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Novozymes Appeared at FIC2023 Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition, Helping the High-Quality Development of the Food and Health Industry

  Recently, the 26th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC 2023) was successfully held in Shanghai. Novozymes, a global leader in the field of bio-solutions, appeared at FIC with the theme of “Biotechnology unlocks new power for health and deliciousness”. As one of the important exhibitors participating in the exhibition for several consecutive years, Novozymes attended with its three major business departments, fully demonstrating the product application and innovation of biotechnology in the fields of food and beverage, agriculture and industry, and health, and at the same time cooperating with the industry The partners have held several important events, hoping to jointly empower the food industry with excellent products and technologies to help the food industry achieve sustainable growth and the high-quality development of the human health industry.

Figure 1: Novozymes participated in FIC 2023 with “Biotechnology Unlocks New Energy for Health and Deliciousness”

  At this FIC exhibition, Ester Baiget, the global president and CEO of Novozymes, came to the scene and communicated with partners. She said, “As an important part of the bio-economy, biotechnology is at the forefront of future technological development and will continue to empower and drive China’s innovation and development. It also plays an important role. We look forward to joining hands with more partners through this FIC exhibition to jointly explore and fully release the infinite potential of biological solutions, meet the needs of diversified consumption upgrades, and provide an important impetus for the sustainable growth of food and health companies power, empower the innovation and development of the industry, and build a green and beautiful life.”

Picture 2: Ester Baiget, Novozymes’ global president and CEO, attended the FIC 2023 exhibition

  At the scene, Novozymes held important celebrations with many partners. Mr. Soren Carlsen, Vice President of Novozymes Asia Pacific Operations, and Mr. Wang Xishan, Director and Deputy General Manager of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. Witnessed by many guests, the two sides wrote the “co-creation and win-win” message together. new chapter. With the gradual development of calligraphy works, a closer cooperative relationship will be opened. The two parties hope to join hands to accelerate innovation in the baking industry and share market opportunities. Finally, the guests celebrated with champagne and toasted to a better cooperation vision in the future. In addition, Mr. Cheng Xi’an, general manager of Novozymes Yikang, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ms. Chen Xi, general manager of Sanofi Consumer Health Pharmaceuticals China, on behalf of the company. The two parties will join hands in strategic cooperation to jointly promote technological innovation, production, sales and marketing of health products in China, provide consumers with better health and nutrition products, and help promote the vigorous development of the health industry.

  Figure 3: Novozymes and Angel Yeast wrote a new chapter of co-creation and win-win, and Novozymes and Sanofi signed a strategic cooperation agreement

  Chen Xiaohui, President of Novozymes Asia Pacific, mentioned, “With the proposal of China’s dual carbon targets and the public’s focus on quality life, we have seen a more sustainable and personalized trend of Chinese consumers’ food and health needs. In the future , Novozymes hopes to cooperate closely with more partners, give full play to its own product development capabilities and production R&D advantages, and provide more customized and localized solutions for the Chinese market.”

  Meet the upgrading of consumer demand and lead the upgrading of the food baking industry

  At the exhibition site, Novozymes booth presented innovations in the fields of baking, food and beverage, and upstream processing through three chapters of “Delicious Indulging in Health”. In terms of improving the taste and taste of food, Novozymes has launched a variety of biological solutions to enhance the flavor of food and release the original taste of food. Enzyme preparation products include meat protein extraction toolbox, broth, broth flavor, hot pot butter flavor enhancement, and monosodium glutamate substitution in soy sauce, etc., comprehensively help improve the taste and texture of food, and build a multi-dimensional flavor experience. In addition, adhering to the concept of localized innovation, Novozymes has specially created biological solutions for traditional Chinese pasta, helping to upgrade the taste and quality of Chinese staple food and dim sum. Novozymes enzyme products can further improve the taste and mouth-meltability of pasta such as steamed buns and noodles during the shelf life.

  In addition to delicious taste, the freshness of baked products has also become a key factor in attracting consumers. Novozymes has developed a freshness solution for Western-style bakery companies that keeps products fresh for a longer period of time, providing greater operational flexibility. Novozymes’ fresh-keeping enzyme Novamyl™ Boost for baking provides better initial elasticity for short-to-medium-term bread, keeping the bread as soft and elastic as when it was just out of the oven. Not only that, by using enzyme preparations, companies can easily shorten product labels, and keep products with good appearance, inner pulp structure, and moist and soft flavor while reducing or not using emulsifiers, helping to differentiate products upgrade.

  Figure 4: Novozymes showcases technological innovations in food and beverage baking and upstream processing to help create delicious and healthy products

  In the upstream of baked food processing, biotechnology not only helps industrial manufacturers and enterprises to achieve breakthroughs in the freshness of pastry, but also helps to upgrade a more efficient and easy-to-operate dough conditioning experience. According to Li Xiaohong, Director of Novozymes’ Food and Beverage Business in China, in the dough conditioning solution, Novozymes’ xylanase and other products can be used to make various bread and bakery products to improve the processability of dough and improve Dough handling properties, increase the volume of the finished product, improve the internal structure and gloss of the product.

