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Tianjin Unicom Escorts the 2023 Summer Davos Forum with Ingenuity

Tianjin Unicom Escorts the 2023 Summer Davos Forum with Ingenuity

The 2023 Summer Davos Forum will be held at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center from June 27 to 29. There will be 2,000 guests and representatives from the political, business, academic and media circles. In order to ensure the successful convening of this forum, Tianjin Unicom “started early, planned early, and arranged early”, carefully organized and arranged carefully, and started again with the mission of “the national team, the main force, and the vanguard”, escorted by ingenuity, and went all out Do a good job in the communication guarantee work of the Summer Davos Forum.

Tianjin Unicom attaches great importance to the re-insurance of forum communication, and has established a communication security team with the company leader as the team leader in advance, and has 8 security teams under it, including venue security, hotel security, optimization security, and network monitoring. 6 emergency support vehicles and 1 mobile emergency communication vehicle were dispatched. A total of more than 130 engineers have been devoted to various tasks such as network construction and communication guarantee, and are respectively responsible for wireless network testing, customer service commissioning, network operation monitoring, equipment fault handling, communication line inspections, and network security incidents. Rapid disposal, etc., strictly implement 7 * 24 hours on duty, and at the same time, double backup is carried out for key equipment and key lines to ensure that communication guarantees are foolproof.

In order to do a good job in real-time discovery and timely disposal of network failures and network security incidents, Tianjin Unicom also established a 7*24-hour monitoring guarantee mechanism to monitor key mobile base stations, core equipment, and customer circuits, etc. Reinforcement, providing anti-DDOS attack, anti-page tampering, anti-data leakage and other security measures to ensure the security of network information during the exhibition.

A few days ago, Tianjin Unicom has completed the mobile network signal test of Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center, 4 reception hotels, Binhai International Airport, 3 railway stations, and 15 main roads, and the overall coverage is good. At the same time, a total of 21 dedicated lines and 120 fixed-line telephones in the convention and exhibition center and reception hotels have been opened and equipment inspections have been completed, and the network speed measurement has met the customer’s requirements.

At present, Tianjin Unicom’s communication support work is progressing in an orderly manner. The support teams are gradually completing the preparation of the plan, the preparation of spare parts, and the inspection of the equipment lines. The support personnel and vehicles are all in place. After the forum starts Dedicate yourself to the re-insurance work, and complete the communication re-insurance task with high morale.

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