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On March 8, 2023, Xingji Meizu Group, which was formed by the fusion of Xingji Times and Meizu Technology, was officially announced in Wuhan, and Shen Ziyu became the chairman and CEO of the group. At the strategic communication meeting, Shen Ziyu announced the strategy of Xingji Meizu Group to create a multi-terminal, full-scenario, and immersive fusion experience for users. Shen Ziyu said that Xingji Meizu Group will integrate global technology crystallization and human resources, focus on full-link innovation of consumer electronics, open up the boundaries between mobile phones, cars and other smart devices, and realize the deep integration and integration of the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry. Super synergy, strive to become a unique global technology enterprise in the future. Shen Ziyu also revealed at the meeting that the Flyme Auto system, which has attracted much attention from users, has undergone final polishing under the highest standards.

At present, consumers’ demand for all-scenario intelligent connection solutions is becoming stronger and stronger, and technological innovation and ecological integration of the consumer electronics industry and the automotive industry are imperative. Apple’s new-generation Carplay in-vehicle interactive system will be launched by the end of this year, which can guarantee interaction with multiple screens in the car. In addition to the instrument panel and central control screen, it also supports the content display of the passenger entertainment screen. In terms of industry, Huawei Hongmeng cockpit brings smooth operation, intelligent voice assistant, convenient human-computer interaction and multi-terminal collaborative interconnection experience; Xiaomi CarWith integrates navigation, music, telephone and other functional applications to realize the integration of mobile phone and vehicle system. real-time interaction. And this time Xingji Meizu entered the game with the Flyme Auto system, or it will use its technical and strategic advantages to reduce dimensionality in this field.

It is understood that Meizu Technology has 20 years of experience in consumer electronics research and development and over 10 years of experience in operating system development. The Xingji era is committed to the research and development of advanced chips, smart terminals, and full-stack operating system technologies, breaking through the limitations of single products, and providing users with multi-terminal, full-scenario, and immersive fusion experiences. In July 2022, after Xingji Times and Meizu Technology reached a strategic investment agreement, the two parties have carried out in-depth collaboration in business and teams. Meizu Technology not only formed a team dedicated to the research and development of Flyme Auto, but also established a research and development center in Wuhan; at the same time, Meizu Technology and Star Age have also carried out in-depth integration in the planning and design of mobile phone products.

Shen Ziyu said that the newly established Xingji Meizu Group will integrate the advantages of both Xingji Era and Meizu Technology, actively invest in cutting-edge fields such as chip research and development, and focus on the entire range of consumer electronics around the organizational system of “mobile phone BU + XR BU + forward-looking technology”. Link innovation, covering smart phones, XR technology, self-developed operating system, chip research and development, satellite communications, wearable smart terminals, smart home, trendy life and other fields; relying on Flyme Auto vehicle-mounted human-computer interaction software, Xingji Meizu will actively Integrate into the global smart travel technology ecology, realize the deep integration and super synergy of the two industries of consumer electronics and automobiles, promote the entire industry to accelerate beyond the mobile phone era, and provide users with multi-terminal, full-scenario, immersive fusion experience.

It is worth mentioning that the Meizu Flyme Auto car-machine system interface also ushered in the first exposure. It is reported that this system is an operating system specially customized by Meizu for the mobile phone-car machine interconnection, and it has been deeply optimized and improved. Meizu Flyme Auto’s in-vehicle human-computer interaction software will integrate third-party APP interfaces and incorporate multiple usage modes, such as nap mode, movie viewing mode, navigation mode, etc., to enrich the entertainment functions in the car.

It is foreseeable that there will be more surprises in the future for the Flyme Auto car-machine system. Xingji Meizu will hold an unbounded ecological conference in Shanghai on March 30, and look forward to the official meeting of the Flyme Auto car-machine system with the public at that time.


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