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Tianjin launches seven themed festivals to continue to promote the prosperity of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei consumer season

Tianjin launches seven themed festivals to continue to promote the prosperity of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei consumer season

  Tianjin North Net News: Since the launch of the National Consumption Promotion Month and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumption Season in 2023, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and the Municipal Sports Bureau have insisted on joint promotions, combining the theme of spring outing consumption to integrate special consumption such as rivers, seas, ports, and western-style buildings. Resources, focusing on March to May, with the main line of “spring breeze ten miles, I am waiting for you in Tianjin”, focusing on meeting the needs of tourists from Beijing and Hebei to Tianjin for tourism, sightseeing, shopping, leisure, etc., to carry out Bincheng Ocean Carnival and Haihe Tourism Cultural Festival , Jincheng Food Festival, Outlet Shopping Festival, Sports Consumption Festival, Jinmen Performance Season, V1 Carnival and other seven themed festivals, to better expand overseas consumption and prosper the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei consumer market.

  Host the Ben Thanh Ocean Carnival Feel the leisure charm of being close to the sea

Integrate “Bincheng” marine tourism resources, leisure and entertainment venues, seafood delicacies, etc., and increase publicity, so that tourists from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei can experience the fun of being close to the sea. Focus on organizing the National Maritime Museum, Dongjiang Bay Beach Scenic Spot, Dongjiang Pro-sea Park, Eco-city Dongdi Park, Nanwan Park, Mazu Cultural Park, Dashentang Wharf, etc., to create a group of pro-sea tours, overlooking the sea, and returning to nature “Punching places”; organize leisure and entertainment venues such as TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, Haichang Polar Ocean Park, Fantawild Adventure, Elion Ecological World-Elf Paradise, and create a group of “experience places” for parent-child interaction, weekend leisure, and popular science education; Organize major seafood markets and catering companies to launch various types of preferential packages, discount promotions, food tasting and other activities.

  Held the Haihe Tourism and Culture Festival Experience the beauty of Gushui Liuxia

Combining small and long holidays such as Ching Ming Festival and May 1st International Labor Day, elements such as outings, camping, sports, and flower viewing are closely combined with consumption promotion, and flower viewing festivals such as crabapple flowers, peach blossoms, and pear blossoms are mainly promoted, and Beijing-Hebei promotion conferences, Beijing-Hebei Activities such as media gathering, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei fashion travel conference, “Tianjin Xiangdao” micro-variety show and online travel photography competition, etc. Focus on holding the “6th Haihe Cultural and Tourism Festival of ‘Charming Haihe Country Tide and Jin'”, start the sailing work of Haihe cruise ships in late March, launch new night sailing bars, cruise ships, restaurants and many other themed ships, and hold cross talk and music on the cruise ships Salons, small concerts, etc. At the same time, in combination with the beautiful spring season when tens of thousands of flowers are in full bloom, the 2023 Tianjin Canal Peach Blossom Art Festival will be held in Hongqiao District, the Five Avenue Begonia Flower Festival “Full of Flowers·Romantic Meet” will be held in Five Avenues of Heping District, the 2023 Tianjin Rose Flower Festival, The 2nd Five Avenues Coffee Culture Festival, etc., organize various business districts, theaters, night markets and other places to hold music performances, cultural and creative markets, and discount promotions.

  Held Tsujo Gourmet Festival Taste Authentic Tianjin Cuisine

With the theme of “enjoying Jincheng cuisine and promoting Jinwei culture”, organize food selections such as “home-cooked dishes”, “regional specialties” and “exquisite innovative dishes”, and integrate and release “Tianjin Top Ten Famous Dishes” and “Tianjin Top Ten Dishes” Special Breakfast”, “Top Ten Must-Eat Dim Sum in Tianjin”, etc., hold the third “Taste of Relish” Food Festival, National Food Festival (Tianjin Special Session), etc., and jointly release 100 Tianjin specialty restaurants and seafood in conjunction with City Channel, Meituan, etc. Restaurants, etc., focus on launching various discounts and promotions such as group purchase discounts, new dishes releases, membership full discounts, etc. Continue to build brand awareness of Jinnan Xiaozhan Rice, Xiqingshawo Radish, Ninghe Qilihai River Crab, Jizhou Yuyang, etc., with Beitang and Qilihai as the core, hold Jingu Seafood River Crab Festival, rural food festival, etc., organize enterprises Walk into key business districts in Beijing and Hebei for exhibitions and promotions.

