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Join the top camp!Haier UK debuts at KBB to boost market growth

As the number one global brand in the home appliance industry, Haier Smart Home has achieved sustained growth in various regions around the world with its differentiated technological advantages. Among them, in the UK, Haier Smart Home kitchen appliances have become the leading camp. Entering 2024, the Haier brand is breaking through the kitchen channel to boost market growth. From March 3rd to 6th local time, Haier UK appeared at the KBB Exhibition and launched a new kitchen appliance series “ID Series”, a new stove series I-Pro Shine and a high-end washing series, bringing visitors smarter and more convenient products. Living Solutions.

Kitchen and Bathroom Birmingham (KBB) is the largest and most professional kitchen and bathroom exhibition in the UK, held every two years. This exhibition attracted more than 320 exhibitors from more than 20 countries around the world, as well as professionals from kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and other fields around the world. It is a highly influential industry event. This appearance will undoubtedly further strengthen Haier’s Brand awareness in the UK.

In the European market with high standards and strict requirements, one of the reasons why Haier Smart Home has been able to continuously improve its market position is that it always iterates product technology and smart scenarios based on the user’s mind, and continuously releases its advantageous potential. At this KBB exhibition, Haier UK exhibited a series of high-end products such as ovens, refrigerators, wine cabinets, dishwashers and X11 washing machines, and invited Nisha Katona, a well-known chef and Haier UK brand ambassador, to cook on-site to lead users to more Intuitively feel the technological strength of Haier Smart Home.

In addition to high-quality innovative products, Haier UK has also launched the “ID Series” of kitchen appliance sets based on the direction of intelligent development. Based on the most advanced bionic intelligent technology, Haier UK creates multi-functional cooking partners for users. In the smart cooking scenario of the “ID Series”, it is equipped with various Bionicook bionic cooking technologies, which can not only use embedded cameras and temperature measurement systems to identify food and automatically select ideal cooking parameters, but also help users remotely control products to achieve Smart cooking. In order to meet the energy-saving needs of British users, this series of ovens all have A++ level energy efficiency, bringing a more excellent sustainable experience.

Using smart displays at large-scale exhibitions to increase brand awareness is not only one of Haier UK’s measures to improve its market competitiveness, but also the epitome of Haier Smart Home’s overseas strategy. In recent years, Haier Smart Home has successively appeared at the China Mechanical and Electrical Products Brand Exhibition in Singapore, the Kobe Fashion Show in Japan, the CIH Show in the UK, IFA in Germany, five major industry exhibitions in Dubai, etc., showing Haier Smart Home to global users through the windows of various countries. Home-leading smart technology and smart scenarios. According to data from Euromonitor International, Haier has ranked first in the global retail sales of large home appliance brands for the 15th time.

Haier Smart Home will continue to develop and innovate based on user needs to provide a better life. At the same time, it will also continue to deepen intelligent technology, accelerate the creation of an IoT ecological brand, and lead the industry to new heights.

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