative markets, trendy snacks, as well as light shows in Minyuan Square after nightfall, There are novel formats such as crabapple flower-themed catering in the Five Avenues area, as well as many performances and exhibitions for citizens and tourists to watch. TEDA magnolia, crabapple, peony and peony in Binhai New Area, azaleas in Limutai, Jizhou District, cherry blossom avenue in Society Hill, Xiqing District, rapeseed flowers in Niuzhen Village, Wuqing District, etc. The beautiful picture scroll of spring in Jincheng.

Various commercial and trade distribution companies use “flowers” as a medium to carry out various promotional activities such as discounts, discounts, and full discounts. For example, Renheng Isetan in Nankai District joined hands with Modern Sky on March 18 with “cherry blossoms” as the main line Create a music-themed event “Yanlord Isetan & Modern Sky Cherry Blossom Music Party”; Hedong Wanda Plaza will hold the 2023 Spring Car Carnival from March 11th to 12th, including a variety of domestic new models and new energy vehicles. Multiple preferential benefits; Dongli Wanda Plaza will hold the national tide lantern temple fair from March 10th to 19th, and all kinds of special snacks, cultural and creative markets, and folk performances will be gathered at one stop; the fourth floor of Xiqingmeijiang Impression City will introduce the old wharf The performing arts space will bring Jinmen’s first immersive gourmet interactive drama “Old Wharf·Inside and Outside” from March 11.


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