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Support Youth Bridge!Yezhifeng sponsors the 2023 China Youth Bridge Classic

Support Youth Bridge!Yezhifeng sponsors the 2023 China Youth Bridge Classic

On March 3, the 2023 “Yezhifeng Cup” China Bridge Youth Classic Sponsorship Signing Ceremony was grandly held in Beijing.

On the day of the event, Zhang Jun, chairman of Yezhifeng Group, and Liu Yinghao, coach of the National Bridge Youth Team, attended the signing ceremony and witnessed this grand event in the bridge field.

signing ceremony

Repeated success Create multiple bridge competition records

Zhang Jun said that his sports hobby is “one article, one martial arts, one field run”, among which “one article” refers to bridge, and he has achieved the most achievements so far.

As early as in college, Zhang Jun played bridge for more than two years. He came back again in 2017. After more than a year of systematic study, in 2018, he led the Yezhifeng bridge team to the United States to participate in the North American Bridge Autumn Competition. As a result, he won the championship of the Swiss system team competition, which caused quite a stir . The North American Bridge Autumn Competition is one of the world’s highest-level bridge competitions, equivalent to the four Grand Slam events in the tennis field. This is the first time in history that a Chinese team has won the championship.

In August 2022, the Yezhifeng bridge team once again staged a highlight moment. The “Beijing Shiyuan Park Cup” 2022 National Bridge Club Championship kicked off in Yanqing, Beijing. The Yezhifeng team led by Zhang Jun won the Open Group C Championship and set a number of national bridge competition records.

First of all, Yezhifeng team won the championship with a record of all victories; second, they won the championship one round ahead of schedule; third, the average age of the players is very young, and the three young players from the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China are only 13, 16 and 21 years old.

Why did the Yezhifeng bridge team achieve so many successes? Zhang Jun concluded that there are two main reasons:

First, pay homage to top famous teachers. Zhang Jun’s teacher is Sun Yanhui, the world champion of women’s bridge, who teaches him to practice poker once a week and helps him analyze problems. Through thematic teaching, Zhang Jun’s level of sitting in the dealership has been significantly improved, the bidding system has become more rigorous, and his signaling ability has also been greatly improved.

Second, don’t complain. Everyone encouraged and created a relaxed, respectful, and happy atmosphere, which enabled the Yezhifeng team to perform at a super level and qualify ahead of schedule.

In the future, Zhang Jun hopes that after retirement, he will have the opportunity to form a Chinese senior team to participate in the World Bridge Competition, aiming to win the world championship and win glory for the country.

Liu Yinghao delivering a speech

Public-spirited Full support for youth bridge career

Zhang Jun said that the bridge model of Yezhifeng is different from that of other companies. Other enterprises spend several million to form domestic clubs, while Yezhifeng puts more funds on the bridge business of young people and encourages young people to grow. In this way, these young players can get more opportunities to participate in high-end events, and the speed of growth is even more amazing.

Since ancient times, heroes come from teenagers, and bridge should also start from dolls. Youth competition is the most lacking thing in Chinese bridge at present, and it is also the pursuit of Yezhifeng all the time. Supporting the cause of youth bridge will benefit the present age and benefit the future.

Liu Yinghao, the coach of the national bridge youth team, also said that the atmosphere of Chinese youth bridge sports is insufficient. Everyone is impetuous and unwilling to wait for young people to grow up. The opportunities for young people to participate in top leagues are also very limited.

Liu Yinghao said that when he was young, many players who participated in the National College Bridge Competition paid out of their own pockets, and some even had to sit on hard seats for more than 30 hours to compete. Everyone relied on super love to persevere. Today’s young people are much happier. Participating in the World Youth Championship is also sponsored by Yezhifeng. This is something that was unimaginable before, and it is also the positive energy that entrepreneurs contribute to society.

Guan Yue, director of operation of “Bridge” magazine, also said that Yezhifeng’s bridge strategy is very successful. In the future, “Bridge” magazine will also report more on these activities, so that more bridge lovers, old leaders who care about bridge, and bridge association leaders We pay attention to these things and promote the development of Chinese bridge.

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