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“Trust and trust come from Tiankai”, Northern Trust and Tiankai Development Group signed a “Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement”!Tianjin’s first intellectual property trust was released simultaneously

“Trust and trust come from Tiankai”, Northern Trust and Tiankai Development Group signed a “Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement”!Tianjin’s first intellectual property trust was released simultaneously

On September 7, Northern Trust and Tiankai Development Group signed a “Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement” in Tiankai Park. At the same time, Tianjin’s first intellectual property trust product “Northern Trust Rishin Tiangong Kaiwu Intellectual Property Service Trust” was officially released.


Yang Chuansheng, member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Tianjin State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, said that the high-standard planning and construction of Tiankai Higher Education Science and Innovation Park is an important measure for the municipal party committee and municipal government to implement the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and implement the “Ten Actions”. Since Tiankai Park officially “launched” on May 18, after more than a hundred days of construction, it has become a new fertile ground for innovation and entrepreneurship in Tianjin and the realization of dreams. Northern Trust actively responds to the “Ten Actions” and the high-standard planning and construction of Tiankai Park, deepens transformation, continues to innovate, uses its own advantages and characteristics to actively study and formulate specific measures to serve the park, and innovatively launches intellectual property trust products, demonstrating the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise. and the nature of trust.

Zhang Xueying, Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of Tianjin Science and Technology Innovation Center and Chairman of Tiankai Development Group, said that Tiankai Group, as the operating platform company of Tiankai Park, signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Northern Trust to jointly explore innovative service models such as intellectual property trust. The next step will be to carry out in-depth cooperation and exchanges in promoting investment and talent attraction in the park and expanding the gathering of financial institutions, so as to promote more high-quality projects to settle in Tiankai Park and continue to help Tiankai Park enterprises develop rapidly.

Han Lixin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Northern Trust, said that Northern Trust, as the only state-owned trust company in Tianjin, adheres to the functional positioning of being based in Tianjin and serving Tianjin, and serves the high-quality development of Tianjin’s real economy with the advantages of the trust system. Northern Trust has established strategic cooperation with Tiankai Development Group to further fulfill its mission as a local financial state-owned enterprise, comprehensively assist the construction and development of Tiankai Park, and contribute trust power in serving Tiankai Park and serving the “Ten Actions”.

Northern Trust focused on the patent achievement conversion income management service needs of the scientific research team of Professor Li Wei, the first group of Nankai University to settle in Tiankai Park, and innovatively launched the first intellectual property trust in Tianjin, “Northern Trust Rixin Tiangong Kaiwu Intellectual Property Service Trust”, to open up It has solved the “last mile” of the transformation of scientific research results and created a “trust model” for financial assistance in the construction of Tiankai Park.

Intellectual property rights are an important manifestation and carrier of scientific and technological innovation. In the process of accelerating the construction and transformation of an innovative country, intellectual property rights have increasingly become a key factor in determining the country’s core competitiveness. In the next step, Northern Trust’s intellectual property trust products will focus on the entire life cycle of intellectual property rights creation, transformation and application, rights protection, and intergenerational inheritance, giving full play to the institutional advantages of independent trust assets, risk isolation, security, stability, comprehensive flexibility, and providing knowledge Property rights operation custody, transaction execution, execution supervision, fund clearing, income distribution and other services help the transformation and application of intellectual property rights and build a new model to serve Tianjin’s scientific and technological innovation and development.

At the launch ceremony, Huang He, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Northern Trust, and Li Wei, deputy director of the Science and Technology Research Department of Nankai University and professor, jointly unveiled the Intellectual Property Trust Service Office of Northern Trust.

Northern Trust also cooperates with Bainiao Zongheng Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., Dakehaosi (Tianjin) Finance and Taxation Consulting Co., Ltd., Tianda Zhitu (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Shiguang Quanwei Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Chlorine Home Five companies settled in Tiankai Park, including Biotechnology Co., Ltd., signed cooperation intentions.

In the future, Northern Trust will closely focus on Tiankai Park’s functional positioning of “a source of scientific and technological innovation, an incubator for scientific research achievements, and a scientific and technological innovation service ecosystem”, continue to enrich its business models, continue to promote innovation and exploration of intellectual property trusts, and realize the integration of intellectual property fields and trust services. In-depth integration will help the innovative development of Tiankai Park, allowing “trust” and “science and technology” to move in the same direction, empower each other, and create a smart future!

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