Adhere to high-end brand creation!Haier’s proportion of high-end washing machines in Central and Eastern Africa has increased significantly


As the number one global brand in the home appliance industry, Haier Smart Home is continuously achieving revenue growth in various regions through high-end brand creation. According to data from the Middle East and Africa, as of the end of February, Haier’s washing machine revenue in the Middle East and Africa increased by 138%. Among them, in the Egyptian market, the sales volume of 979 series high-end rollers increased by 200% year-on-year, further enhancing the high-end brand status.

The Middle East and African markets have huge consumption potential. In recent years, Korean, Chinese and other home appliance brands have entered the market to seize market share. In order to enhance its market competitive advantage, Haier Smart Home has continuously optimized its product structure and continued to increase its mid-to-high-end share since entering the Middle East and African markets in 1998. Currently, in Egypt, mid-to-high-end products account for more than 60% of Haier’s washing machine product lineup, and the price index of some high-end products is as high as 179, highlighting the advantages of high-end brands.

The success of high-end brand creation is inseparable from the grasp of the differentiated needs of local users. At present, users’ demand for washing machines is not only to clean clothes, but also to improve the washing and care experience and reduce damage to clothes. Based on the local customs, culture and user living habits of Middle East and Africa, Haier Smart Home continues to iterate its washing machine products, which are very popular among locals. Among them, considering the large population of Egyptian families and the large amount of clothes to be washed, Haier Egypt mainly promotes large-tube direct-drive motor washing machines. Not only does the washing process run smoothly and quietly, but the 525mm large-tube diameter can clean the entire family’s clothes at once, improving laundry efficiency and saving money. Water consumption. In addition, the dual spray technology of Haier washing machines directly solves the pain point of users complaining about dirty window mats and the need for manual cleaning, providing users with an efficient and healthy washing experience.

If satisfying user needs is the basis for high-end brand creation to enter the harvest period, then the localization strategy adhered to by Haier Smart Home provides guarantee for the implementation of high-end brand creation. In the Middle East and African markets, Haier Smart Home continues to improve its localized layout, continuously improves its localized production and marketing capabilities, and ensures market supply and expansion. It is understood that Haier Smart Home currently has 2 industrial parks and 5 manufacturing plants in the Middle East and Africa. Last year, the first phase of the Haier Egypt Ecological Park project was laid. It is reported that the factory will be put into operation in May this year, which will further enhance the local chemical manufacturing capabilities. In terms of localized marketing, Haier Smart Home continues to expand marketing and service channels and expand user touchpoints. The brand stores established in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other places last year not only provide convenience for users to experience high-end products, but also enhance the brand reputation. .

High-end localization of services is an important factor in Haier’s harvest period of brand creation in the Middle East and Africa. In the future, Haier Smart Home will continue to enrich its high-end product lineup based on user needs, continue to enhance its brand advantages in the high-end market, and lay a solid foundation for sustainable growth in overseas markets.


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