Unanimous comments from light bus owners: 2023 Ford Transit is worth buying

Unanimous comments from light bus owners: 2023 Ford Transit is worth buying

In the past, light passenger users’ demand for vehicles was mainly based on practicality. With the change of the use environment, light passenger users have increased requirements for comfort in addition to practicality. As a leading brand in the light passenger industry, JMC light passenger is customer-centric, digs deep into customer needs, and launches the all-round light passenger of Yishang IKEA – 2023 Ford Transit.

Since the start of the pre-sale event, this new car has attracted countless attentions. Not only has it swiped the screen on Moments and social platforms, it has aroused heated discussions and is popular all over the Internet! And offline, it also attracts new and old car owners from all walks of life to enter the store for a test drive experience. “Fuel-efficient, easy to drive, comfortable, and beautiful” is their unanimous evaluation of the 2023 Ford Transit.

Diesel 9AT gearbox, sensitive and easy to drive

AT transmission is the most mature and widely used automatic transmission. The 9AT has 9 gears. Generally speaking, the more gears the gearbox has, the smoother the control and better fuel economy. Transmission giant ZF once said that the current 9-speed automatic transmission is the best product. Throughout the automobile market, 9AT is more common in mid-to-high-end passenger models, and the 2023 Ford Transit is the first application in light passenger products.

The 2023 Ford Transit is equipped with a 9AT gearbox, which is light in weight, excellent in speed ratio, high in efficiency, and smooth in shifting. It cooperates with the Ford PUMA 2.0T diesel engine to ensure high torque output and low fuel consumption. Advantages, help users save costs while bringing a comfortable and convenient driving experience like a passenger car.

(9AT+Ford PUMA 2.0T diesel engine)

Guangzhou Afan: “Diesel 9AT gearbox, the right hand is relaxed and the left foot is also released, and it is almost ignored when the D gear is engaged, unless climbing some gentle slopes, or pulling some heavy goods, you need to use the L gear and just lighten the gear. Pull it slightly to the back, and the L gear becomes a low gear. After climbing the slope, you need to change back to the D gear, and then pull the gear back, and it becomes the D gear again, so it is very sensitive and user-friendly. Parking is also very easy It’s simple, just press the electronic handbrake, and then press the P gear to get out of the car. I have to work hard to make money, and when I earn money, I have to take him back in the same car.”

The shopkeeper’s bed car: “Just buy a diesel automatic transmission. This time, you can drive the long-distance daughter-in-law, and the shopkeeper can also take a rest.” Modification expert Chuang Ge: “The engine of the 2023 Ford Transit is the same as the old model. With the 9AT, the ride comfort is very good, and the first and second gears are switched very smoothly; the noise reduction is very good in diesel cars, and I like this car very much.”

An Jiu, the RV lady: “My car is a gasoline automatic. I thought it was fuel-efficient. The upgraded model (23 Ford Transit) actually has a more fuel-efficient diesel automatic.”

12.3-inch dual screen, big and easy to use

When it comes to the integrated Dalian screen, it is a relatively trendy design in passenger cars, and it is common in mid-to-high-end passenger models. As the No. 1 light passenger brand, Jiangling Light Vehicle also applies this trendy design to the 2023 Ford Transit, which is the first in the light passenger industry.

The 12.3-inch LCD dual-screen used in the 2023 Ford Transit is very conspicuous. The LCD screen in the central control area is very large, and the various programs are arranged in a spacious way. It is not easy for users to press mistakes when operating manually. The large screen size brings superb visual effects, and the clear field of view is easy to view. On the way to use the car, the user can also switch between various programs by voice, ensuring driving safety. The pre-sale price of this new car starts from 139,800 yuan. With such a configuration, it is really difficult for people to refuse it. No wonder it has attracted many new and old customers to enter the store to experience it.

Ms. An Jiu from the RV: “The RV I’m driving now, I bought a display screen to replace it when I refitted it. This car (23 Ford Transit) comes with a 12.3-inch integrated dual screen. Such a big screen, Not only does it look good, but it’s also very easy to use. If you want to check which function, you can open it with a single tap. It’s not easy to press the wrong button, and the operation is very sensitive. This temptation is too great!”

Newly designed exterior and interior, beautiful and comfortable

The appearance and interior design of the 2023 Ford Transit are also eye-catching. The appearance of the new car is three-dimensional, and the humanized details make the whole car have a strong aura, which makes it look good when driving. The interior is a good balance between practicality and sense of technology, and at the same time, the workmanship and materials are at a decent level in the same class. The interior of the car is spacious, the seat is comfortable and soft, and the wrapping is good. The backrest of the co-driver can be adjusted independently, which is very user-friendly.

Camping veteran Pao Sha: “The black is too handsome, the air intake grille is quite textured, the whole series is equipped with handsome LED headlights and C-shaped daytime running lights as standard, and the LED taillights are so handsome. The blackening effect is amazing! The appearance is very high, definitely high.”

An Jiu, a young lady in the RV: “I always forget to turn on the lights at night, so I often run around in the dark. The new car has automatic headlights. I usually put my mobile phone on the dashboard for navigation. The new car is also designed to install a mobile phone holder The place.”

The shopkeeper bed car: “The co-driver can seat 2 people, and the backrests of each seat can be adjusted individually. If you lie on the back, this old waist is too comfortable! The rear compartment of this car is quite large, and it can be changed to a 1.7mx2.1m big bed .”

Brother Chuang, a refit expert, said: “I am a die-hard fan of JMC Transit. Every time they release a new product, I will buy one. This car (23 Ford Transit) is so beautiful. I already want to have such a big rear compartment. How to modify it.”

No matter what kind of car owners they are in, as long as they have test-driven and experienced 23 Ford Transits, they have given unanimous praise. Today, this new car is in hot pre-sale, the pre-sale price starts from 139,800 yuan, and consumers who want it can place an order. Immediately place an order to enjoy 5 major car purchase rights, including “1,000 to 3,000 car purchase discount, 4,600 yuan replacement discount or financial discount, and powertrain lifetime warranty”, and the surprises are endless. Interested consumers can call the JMC Ford commercial vehicle hotline for inquiries, enter JMC official website for inquiries, or search the “JMC Ford Commercial Vehicle Mall” applet for more pre-sale information.


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