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Through the wind and snow towards the warm sun

Through the wind and snow towards the warm sun

Recently, a cold wave has hit northern my country, with heavy snow falling in many places, and the sky and earth are covered in white, forming a world covered in silver. In the wind and snow, China Unicom people are present in every corner of the city and countryside, like a ray of warm sunshine in the cold winter, ensuring smooth communication for the people and providing meticulous and thoughtful services.

They were moved by the “snowstorm” and were on standby to prepare for rainy days.

The Forbidden City in the heavy snow is picturesque. Tourists wearing thick winter clothes picked up their mobile phones to take pictures of the snow scenes, with happy smiles on their faces.


In order to ensure that citizens and tourists can enjoy better mobile network services on snowy days, starting from the 12th, Beijing China Unicom began optimizing the network of Internet celebrity scenic spots. Front-line staff brought equipment to measure the upload and downlink speeds and speeds of scenic spots on the spot. The delay is adjusted according to the on-site conditions and background linkage to ensure that people can use the mobile network more smoothly when checking in at the snow scene and share beautiful moments with friends anytime and anywhere.

In Weifang, Shandong Province, the snowflakes falling all over the sky also shrouded the entire ancient city of Qingzhou in silver gauze, and the snow scene was extremely beautiful. In order to ensure that citizens and tourists can enjoy better mobile network services on snowy days, Weifang China Unicom has carried out network optimization work in advance to ensure that citizens and tourists can start taking photos, videos and live broadcasts in the beautiful snowy ancient city.


Heilongjiang in the north is even more chilly. Harbin, the provincial capital, encountered a severe snowstorm and a level 11 wind. Civil aviation was suspended, roads were suspended, and schools were suspended. China Unicom Harbin established an emergency communications support working group and established more than 30 professional emergency repair teams for switching, wireless, and transmission. A total of nearly 400 frontline employees “continuously battled” the snowstorm and worked overtime to repair base stations and optical cables damaged by the severe weather. Every effort was made to ensure communications; in Mudanjiang, frontline workers covered themselves with plastic sheets to speed up the repair of communications facilities amid heavy snow.

At 2:00 a.m. on November 6, the 66kV power lines of Shuping Line, Shuqi Line, and Shubai Line in Shulan, Jilin Province failed. Jilin China Unicom urgently dispatched generators to assist Shulan. Frontline employees overcame the rain, snow, and freezing weather and the road was slippery. Despite the difficulties, we fought on the front line against the blizzard disaster regardless of wind or snow, and made every effort to ensure the smooth communication of the communication network.



At 09:18 on December 13, Tianjin City issued a yellow snow warning signal. Tianjin China Unicom acted upon the order and dispatched a total of more than 900 support personnel, 300 support vehicles, and 28 emergency power generation vehicles, completing the first-level trunk line and important optical cable routing inspections and power equipment inspections. On the 13th, more than 2,000 maintenance personnel and Smart Home engineers from Tianjin China Unicom were on duty, working in the snow to troubleshoot and install machines for customers, fulfilling the service promise of “same-day installation and same-day repair”.

In areas with heavy snowfall in Hebei, faced with deep snow, slippery roads and inaccessible vehicles, Hebei China Unicom’s network maintenance staff shoveled snow manually to clear roads and carried equipment and materials on their backs on foot, walking into deep mountainous areas to repair the network for villagers. As of December 14, the province has invested a total of 3,645 personnel and 625 vehicles.

Moving toward “communication”, they braved all dangers to spread the warmth of the sun

“Fault is an order, emergency repair is a responsibility.” Regardless of the weather, as long as a user reports an obstacle, it must be dealt with immediately. Bad weather cannot stop China Unicom people. They drive their vehicles carefully and carry out network surveys and signal repairs in the wind and snow, just to keep everyone’s communication smooth in the wind and snow.


