Nanguang noble lady drinking whitening injection, retains supple and beautiful skin

Nanguang noble lady drinking whitening injection, retains supple and beautiful skin

Luxury clothes and famous bags can set off an elegant temperament, and a youthful and beautiful appearance is a sharp weapon for women to gallop in the workplace and keep their love deep. Various attractive items launched in the medical beauty market have exposed many problems in use, such as frequent visits, high time costs, serious occupation of rest time, meeting acquaintances, hindering face, etc. Skin normalization and convenience are becoming more and more conflicting, and the demand for daily self-operated beauty and skin care has surged.

Nam Kwong Pharmaceutical is the first to develop whitening injections that can be drunk

It has been the habit of Taiwan Nanguang Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for many years to gain insight into market demand and develop reliable products. Guided by market demand, it can not only effectively meet consumer demand, but also help the company grow steadily.

After realizing the above medical beauty problems, Nam Kwong responded quickly and mobilized the research and development team, hoping to make breakthroughs in daily diet, so that women can gracefully complete their transformation and counterattack while drinking milk tea.After several rounds of research and development and improvement, successfully developed[AG]Anti sugar% collagen peptide compound drink, niacinamide collagen compound drink and other products have received good response once they were launched on the market. In just one year, 32,700 boxes have been produced, and they have become favored products by many medical and aesthetic institutions.

by[AG]Anti sugar% collagen peptide compound drink is an example. It focuses on multi-dimensional anti-sugar maintenance of the skin. It has the following functions: remove pigmentation and remove glycated substances in the muscle bottom; small molecular protein peptides are directly introduced into the deep layer of the skin to maintain cell vitality; promote the synthesis of collagen to plump the skin Contour, maintain a youthful posture 3 major advantages, so that beauty lovers are not afraid of skin problems such as fine lines, dark yellow, plate, acne, darkening, etc., and help to develop whitening and light bulb skin.

Combined with Niacinamide Collagen Compound Drink to achieve anti-sugar and anti-oxidation multi-effect skin care, hard-core black technology against sun spots, 48 ​​hours to affect melanin metabolism, 7 days to reduce the formation of dark spots and freckles, 14 days to quickly whiten and brighten the complexion, stick to use It can delay aging, refine pores, remove wrinkles and spots, moisturize and moisturize. Skin whitening and rejuvenation care is as simple as drinking milk tea every day.

With hospital background and patent blessing, the quality is excellent

JCI international medical configuration standard provides suitable temperature and humidity for various medical aesthetic operations, the space environment is clean, and the number of bacteria is low; air cleaning technology is used to control microbial pollution. Different levels of filters form the lamellar flow aseptic operation area and so on. Production standards are also strictly followed aseptic, fully automated, and of high quality.

In addition to the ingredients that widen the gap between products, various patents, honors, and equipment should also be listed. 20 brand honors, introduction of advanced equipment from 23 countries, 16 safety gold standards, 12 years of professional medical beauty experience, and a number of patented technologies jointly support Nam Kwong Ladies series products, so that they have the irresistible effect of similar products and will be loved The beauty is firmly held in the palm of the hand.

GPH collagen tripeptide + bonito elastin peptide, salmon nasal cartilage proteoglycan, Haematococcus pluvialis, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, so that beauty lovers who want to be beautiful and healthy can take a big reassurance, without complicated Working hard with technology and full of sense of security, this is not a simple quality test, but excellent. The medical beauty market needs more conscientious brands like Nam Kwong Lady.

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