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Tencent Attends Summer Davos: Helping the Digital Upgrade of the Retail Industry

Tencent Attends Summer Davos: Helping the Digital Upgrade of the Retail Industry


On June 27, the 14th “Summer Davos” Annual Meeting of the New Champions of the World Economic Forum officially opened in Tianjin. With the theme of “Entrepreneurship: The Driving Force of the World Economy”, the conference will focus on restarting economic growth, China in a global context, energy transition and material supply, protection of nature and climate, consumption trends in the post-epidemic era, and innovation and development. There are more than 100 conferences on core topics. It is reported that more than 1,500 leaders, innovators, experts and scholars from business, political, social and international organizations attended the conference.

On the first day of the conference, based on the topic of “Consumption Trends in the Post-epidemic Era”, Tencent Smart Retail introduced the core capabilities and paths of WeChat and Tencent’s ecology to help retailers grow.

Li Yang, general manager of Tencent’s smart retail vertical industry ecology, said that Tencent has always been helping the integration of digital and real under the mission and vision of “user-oriented, technology for good”, connecting users, content and services through various digital tools. Among them, WeChat and WeChat, which have more than 1.3 billion monthly active accounts, serve as important hubs connecting merchants and users, allowing merchants to reach users around the clock and in multiple scenarios through official accounts, mini programs, video accounts, WeChat payment, and corporate WeChat. Provide services and facilitate transactions.

Specifically, the WeChat ecology provides retailers with four unique values: the independent brand management model, that is, the brand can establish an official mini-program mall, official public account and video account, display content and trading fields with brand personality, and completely Control the business rhythm and users’ digital assets; in addition, through WeChat and corporate WeChat, merchants can also establish one-to-one relationships with consumers to achieve private domain access; based on WeChat’s social scene, brands can also easily use WeChat red envelopes and other interactive forms Plan interactive gameplay, so that users can easily share brand content and products on social media; brands can easily connect online and offline scenarios through small programs, scanning codes and other capabilities, bringing users a convenient experience while improving global operating efficiency.

Making good use of WeChat and Tencent’s ecology will effectively help brands improve their performance and influence.

For example, a big show of the brand can run through multiple WeChat and Tencent ecological capabilities. Before the show, set up a big show song list on QQ Music, and promote it in the circle of friends. During the show, it will be broadcast live on the video account and Tencent Video. After the show, the advertisement will be placed with search keywords, and it will directly jump to the search brand area to guide users Enter the mini program to buy. In addition, small program appointments for sale, lottery to buy top brand products, etc. are also popular marketing and promotion methods on WeChat.

There are also many forms of online interaction for consumers. For example, participate in the brand’s online interaction and social fission through the mini program, during which you can jump to the mini program to buy. In the past two years, many of the digital collections favored by many brands have been distributed through mini programs, accumulating digital assets of users and at the same time diverting them to the mini program purchase channel.

WeChat can also help brands to better connect online and offline. For example, using WeChat mini-programs as connection points to set up smart stores, locate different stores according to LBS, and provide online reservations, store coffee orders, AR interaction, and online shopping. Various services such as fitting to realize the digitalization of stores.

In addition, Li Yang pointed out that with the deepening of digitalization and the advancement of AI technology, the retail industry will have more in-depth exploration and application of digital infrastructure, intelligent customer service, digital marketing, and digital stores. Based on the powerful product matrix and ecological power of Tencent Cloud, Tencent Smart Retail will explore digital “smart” together with retailers. Using enterprise marketing, big data, security and other technologies and products to support merchants’ marketing, transactions, collaboration and technology, and flexibly create end-to-end digital solutions for retail enterprises.

Recently, Tencent Cloud released a panorama of the industry’s large-scale model solution progress and MaaS (Model-as-a-Service) capabilities, which also brought more room for imagination to the industry.

At present, the transaction scale of WeChat mini-programs has increased by 40% year-on-year, the daily activity has exceeded 600 million, and the sales of live broadcasts of video accounts have increased by 8 times year-on-year. Tencent Smart Retail, as the leader of WeChat’s private domain format, provides enterprises with smart retail full-case consulting services, based on business models, organizational structures, and basic digital capabilities, and relies on Tencent Cloud technology to provide customized solutions, digital tools, and operational support. run. Among the merchants cooperated with Tencent Smart Retail, 5 mini-programs have reached tens of billions in sales, and 40 have reached billions.

In the digitally dynamic Chinese market, consumer demand and market competition have also ushered in a new pattern. The digital ecology represented by WeChat provides a new business model for brands, and also stimulates the digital vitality of the retail industry, moving towards higher management efficiency, stronger ability to resist risks and more solid performance growth.

  In the post-epidemic era, China’s consumption is recovering rapidly.According to the latest data from the Ministry of Commerce, in 2023In the first quarter, the contribution rate of final consumption expenditure to economic growth reached 66.6%, becoming the first driving force of economic growth again. In this context, it is believed that brands at home and abroad will seize growth opportunities with the improvement of digital capabilities and realize a higher-quality corporate development blueprint.

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