In the early morning of December 6, a heavy snowstorm in the Mudanjiang area of ​​Heilongjiang caused serious damage to some plug-in lines in the urban area of ​​Jiangnan, and affected some rural broadband networks. Sun Yongfeng, a line maintenance staff member of Heilongjiang Unicom Mudanjiang Jiangnan Branch, learned that the heavy snowfall has caused the suspension of primary and secondary schools, and many children still need to take online classes at home, so they must get through the line as soon as possible. Regardless of the cold weather and slippery roads, Sun Yongfeng led the village maintenance personnel to rush to Baopian Village in the snow. After investigation, it was found that the mixture of rain and snow formed into ice and hung on the communication lines, crushing the lines, and the lines had to be replaced. Regardless of the slippery mast, he climbed up the line pole despite the wind and snow, carefully inspected each damaged line, and repaired 5 damaged lines in one day.

On December 14, a heavy snowstorm descended on Shandong. An elderly man in Dezhou City had a TV malfunction at his home and urgently needed door-to-door service. Ma Haitao, CEO of Qingyun Unicom City District, led three smart home engineers Liu Shuai, Ma Mennglei, and Liu Yingnan to arrive at the user’s home despite the wind and snow. After repairing the fault point, which was located outdoors, several smart home engineers arrived at the user’s home. Repair work was immediately carried out. The cold wind was howling. During the outdoor repairs, the optical fiber in Master Ma’s hand was swayed by the cold wind. Upon seeing this, Master Liu hurried forward to stabilize the optical fiber line. In order to complete the optical fiber splicing work more accurately, the two of them took off their clothes directly. Take off the gloves and get to work. In the cold wind, their hands were turned red by the cold, but their hands holding the optical fiber did not tremble at all. They peeled, cut, welded, and sleeved… all in one go. After the two worked closely together to successfully complete the maintenance task, they stood up and saw that they were actually sweating in the cold winter.




Continuous snowfall has caused the temperature in Inner Mongolia to drop to minus 20 degrees. Amidst the heavy wind and snow, Gao Wa from China Unicom in Keshiketeng Banner, Inner Mongolia learned that the broadband network at herders’ homes was out of order, so she stepped through the thick snow, one foot deep and one foot shallow. We arrived at the herdsmen’s homes and started troubleshooting. Troubleshooting was not complicated and took only ten minutes, but the journey to and from the user’s home took a full two hours. Users kept thanking Gao Wa, who said, “The ice and snow are not obstacles, but catalysts on the way to our service.”

Sticking to their original aspiration and mission, they help each other through the wind and snow with love

Every service is an upholding of China Unicom’s promise of “delivering good services to customers with heart”. While China Unicom is going all out to ensure communications, it is also doing its best to listen to customers and understand their concerns.



During snowfall, a video monitoring point failure occurred in a kindergarten in Ninghe, Tianjin. Real-time monitoring is particularly important in extreme weather and urgent assistance is needed. China Unicom maintenance personnel rushed to the scene with spare parts and tools, overcoming difficulties such as low temperatures in the snow and slippery roads, and rushed to the scene quickly. After investigating step by step, the cause of the fault was accurately located. After replacing the storage server hard disk, the monitoring point returned to normal. During the environmental survey, the maintenance staff also found that there were blind spots in monitoring coverage at existing points. After obtaining the opinions of the person in charge of the kindergarten, they constructed an additional point to better maximize the monitoring effect. The patient communication, professional skills and warm-hearted service of Ninghe Unicom’s maintenance staff have been fully recognized by customers.

Severe and extreme freezing weather caused icing on lines, resulting in a power outage throughout Yuanqu County, Shanxi Province. Communication infrastructure in many places in the county was affected to varying degrees. Shanxi China Unicom quickly established a temporary emergency headquarters to restore communications as soon as possible. , while maximizing the high-quality service role of front-line windows and providing people with heart-warming services such as heating, drinking water, free charging and Internet access in a timely manner.

For China Unicom people, strong winds and severe snow are nothing to fear. We will continue to face the cold wave in the snow and be the warm sunshine around every user.

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