  Hold the Outlet Shopping Festival Launch a series of shopping feasts

The Outlet Shopping Festival was held in Florence Town, Beijing, Tianjin, organized more than 200 luxury brands and high-end fashion brands, and launched various forms of member discounts, bank full discounts, new product releases and other activities, so that consumers can experience what they are like without going abroad. The picturesque Italian architectural beauty and vibrant fashion atmosphere provide a one-stop “micro vacation” experience. At the same time, mobilize all the major shopping centers in the city to actively participate, launch exciting activities and preferential measures for joint festivals, carry out outing-themed promotions, discounts, spring new product releases, etc., hold fashion shows, children’s amusements, sports competitions, cultural and creative markets, etc. An outing consumption festival with the main content.

  Host a sports consumption festival Unleash your passion for spring sports

Combined with the spring season, which is a good time to go out and exercise, organize sports venues, key shopping malls, scenic spots, etc. to hold sports consumption festivals, covering sports, fashion, health, vitality and other sectors to bring immersive consumption experience. Focus on the Binhai New Area Forest Half Marathon, Tianjin Equestrian Open, 2023 Haihe Dragon Boat Race, Land Rowing Tournament, Tianjin Foreign-Invested Enterprise Sports Meeting, etc., organize major business districts to hold sporting goods, sports equipment, Clothing and other exhibitions and promotions. Together with the city’s Automobile and Motorcycle Association, it will link Tianjin’s major racing bases, kart bases, and off-road bases to jointly launch exciting exhibition games, group buying packages, preferential experiences, electric kart competitions and other activities, and hold the 7th Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Racing Festival. Organize Panshan, Limutai, Huangyaguan Great Wall, Jiulongshan National Forest Park, Karst Cave and other scenic spots in Jizhou District, hold a series of activities such as outings, flower viewing, mountaineering experience, etc., and cooperate with Ctrip, Meituan and other platforms to hold characteristic homestays, farmhouses, and farmhouse delicacies Selection.

  Hold the Tianjin Performance Season Enjoy a wonderful art feast

Fully relying on Tianjin’s cultural and regional characteristics, organize major theaters, concert halls, crosstalk teahouses, etc. to hold more than 100 wonderful cultural and leisure performances such as song and dance performances, concerts, dramas, crosstalk, talk shows, etc., to improve the quality of nightlife in Tianjin. The Northern Performing Arts Group held the third “Bumping Douer” Comedy Festival, including four major sections: offline performances, talk show competitions, comedy forums, and comedy workshops. A batch of Beijing rhyme drums, stage plays, magic, Yue opera, and stage plays were selected. Excellent domestic comedy performances, creating comedy models of different types; Zhonghua Theater will hold the first three-month Chinese Opera Boutique Invitational Exhibition on March 17, organizing Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and other cities Famous opera troupes participated in the performances, including Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Pingju Opera, Henan Opera, Yue Opera, Huangmei Opera, Hebei Bangzi and many other excellent repertoires. Qianxiangyi Wenyuan, City Quyi Troupe, Tianshijing, Jiuhe Crosstalk Troupe, Celebrity Teahouse, Sunshine Crosstalk Club, Baohexuan, West Bund Crosstalk Club, Tianjin Deyun Society, etc., launched a variety of Tianjin Crosstalk Festival activities, organized in-depth Haihe Cruise ships, major business districts, catering companies, etc. will conduct on-site demonstrations, allowing citizens and tourists to listen to an authentic Tianjin cross talk and feel the charm of cross talk up close.

  Hold the V1 Carnival Check out the new scene of sports consumption

As a collection of motorsports and fashion life experience, V1 Auto World will focus on holding the 2023 V1 Carnival on April 1-2 and April 8-9, including the RCA Field Challenge and the Super Cup Bohai Bay Grand Prix Motorcycle races, motorcycle parade, Hongqi retro car parade, Harley 120th anniversary motorcycle tour, car Jincana experience, band performances, special markets and other activities. Florence Town, Creative Milan Life Square, Hot Wheels Kart Pavilion, etc. will also simultaneously hold a variety of fashion weeks, new product launches, event experience, concerts, night markets, fairs and other activities.

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