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Explore the way of wisdom together!Hisense Commercial Display Products Tasting Conference is in full swing

Explore the way of wisdom together!Hisense Commercial Display Products Tasting Conference is in full swing

On a warm and windy day, everything recovers. Recently, Hisense commercial display product tasting activities with the theme of “Big Vision and Great Wisdom” have successively landed in Guangzhou, Tianjin, Yantai and other cities, and gathered with many partners to appreciate the charm of Hisense commercial display wisdom “black technology” .

  The “black technology” products in the deep empowerment scene are well received

The theme of the tasting meeting is “Big Vision and Great Wisdom”, which not only shows Hisense’s confidence and determination to deepen the “Big Display” strategy, but also represents Hisense’s commercial display’s bright vision to empower commercial scenarios with smart display products. At the event site, Hisense Commercial Display exhibited products including Hisense Vision Hub smart tablet, Hisense LED all-in-one machine, etc. The guests present experienced “black technology” functions including teleconferencing, whiteboard writing, conference noise filtering, etc. The diversified products are The guests at the scene brought a new experience.

Today, telecommuting has become a mainstream office trend, and more and more companies look forward to using smart office products to improve the efficiency of group collaboration and communication. Undoubtedly, this also puts forward higher requirements for the ease of use and collaboration of smart office products. The smart office products represented by Hisense Vision Hub smart tablet and Hisense LED all-in-one machine provide enterprises with professional and stable remote audio and video conferences and excellent local Collaboration experience and rich and easy-to-use user-friendly office tools greatly improve office efficiency and release organizational productivity.

  Vision’s strategic interpretation boosts the confidence of partners

At the tasting meeting, the person in charge of Hisense Commercial Display explained and shared the Vision strategy, and invited partners from various industries to taste the new product lineup. Combined with the on-site product display, partners and audiences have a deeper understanding of Hisense Commercial Display’s “big display” products, and are full of confidence in the layout of Hisense’s “big display” products.

At the Tianjin station of the product tasting meeting, a dealer partner said, “At the Qatar World Cup that ended some time ago, Hisense played a resounding slogan of ‘China No. 1 in the world’, which not only made Hisense brand famous It has been promoted all over the world, which has doubled the confidence of our partners. I hope that through the strong alliance with Hisense Commercial Display, we can jointly seize the blue ocean of smart office products and create a better future together.”

Prior to this, Hisense Commercial Display released a new “Vision” product strategy, and continued to develop three product lines of smart office, smart education, and smart display. In the field of smart office, centering on Hisense Smart Tablet, building efficient collaboration in the whole conference scene, launching large-size floating screen products——Hisense Vision Hub smart tablet flagship U series, and Hisense Vision Hub, the main meeting room upgrade inclusive choice Smart tablet professional P series; in the field of smart education, Hisense Vision Board smart blackboard, infrared all-in-one machine and other products empower the whole teaching stage, and promote the construction of education informatization; in the field of smart display, Hisense Vision X|Vision LED splicing screen is specially designed for large scenes However, Vision X| giant screen LED all-in-one machine is highly integrated with display, audio and video functions, leading the new standard of LED all-in-one machine.

At present, Hisense Commercial Display 2023 product tasting sessions are still being held across the country, bringing new smart experiences to more companies. In the future, Hisense Commercial Display will continue to deepen its refined layout, helping more and more companies enjoy the efficient collaboration brought by smart conferences, and step into a new era of digital office.

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