To celebrate International Women’s Day, China United Airlines successfully held the special event “Listen to her voice and walk with you”

To celebrate International Women’s Day, China United Airlines successfully held the special event “Listen to her voice and walk with you”

In the spring of March, the warm wind caresses gently. In this season full of vitality, we usher in the 113th International Women’s Day. All regions, brands, and companies have started festivals to pay tribute to women in different forms. On March 8th, at the China United Airlines check-in counter area on the third floor of the terminal building of Beijing Daxing Airport, there was a sea of ​​pink, filled with joy, and the festive atmosphere was set to the extreme. The scene of the special event of “Listen to Her Voice and Walk with You” co-organized.

At 10 a.m., accompanied by the melodious music of Guzheng, the event officially kicked off, and players dressed in Hanfu presented moving performances to the passengers. The soothing and melodious sound of the piano is refreshing, and it sounds like a spring breeze. When “music” meets “International Working Women’s Day”, the beautiful atmosphere of the festival is more intense. The male employees from China United Airlines held roses, together with gifts such as greeting cards with blessings, and gave them to the female passengers, sending them the most sincere greetings and blessings.

Storms and rainbows, sonorous roses, the new era is also “her era”. Women’s roles in different occasions such as family, workplace, and society are becoming more and more important, showing the “her power” of tenacity, independence, kindness, and self-confidence. At the event site, China United Airlines used the form of talking to women in front of the camera, listening to their voices from different angles, and spreading the positive energy of women. Welcome and wide participation.

Passenger Ms. Yang, as a lucky viewer, also received a limited edition blind box card gift box from China United Airlines. In an interview, Ms. Yang said that today’s Women’s Day is really a special memory, not only get flowers, gifts, but also listen to wonderful music while waiting for the plane, it is a very pleasant travel experience, thanks to China United Airlines arrange.

It is understood that China United Airlines is the first state-owned innovative economic airline company in China. At the moment when the civil aviation industry is recovering, it is constantly innovating service forms and establishing close ties with C-end customers with more market-competitive products and activities. Effectively enhance brand awareness and word of mouth.

“China United Airlines is a company with warmth, and it has always been committed to providing customers with sincere customer-centric services. For this special event on Women’s Day, we would like to pay tribute to every woman who yearns for a better life and loves life, and hopes that they will write The wonderful stories that belong to you, bloom with the unique wisdom and brilliance of women.” The relevant person in charge of China United Airlines said.

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