Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank: Financial knowledge enters the campus to protect youth and grow up


In order to implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on establishing a long-term mechanism for the popularization of financial knowledge and the development of financial knowledge education, further improve the national financial literacy, and create a social atmosphere of honesty and trustworthiness, according to the Tianjin Branch of the People’s Bank of China and the Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, the “financial and In order to promote the popularization and education of “integrity” knowledge, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank actively cooperates with qualified primary and secondary schools to carry out the pilot work of incorporating financial knowledge into school-based curriculum, helping students learn, understand and use finance, and cultivate the values ​​of honesty and trustworthiness from an early age, helping to promote Construction of social credit system.

On the occasion of the “3.15 Financial Consumers’ Rights and Interests Day”, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank and Jinnan District Finance Bureau went to Balitai No. 1 Primary School together and gave a financial knowledge popularization class for more than 200 teachers and students in the sixth grade of the school. Financial media in Jinnan District made a special report on the event at the scene.

In the classroom, the lecturer first introduced the legitimate rights and interests enjoyed by a financial consumer to the students by taking the “3.15 Financial Consumers’ Rights and Interests Day” as an entry point. Then, by watching video clips, physical explanations, interactive games, etc., the students were led to understand the origin and types of RMB, and the dangers of counterfeit currency were popularized from a legal point of view, which strengthened students’ understanding of the illegal behavior of producing and selling counterfeit currency, and helped everyone master the identification The method of counterfeit currency guides students to consciously love RMB and refuse to use counterfeit currency. In the class, the students were enthusiastic and actively participated in the interactive answering questions. The staff of the bank also prepared exquisite small gifts for the students and performed a well-arranged anti-counterfeit currency allegro program, so that everyone gained financial knowledge and cultivated financial health in the laughter. awareness, improved financial literacy, and the activity was unanimously recognized and praised by teachers and students of the school.

Next, Tianjin Rural Commercial Bank will actively fulfill the main responsibility of financial education, establish a long-term mechanism for financial knowledge popularization, continue to explore the financial knowledge popularization course model for primary and middle school students, enrich teaching methods, optimize course design, and effectively help students improve their financial literacy, Strengthen the awareness of integrity and strive to improve the effectiveness of financial knowledge popularization.


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