Yutong “Echo”: Strive to open a new game, build a new journey of dreams!

In the past year, in the field of manufacturing, regardless of the intensity of policy introduction or the strength of implementation, it has been deeply imprinted with the brand of “China speed”. The release of a number of national policies has promoted the accelerated transformation of the manufacturing industry towards innovation-driven, green manufacturing, integration with the Internet, continued deepening of supply-side structural reforms, and cultivation of new models and new formats.

As an important transportation support for national economic construction, commercial vehicles carry the important task of manufacturing a strong country and people’s livelihood. After experiencing the industrial crisis in recent years, the commercial vehicle industry has also embarked on the journey of entering a new ecological environment under the guidance of “Made in China 2025”. In March 2023, “national security”, “independent and controllable”, “green transformation” and so on became popular candidates.

So, what kind of opportunities do these keywords mean for the commercial vehicle industry that has escaped the impact of the epidemic? As a representative enterprise in the field of commercial vehicles, how will Yutong meet the challenges in the new cycle?

Self-controllability to demonstrate corporate responsibility

Yutong Bus once again takes on the heavy responsibility. The service vehicles are represented by the high-end public and commercial vehicle Yutong T7, covering various service models such as passenger buses and minibuses, and once again firmly occupy the main service position.

Yutong Bus is a self-owned brand commercial vehicle enterprise, and the brand and quality of Yutong Bus have already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Yutong once again issued the solemn oath of “zero failure, zero delay, and zero complaint”. In particular, the high-end public and commercial vehicle Yutong T7 has been guaranteed for the eighth consecutive year and has become a well-deserved main model.

In recent years, Yutong T7 has become a banner of high-end vehicles. It has served many domestic and international high-end events such as the Boao Forum for Asia, the G20 Summit, the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, and the Shanghai Cooperation Summit. Services, showing the strength of Chinese manufacturing and the image of independent brands to the world.

On the journey to achieve the goal of “the second century”, high-quality development is the primary task, and under the great changes in the world that have not been seen in a century, the security of core technology, industrial chain and supply chain has become an important prerequisite for high-quality development. It also determines that we must take an autonomous and controllable path.

Looking at the past and present, only self-control is the backbone of the nation’s freedom from coercion, and only self-control is the core foundation for national stability and prosperity. The road of technological upgrading represented by Yutong T7 is exactly the road for national brands to achieve independent and controllable innovation leadership, and it is also the mission of Yutong to stand up the backbone of the nation.

Made in China promotes high-quality development

In the transition stage from high-speed development to high-quality development, energy transformation is imperative.

Energy transformation is bound to be accompanied by technological innovation, and the core technology in energy transformation must have basic technological innovation for cross-scenario applications. The Chinese government has taken the development of new energy vehicles as an important strategic deployment for adjusting the energy structure, saving energy and reducing emissions, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, making new energy vehicles a breakthrough leading the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry.

Manufacturing is the foundation of China’s economy and the core and foundation of the entire economic system. Whether the manufacturing industry chain is complete or not and how mature it is determines the national strength, national fortune, and national economic security, public health security, and national defense security.

Therefore, Yutong adopts the development model of a new energy commercial vehicle group, through industrial chain upgrading and advanced industrial layout, from traditional energy to new energy, from full-spectrum bus products to commercial vehicle product matrix, from manufacturer to comprehensive solution provider Businesses have gradually transformed the industrial chain into an industrial matrix and industrial network. In the face of major power games, geopolitical conflicts, and sudden epidemics, it has demonstrated sufficient industrial chain resilience and maintained its position in the global value chain division of labor.

After more than 20 years of development, Yutong Group has become a large-scale new energy commercial vehicle enterprise in the world. Its products cover passenger cars, trucks, special vehicles, sanitation equipment and construction machinery. It has 2 listed companies, 4 vehicle factories, 5 zero The component base, through the “full-chain model” of the coupling and coordination of the innovation chain, the industrial chain and the value chain, extends from the field of public travel to various fields such as urban logistics distribution, engineering construction and transportation. In the process of economic development and satisfying people’s livelihood and well-being, the pace of self-innovation has been accelerated.

Yutong, which is marching towards the world’s leading new energy commercial vehicle group, is taking technological innovation as its first core competitiveness, firmly occupying the commanding heights of the industry, and promoting China’s manufacturing from large to strong, so as to maintain the stability and safety of the industrial chain and supply chain, and help National security capabilities have been continuously enhanced.

International status achieves national brand

To promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, we must win with quality, but also with wisdom, and more importantly, with ambition.

Yutong is not satisfied with its industry status in the field of buses, but actively breaks through the transformation and continuously improves the international status of national brands. In 2022, Yutong will not only provide service assurance at the Beijing Ice and Snow Festival, but also take 888 pure electric buses to sea at the top football match in Qatar, achieving a highlight moment in the global green energy transformation.

Recently, Yutong’s two overseas “big orders” once again aroused widespread concern in the industry.

Saudi Arabia has an order of 550 buses, of which 300 have been delivered to Riyadh, the garden city of Saudi Arabia, and will soon be put into Riyadh’s long-distance public passenger transport lines.

800 passenger cars exported to Uzbekistan have also embarked on the journey one after another. These vehicles will take on the important task of creating a green and comfortable transportation environment for local people in Uzbekistan’s public transportation field, further enhancing the international image of Uzbekistan’s transportation industry, and boosting the green transformation of Uzbekistan’s public transportation field. At the same time, this order is not only my country’s largest bus order along the “Belt and Road” since the beginning of 2023, but also set a new record for China’s bus exports to Ukraine, injecting strong impetus into the high-quality joint construction of the “Belt and Road”.

Up to now, Yutong has exported more than 86,000 buses, accounting for more than 10% of the global market share. Among them, new energy buses have been operating well in more than 30 countries and regions. Along the “Belt and Road”, Yutong’s bus exports have covered nearly 80% of the countries along the “Belt and Road”, realized the export of buses to 115 countries along the “Belt and Road”, and sold more than 68,000 buses in total. Among them, in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Poland and other countries, Yutong is the only supplier of new energy buses or the largest supplier of new energy buses in the country, becoming a bright “Chinese business card” along the “Belt and Road”.

A national brand is a symbol of a country’s image and national culture. Behind its participation in the international market competition is the contest of the country’s comprehensive strength. To a certain extent, its strength and reputation also represent the country’s voice in the world and in the industry. With a global presence and overseas sales, the frequent export of Yutong’s new energy products not only represents the success of the company, but also reflects the global competitiveness and recognition of Chinese manufacturing.

Looking at the world and focusing on the present, many core nodes of the energy industry and manufacturing industry are gathered in China. The two “hundred years” determine that we must take an independent and controllable high-quality development path, and we must use independent innovation to help energy transition and safeguard national security. Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises represented by Yutong will stand at the starting point of the new five-year period and strive hard to break through the waves with the attitude of breaking the wind and breaking the waves, striving to open a new situation and build a new journey of dreams.

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