[Character Interview]Meng Lingbo: Maintain the original intention of service and fulfill the service promise

[Character Interview]Meng Lingbo: Maintain the original intention of service and fulfill the service promise

  How to Fulfill Service Commitments and Boost Consumer Confidence,Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers?Jin Yun and other media reported on Pacific Life Tianjin Branchparty secretary,General Manager Mr. Meng Lingboon the above questionconductthe interview.

  Reporter: How do you view the protection of insurance consumer rights and interests?

  Meng Lingbo:With the continuous development of my country’s market economy, the insurance industry has developed rapidly. However, due to the lack of attention paid by market players to the protection of consumer rights, the lack of sound consumer protection systems and mechanisms, and some problems in insurance sales and services, insurance The rights and interests of consumers cannot be fully protected, which restricts the enthusiasm of insurance consumers to buy insurance products.

Strengthening the protection of the rights and interests of insurance consumers is to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and adhere to the original mission of finance for the people; it is an important measure to maintain financial order, prevent and resolve financial risks; The relevant requirements of the “Administrative Measures for the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests” are a concrete manifestation of the implementation of the main responsibility of consumer protection; it is also an internal demand for the sustainable, healthy and high-quality development of the insurance industry.

  reporter:Pacific OceanWhat key work has Life Insurance Tianjin Branch done in terms of consumer rights protection?

  Meng Lingbo:Pacific Life Tianjin Branch focused on regulatory requirements, market demand, and the plan and goals of CPIC CSC’s high-quality transformation and development, and carried out systematic construction and integrated deployment of consumer protection work. Some achievements have been made in construction and upgrade of service concept, leapfrog complaint management, diversified resolution of disputes, and self-assessment of consumer protection review.

  One isLeading from a high position, promoting from a high starting point, and covering all aspects, the consumer protection work runs through every link of our company’s operations, and by leveraging on the consumer protection evaluation work, we continue to improve the service standards of the branch’s consumer rights protection work and continue to improve The system and mechanism related to the protection of consumer rights and interests implements the spirit of supervision and the guidance documents of the head office to all aspects of branch operation.

  two isIn the field of complaint traceability rectification and diversified dispute resolution, by strengthening the traceability governance of sales and service ends, strengthening integrity compliance and active service awareness, in 2022, the number of complaints in our company will drop significantly year-on-year, and the level of customer service will be further improved. As the only life insurance company in the Tianjin life insurance industry with a judge’s studio and a demonstration mediation room, our company has joined forces with the Tianjin Railway Transport Court and the Tianjin Insurance Industry Association to organize multiple insurance consumer service and publicity activities, playing a leading role in the industry.

  three isIn terms of effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of key groups, Pacific Life Insurance Tianjin Branch has achieved remarkable results in advancing the aging service work. The “Crossing the Digital Divide” intelligent service and care activity for the elderly carried out by our company was reported by the Bank of China Insurance News and established The business card of CPIC Life’s elderly service industry.

  reporter: Do you think life insuranceOKWhat is the focus of the next step in the work of protecting the rights and interests of industrial consumers?

  Meng Lingbo:The protection of consumer rights and interests is a work that is closely related to the people. In the process of expanding the business model of the industry, enriching product supply, innovating service models, and deepening the transformation of technology applications, consumer rights and interests protection is also facing new challenges.Facing the future, how to consolidate and deepen consumer protection work, I thinkThe first is to “maintain the original intention of service and fulfill the service promise”.Through a series of combination measures such as implementing regulatory requirements, strengthening system construction, optimizing service processes, and innovating service measures, we will position ourselves in doing practical things for the masses and solving problems, and improve pain points, resistance points, and shortcomings in operations, and continue to improve customer happiness. and a sense of gain.two isStrengthen internal and external coordination and gather consumer protection forces“Strengthening consumer rights protection and standardizing market order is related to the release of consumption potential and the construction of a new development pattern for the industry. Externally, it is necessary to further strengthen communication and exchanges with supervision, consumer associations, trade associations, and peers to obtain guidance and help and support; internally, promote the deeper integration of consumer protection with front-end sales, complaint handling, risk management, compliance control, and public opinion management; ” and other key tasks are effectively combined with business management, fulfilling customer expectations by fulfilling service commitments, and protecting consumers’ rights and risks with the awareness of business quality.The third is “everyone practices consumer protection and establishes a service brand”.Without a good customer experience, there will be no high-quality word-of-mouth and long-term development in the industry. In the construction of consumer protection culture in the industry, the service awareness of “everyone’s consumer protection” should be further strengthened, the cultural awareness of “active consumer protection” should be enhanced, and the concept of “protecting consumers’ rights and interests is productivity” should become the common underlying code and the industry Code of conduct, fulfill the solemn promise of “protecting the people’s better life”, jointly build an honest consumption environment, and boost financial consumption confidence.

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