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“Tin” meets ?Teng, ?Teng AI Developer Creation Day@Tianjin Station is about to start!

On March 23, the much-anticipated first stop of the 2024 ?Teng AI Developer Creation Day will be grandly launched in Tianjin!

As the first event of the Teng AI Developer Innovation Day in 2024, it will bring developers brand-new industry information, events, competitions and incentive plans from the Teng ecosystem. At the same time, it will also bring the latest AI industry large model cases and developer stories in Tianjin to developers.

  Highlight 1: Big names gathered in Tianjin to discuss the innovative application of AI

This event will invite Jiao Licheng, Academician of the European Academy of Sciences, IEEE Fellow, Chairman of the Asian Computational Intelligence Society, Huashan Distinguished Professor of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Zhang Dixuan, President of Huawei Tencent Computing Business, Huawei technical experts and other well-known celebrities and representatives of outstanding developers will be invited to attend. , the event will also bring together artificial intelligence industry leaders, representatives of leading companies, university scholars and outstanding developers in various fields. They will share industry insights and the latest artificial intelligence application cases from the perspectives of artificial intelligence cutting-edge technology and industry applications, and jointly discuss artificial intelligence The future of smart industry.

  Highlight 2: Three major signing ceremonies injected new impetus into Tianjin’s artificial intelligence industry ecology

This event will hold a major signing ceremony focusing on the empowerment of the artificial intelligence industry, the collaborative construction of large-scale model ecosystems, and the cultivation of professional talents, injecting new vitality into Tianjin’s artificial intelligence industry.

In terms of large model ecological co-construction, this conference will focus on the application of industry large models in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. The Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Computing Center Ecosystem will unite laboratories, scientific research units, enterprises, colleges and universities, etc. to hold a large-scale model ecological co-construction ceremony and release a series of large models to provide a new generation of AI auxiliary tools for modern traditional Chinese medicine.

Booming industrial applications have created huge demand for talents. 14 colleges of 12 universities in Tianjin will launch the Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Talent Development Acceleration Plan to promote the in-depth integration of industry, academia and research, and provide solid talent support for the development of the local AI industry.

At the event site, innovative application cases based on Teng AI technology in various industries such as medical medicine, finance, and manufacturing will also be displayed. These cases fully demonstrated the latest progress and practical applications of ?Teng AI technology in different fields, allowing participants to deeply feel the value that artificial intelligence brings to modern society.

  Highlight 3: Using technology to assist development and empowering developers in all aspects

In the technology reveal session, Huawei Technologies will explain how the operator programming language Ascend C can best match user development habits, and how it can improve operator development efficiency and help AI developers through key technologies such as multi-layer interface abstraction, automatic parallel computing, and twin debugging. Complete large model operator development and model tuning and deployment at low cost.

In the exhibition area, the Orange Pi AIpro development board jointly launched by Huawei and Orange Pi will be unveiled. Audiences will have the opportunity to experience the charm of the Orange Pi development board and experience its powerful AI functions through practical operations. This development board has attracted the attention of many developers with its powerful AI computing capabilities and easy-to-use operating features.

In the technology sharing session, Chen Duosheng, an outstanding student representative of Nankai University, will be invited to share on the stage. Not only can you have an in-depth understanding of the latest progress of Teng AI technology in enterprise applications, but you can also personally feel the innovative ideas of university developers based on Teng AI. Wonderful idea. Zhang Zihao, Bilibili’s well-known technology UP owner “Brother Tongji Zihao”, will also share his story from civil engineering to AI development master.

  Highlight 4: The sound is heard, the experience is shared, and all useful information about Teng AI is given away

At the event’s “Sound to the Ears” sub-venue, developers can also “boldly turn on the mic” on the spot, “complain” about their product usage experience, listen to technical experts tell “jokes” on the spot, and even directly communicate with the development team of “Teng AI” Put forward your own suggestions and opinions. Giving developers a chance to speak out also allows the Teng AI team to understand users’ needs more directly, thereby continuously optimizing the product experience.

Let us join hands to look forward to this grand event for developers and jointly draw a grand blueprint for the future of Teng AI.

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