Proya Ruby Lotion 2.0 is launched to solve your skin troubles during changing seasons

Proya Ruby Lotion 2.0 is launched to solve your skin troubles during changing seasons

As the first step in the skin care process, the effect of water emulsion is very important, especially in the sensitive skin period of winter and spring. During this season change, the skin is often prone to lack of water. If it is not allowed to “drink enough water”, it is prone to dryness, peeling, and in severe cases, the cheeks will become red. In order to solve everyone’s skin troubles in changing seasons, the “hydrating savior” Proya Ruby Lotion 2.0 has been officially launched recently. It can not only keep the skin moist and firm for a long time, but also have oil control, skin brightening, anti-oxidation and other effects! It can be called “anti-aging grade” moisturizing artifact.

In order to improve the moisturizing effect, Proya Ruby Water Emulsion 2.0 has added glycerin glucoside, which has the effects of instant hydration and improving skin moisturizing ability. Its effect is significantly better than that of glycerin. and other expressions, and at the same time, it can recharge the body and strengthen the skin barrier.

In addition, Proya Ruby Water Emulsion 2.0 has added full-spectrum hyaluronic acid and sodium polyglutamate to further enhance the moisturizing effect. Among them, full-spectrum hyaluronic acid can imitate the process of gradual regulation of the skin’s own cells, and it will adjust accordingly according to the different skin conditions, solve the corresponding problems of the skin, realize a dynamic balance, care for the skin in an all-round way, and maintain skin health; Jugu Sodium amino acid (PGA) can inhibit the activity of hyaluronidase, prevent the degradation of hyaluronic acid, cooperate with hyaluronic acid (HA) to quickly improve the skin’s moisturizing effect, and at the same time promote the production of filaggrin and strengthen the skin barrier .

In terms of anti-oxidation, Proya Ruby Emulsion 2.0 adds ergothioneine to slow down the generation of various free radicals, activate anti-oxidation genes, and chelate various divalent metal cations to achieve efficient anti-oxidation effects and enhance the body’s anti-oxidation. Oxygen capacity; and the antioxidant capacity of ergothioneine is better than idebenne & coenzyme Q10 to a certain extent, which is a better choice for antioxidant.

In addition, Proya Ruby Emulsion 2.0 also added two ace ingredients of nonapeptide-1 and panthenol. The former can competitively inhibit a-MSH and become the “natural binder” of MC1-R receptors, preventing further activation of tyrosinase; while panthenol-provitamin B5 can be converted into pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) works to help synthesize acetyl coenzyme A, stimulate cell energy, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Acetyl coenzyme A also participates in the synthesis of fatty acids and sphingolipids, maintains the integrity of the stratum corneum, repairs and stabilizes the skin barrier, and reduces skin moisture loss.

All in all, only when the foundation is laid, can the “tall buildings” be built. If you have a higher pursuit of skin condition, in addition to using Proya Ruby Water Emulsion 2.0, Proya Ruby series eye cream, face cream, essence and other skin care products with different functions can be used together, which will increase the effect of skin care.

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