“Spring Sunshine” finalized 0313 Huang Zitao, Wu Gang and Sun Yi interpret the growth history of two generations of actors

“Spring Sunshine” finalized 0313 Huang Zitao, Wu Gang and Sun Yi interpret the growth history of two generations of actors

Directed by Liu Jiacheng, starring Huang Zitao, Wu Gang, Sun Yi, Liu Bei, Han Tongsheng special starring, Zhou Qiqi, Zheng Kai starring “Spring Sunshine” is officially scheduled for March 13, and will soon meet the audience on Beijing Satellite TV and Youku.

“Spring Sun” tells the story of the popular star Song Yang (played by Huang Zitao), under the leadership of Ding Kemang (played by Wu Gang), sticks to his original aspirations, fears no temptation, goes through ups and downs, and finally grows into a virtuous and professional literary and art worker Inspirational story. In the play, there is a two-line depiction of the original aspirations of the older generation of artists and the warm growth of young artists. It uses delicate handwriting to portray the multi-dimensional thinking and self-examination growth of two generations of actors about family, love and career. . With its unique in-depth plot texture and charming cast, “Spring Sunshine” has gained a high degree of attention as early as the beginning of preparation, and has successfully been promoted to “Spring Most Anticipated Series” by many netizens.

The multiple collisions between the reality of art inheritance and the original heart of middle-aged actors and young artists

In the play, Song Yang played by Huang Zitao is a very popular top star. Although he became famous when he was young and debuted at the pinnacle, although he seems to be full of glory, his sense of mission as an actor makes him always terrified. He deeply feels that “strength is the last word” and he chooses to settle down and cultivate himself at the most glorious time. The acting skills and the brave choice of following the heart let people see the responsibility of the new generation of young artists.

And Ding Kemang, played by Wu Gang, is an excellent drama artist with “the drama is bigger than the sky”. He has been on the stage for half his life. He is a veritable “old drama player”. He met a “traffic niche” who he was quite prejudiced against, and as the two of them got along and worked together, he gradually had a new look at Song Yang, a young artist. The collision of sparks between the young and middle-aged actors turned into the artistic inheritance of the two generations of artists, and the process was healing and warm.

At the same time, there are many realistic issues displayed in the plot, such as the middle-aged marriage crisis, the different career bottlenecks of the young and old generations, and the communication barriers between the two generations, etc. are all displayed in the play. The rich plot elements also make the series more watchable.

Gold medal team quality escort strength lineup is highly anticipated

Director Liu Jiacheng, who has contributed excellent national works such as “Under the Zhengyang Gate” and “Love in a Courtyard” to the audience, this time he personally directed “Spring Sun” with a unique perspective and sincere emotions. Bring a feast for the soul. He is partnered with Wang Hai, who is known as “China’s No. 1 Marriage Writer” and Wang Daou, a well-known screenwriter. The quality of “Spring Sun Warm Sun”, which has been carefully polished by the gold medal team for several years, is naturally guaranteed. At the same time, the cast of the play is also full of expectations. Huang Zitao and Sun Yi, who have both good looks and acting skills, and recognized capable actors Wu Gang and Liu Bei will join forces this time, and they will definitely be able to collide with different sparks. Regardless of the plot level or the presentation effect, I believe that “Spring Sun” will bring us new surprises.

Produced by Sanqian Media, Huace Film and Television, and jointly produced by Beijing Radio and Television Station, Alibaba (Beijing) Software Services Co., Ltd., and Longtao Entertainment, the urban emotional drama “Warm Sun in Spring” will officially meet with the audience on March 13. Simultaneously broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV and Youku. Depth and texture are gathered together, with excellent feelings and connotations. This high-quality drama with attitude and sincerity will accompany domestic audiences to spend warm spring days.

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