To promote industrial digital transformation, Kyber releases four major platforms and application solutions

To promote industrial digital transformation, Kyber releases four major platforms and application solutions

At about 15:00 on March 3, Shanghai Kaibo Cloud Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaibo) “Technology, Create the Future” product launch conference was grandly held at the IBP International Conference Center in Changning District, Shanghai. Leaders of District Xinjing Town, District Commerce Committee, Science and Technology Commission, Investment Promotion Office leaders, representatives of industry associations, representatives of major media, representatives of investment institutions, and guests from domestic and overseas partners of CABO attended the event and witnessed the domestic high-end core The debut of industrial software.

At the press conference, Wang Shanqian, chairman of Kaibo, gave an opening speech. He said: “Kaibo chooses to make standardized products that can be represented by the country’s needs and the trend. Although the road is not easy, we are confident and capable of developing better and easier domestic industrial software to help the industry. “

The four major product platforms unveiled at this conference, Kyber MOM/CIM intelligent manufacturing management and operation platform, Kyber IIoT industrial Internet of Things platform, Kyber Designer co-work development platform, and Kyber ESG dual-carbon management platform, were released by Kaibo CTO Zhang Zhichao. He first explained to everyone the core concepts of the design of the KAIBO platform products that are stable, flexible, efficient, open, and easy to maintain. Followed by the 6 core advantages of the Kaibo intelligent manufacturing operation management platform (micro-service elastic system architecture, open and consistent development platform, easy integration of general interface systems, low-code secondary development environment, building block core system framework, Out-of-the-box operation management platform) respectively introduces the four major platform products.

The product application solutions for the three major industries of semiconductor, PCB and new energy were released by Brandon Lee, general manager of Kaibo Singapore. The 4 major platform products of Kaibo build a “traceable, intelligent, and scene-based digital overall solution”. He explained the application of platform products on six digital projects in semiconductor, PCB, and new energy manufacturing.

In the second half of the press conference, Kaibo signed strategic cooperation agreements with Tencent Cloud and China Resources Digital Technology on “Industrial Internet of Things and Digital Factory Construction” to carry out in-depth cooperation at the industrial level. At the end of the event, the signing ceremony of the first batch of global product agents of KIBO was held.

At present, the wave of digital transformation is sweeping the world. More and more industrial enterprises are promoting the digital transformation of key links such as research and development, production, service, operation, and decision-making through the deepening application of digital technology. Among them, industrial software is an important basis for digital transformation and core support.

Platformization and ecology are the requirements for the survival and development of enterprises in the trend of the digital age, and require enterprise service providers to co-create and collaborate more closely. Based on platform technology, application architecture, scene services, and ecosystem construction, the digital development of enterprises will go deeper into business and management services, and the in-depth application of digitalization in subdivided industries will become more and more important. This will also become the next step for software service providers. Key directions for innovation breakthroughs.

In the complex international environment, the government continues to increase policy support, and the process of domestic substitution of high-end core industrial software is rapidly accelerating. As a member of the company, Kaibo will continue to give full play to its own advantages, enrich the product line of industrial software, and expand the scope of industry expansion . “Creating the future with technology” awakens the original force of intelligent manufacturing and helps the development of intelligent manufacturing.

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