This time, Kantar Electric does not talk about products but only about “true?”

This time, Kantar Electric does not talk about products but only about “true?”

The topic of women has never been a niche. Especially at the time point of March 8th, almost all brands put the spotlight on them. Most of them are praising their independence and tenacity, praising their greatness and selflessness; they are speaking out for “her” power, telling women that they can make a difference and have the ambition to be a queen. However, are only the so-called “excellent” women worthy of attention and mention?

In fact, most women are ordinary. In this vast world, women should be able to stretch freely. No one stipulates that every woman should grow into a rose. When many brands over-promote and elevate women, Kantar Electric uses a special commercial to tell all women that they don’t need to exist in a certain way. It is their freedom to choose greatness or return to ordinaryness. It truly respects all women. .

This short film abandons the conventional perspective of traditional commercials, and uses a pair of ordinary hands as the protagonists to listen to the various lives of women and appreciate each unique her. Every pair of hands in the film interprets women’s lives and yearnings, interpreting their day-to-day efforts and persistence, with love in their hearts, and their pursuit of beauty. Finally, tell all women: “Is it true if you are not defined?”.

As a new kitchen appliance brand, this is Kantar’s first attempt on March 8 Women’s Day. Through a promotional video, it conveys not only respect for women, but also the brand’s humanistic care for consumers.

In fact, Kantar has been committed to creating a brand full of humanistic care and warmth in the hearts of users. Not only has it caught up in technology research and innovation and user experience, but it has never slackened in paying attention to people’s growing needs for beauty. Kantar’s high-value, high-quality, intelligent, and integrated kitchen appliances such as integrated stoves, steam ovens, dishwashers, water purifiers, and coffee machines not only meet the needs of cooking, washing, and drinking, but also The improvement of kitchen life experience and sense of quality is to better satisfy people’s yearning for a better life.

Kandu integrated stove, so that the oily smoke does not cover the face, protects respiratory health and cooking safety; Kandu steam oven, one machine can satisfy steaming, roasting, frying and stewing, and even a kitchen rookie can make star-rated food; Kandu dishwasher makes Keep your hands away from the leftovers and oil stains of the tableware, so that you can enjoy your leisure time with more peace of mind; the Kandu net drink machine, ready to filter and drink, special temperature and special drinking, no need to wait for milk, soup, tea, drinking water, easy to achieve health Drinking water is free.

In addition to grafting humanistic care into products, Kantar also permeates its user services with such heart-warming care. They believe that the end of product sales is the beginning of service. Kantar’s services focus on the customer’s entire journey experience, from kitchen beauty consultation, appointment measurement, distribution and installation, to product use, after-sales maintenance, etc., with professional and meticulous services, Let users really enjoy the wonderful experience brought by Kantar products and services. It is Kantar’s refinement and sincere service at the product level that can create one after another kitchen appliances, which have been recognized and affirmed by the industry and users time and time again.

With the optimization of the epidemic policy, the kitchen appliance market is expected to recover, but a new round of competition is about to start. In this turbulent kitchen appliance industry, how can Kantar break through? Can Kantar maintain its original intention of “satisfying people’s yearning for a better life” and always insist on being a responsible kitchen appliance company? Let us wait and see.

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