  Under the global health trend and the “three reductions and three health” policy, food health has also become one of the hot topics at this exhibition. Taking the popular starchy food as an example, acrylamide may be produced during high-temperature baking and frying, which is a potential risk to health. Novozymes participated in the FIC this time, demonstrating a nutritionally balanced solution for high-calorie foods, taking into account the consumer demand for health and indulgence, and helping to improve the quality of life of the public. Novozymes launches Acrylaway, an all-natural solution®, effectively inhibit the formation of acrylamide, while ensuring the taste and appearance of the product. In addition, in the era of national sports, health products such as sports nutrition supplements have also received more and more attention. As an important raw material of sports nutrition products, polypeptide products have the characteristics of comprehensive nutrition, rapid absorption and unique characteristics. Novozymes has launched more customized high-quality solutions to help companies improve production efficiency, improve the taste of peptides, and seize growth opportunities.

  From farm to table, empowering food production for sustainable development

  This time, FIC builds a communication platform for the upstream and downstream of food industry processing, promotes technical exchanges and cooperation, and realizes innovative development. In the upstream of the food production chain—in the field of grain processing, Novozymes introduced to the audience how biotechnology can help grain production to be greener, more efficient, and more productive. Novozymes Frontia®Gator wet milling enzymes can improve separation efficiency, improve corn wet milling efficiency and environmental benefits. During this process, the cellulase and hemicellulase contained in it help to open the corn fiber structure and release more starch, protein and water from the fiber. Ye Xiaofeng, Vice President of Novozymes Asia Pacific Agricultural and Industrial Bio-Solutions, said that in all aspects of grain processing and production, including liquefaction, saccharification, isomerization, etc., Novozymes has developed a variety of bio-solution products and is committed to helping Manufacturers improve efficiency, reduce costs, help reduce carbon emissions, and achieve green and sustainable production.

Figure 5: Novozymes’ innovative bio-solutions for grain and oil processing make agricultural production more sustainable

  In oil production, on the one hand, Novozymes continues to develop and innovate biological solutions related to edible oil products to meet the oil needs of consumers; on the other hand, it also empowers oil manufacturers to achieve high yield, low consumption and low pollution Boost the development of the industry. For consumers, trans fatty acids commonly found in oils used in bakery products, if consumed too much, will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is not conducive to healthy enjoyment of life. Through enzymatic transesterification, manufacturers can produce vegetable oils without trans fatty acids, providing consumers with new healthy choices. For oil manufacturers, Novozymes’ Quara®Boost can be used for enzymatic hydration degumming of edible oils, helping manufacturers obtain higher oil yields, reduce by-products, and obtain higher profits without producing free fatty acids, reducing production costs and increasing efficiency.

  Help create a healthy and beautiful life with probiotic solutions

  At present, with the further improvement of consumers’ attention and demand for health, the field of health and functional food is ushering in new development opportunities. Novozymes OneHealth participated in FIC this time, showing solutions in five major areas including intestinal health, emotional health, immune health, metabolic health and oral health, helping consumers cope with the health challenges brought about by modern lifestyles. In terms of gastrointestinal health, Novozymes OneHealth launched Pylopass®(Lactobacillus reuteri DSM17648), helps reduce the number of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach. BifFit™ Bifidobacterium longum 35624 can relieve intestinal discomfort such as abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea, thereby improving the quality of life. In the field of oral health protection, Novozymes OneHealth has developed a solution combining enzyme preparations and plant extracts – Biofresh®4+. The product effectively neutralizes odor-causing compounds in the mouth to provide up to four hours of fresh breath, helping consumers resolve the embarrassing problem of fresh breath.

  Figure 6: Novozymes OneHealth presents a variety of probiotic raw materials and product technologies to help the development of the big health industry

  In addition, the booth also introduced ProbioBrain™ strains and Smartguard®The solutions of bacterial strains in the fields of regulating emotions, promoting sleep and protecting against heavy metal hazards meet the needs of more segmented consumer markets and promote the further development of the big health industry. According to reports, the ProbioBrain™ strain comes from a healthy human body and exerts a two-way communication mechanism between the gut and the brain, thus having a positive impact on the stress coping mechanism in life. And Smartguard®The strain is naturally mild and can quickly absorb lead ions in a short period of time, reducing the lead content in blood and organs. Cheng Xi’an, general manager of Novozymes Yikang China, said that in the future, more and better probiotic products will be continuously introduced to promote the prosperity and healthy development of China’s probiotics market and help the people’s healthy living standards continue to improve.

  As a global leader in the field of biological solutions, Novozymes has been committed to improving the production efficiency of the food industry while protecting the earth’s resources. Under the guidance of the strategy of “Biotechnology Unlocks New Growth Drivers”, Novozymes combines cutting-edge biotechnology, automation and digital technology with local insights, and uses the power of biotechnology to continuously introduce innovative solutions to meet the growing needs of consumers. demand, and unlock new drivers of growth for customers and partners. At the same time, Novozymes is also actively fulfilling its commitment to promote the reform of the food system to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality and a healthy future, and to empower the green innovation and development of China’s health and food nutrition industry, and continue to contribute the power of biotechnology.

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