This theme education is carried out by China Life in this way

This theme education is carried out by China Life in this way

According to the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee, the China Life Group Party Committee has carried out in-depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics theme education among party organizations at all levels of the system and the majority of party members, and used the party’s innovative theory to unify thinking, will, and action. Carry forward the great spirit of party building, keep in mind the “three musts”, promote China Life to work together to build a socialist modern country in an all-round way and comprehensively promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and strive to create a new situation for China Life’s high-quality development.

  target requirements

Transform Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era into a powerful force that strengthens ideals, tempers party spirit, guides practice, and promotes work, so that party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members always maintain unified thinking, firm will, coordinated actions, and strong Combat effectiveness, and strive to achieve tangible results in the aspects of learning to build the soul, learning to increase wisdom, learning to be positive, and learning to promote performance.Specifically achieveConcentrate your heart, cast your soul and build a firm foundation,Building Character, Strengthening Loyalty,Act hard to promote development,Fulfill the purpose and benefit the people,Integrity and honesty set up a new stylefive goals.

Focus on solving outstanding problems in six areas:


  theoretical study

Efforts should be made to solve the impure style of study, the learning is not mindful, in-depth and unsystematic, and there are gaps and deficiencies in using the party’s innovative theory to guide practice and solve problems.


  political quality

Focus on solving political judgment, political comprehension, and political execution are not strong enough, beliefs and beliefs are weakened, and the spirit of implementing the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping is not ordered, and there are prohibitions, making choices, making changes, and discounting. Not in place, disregarding the overall situation, and engaging in standard protectionism.



Efforts should be made to solve the problem that the new development concept is not firmly established, the ability to promote high-quality development, do a good job in mass work, and deal with risks and challenges is not strong enough, and it lacks the awareness and ability to discover and solve its own problems in a timely manner.


  Take on as an aspect

Focus on solving the lack of entrepreneurial spirit, lack of sense of responsibility, lack of fighting spirit, being wise and safe in case of trouble, “laying flat” and not doing anything, not daring to touch the hard, not daring to overcome difficulties, thinking inertia and path dependence, looking ahead and looking backward , timid, push up and down, push and hide, and pursue self-interest.


  work style

Efforts should be made to resolve the sense of purpose and the indifference of the masses, to be out of touch with the masses and reality, to conduct infrequent and in-depth investigations and studies, to have a poor understanding of the rapidly changing objective reality and the warmth and well-being of the masses, and to implement the simplification of the Party Central Committee’s decision-making and deployment, “one size fits all”. “, copying and copying, being as rough as the top and bottom, reporting good news but not bad news, falsifying, putting on airs, engaging in formalism and bureaucracy, and having privileged thoughts and behaviors.


  Integrity and self-discipline

Efforts should be made to solve the weak awareness of discipline and law, lack of attention to, understanding of, and grasp of party rules and discipline, lack of awareness of using rule of law thinking and methods to carry out work, violations of discipline still occur, use of power and influence for personal gain and corruption, There are corruption issues that harm the interests of the masses, etc.

  Working arrangements

The Party Committee of China Life Group takes the lead in studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, takes the lead in carrying out in-depth investigations and studies, takes the lead in inspection and rectification, takes the lead in promoting the company’s development, coordinates and strengthens work guidance, and demonstrates and promotes the in-depth development of thematic education throughout the system.

The theme education is not divided into stages and links, and runs through theoretical study, investigation and research, promotion of development, inspection and rectification, etc., and establishes rules and regulations throughout it, organically integrated and integrated.


  Persist in theoretical study throughout

By studying from the original text, holding reading classes, seminars and exchanges, teaching special party lectures, organizing special training, and carrying out lectures and explanations, we will focus on improving theoretical literacy, strengthening ideals and beliefs, sublimating the realm of consciousness, and enhancing capabilities through deep learning and careful practice. Consolidate and firmly support “two established“, resolutely do “two maintenance“The ideological foundation.

  Read the original works and learn the original texts to understand the principles

  Hold reading classes

  Carry out special learning

  Teach special party lectures

  Organize special training

  Organizational presentation

  Grasp the study of grassroots party branches


  Persist in conducting investigation and research throughout

Organize the majority of party members and cadres to dive down and sink to the ground, grasp the real situation and public opinion, deepen the understanding of the party’s innovative theory in the investigation and research, use the party’s innovative theory to study new situations and solve new problems, and make the investigation The process of research has become a process of transforming theoretical learning into practical application, a process of changing style of work, enhancing feelings with the masses, and a process of improving the ability to perform duties and enhancing responsibility.

  deepen ideological understanding

  Formulate a research plan

  solid research

  Organize exchange seminars

  Improve research style


  Persist in promoting development throughout

Closely focus on the company’s high-quality development, strengthen theoretical study to guide development practice, deepen investigation and research to promote the solution of development problems, and implement learning and research to the group company “One increase, one excellence, six enhancements“Work requirements go.

  Responsibility and courage

  Solve problems and promote development

  Do practical things and solve people’s worries


  Persist in inspection and rectification throughout

Carry forward the self-revolutionary spirit of turning the blade inward, insist on learning, comparing, inspecting, and rectifying while learning, insist on combining classified rectification with centralized rectification, and adhere to the in-depth promotion of the rectification of problems reported by the central inspection and the Wang Bin case to promote reform. Combining, in-depth investigation and correction of deficiencies, and doing a good job in the rectification and rectification of outstanding problems.

  listen widely

  make a list of questions

  Carry out party analysis

  carry out rectification


  Persist in establishing rules and regulations throughout

Adhere to the combination of “immediate reform” and “long-term establishment”, and fix the good practices and experiences of learning and implementing Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the theme education in a timely manner. At the same time, establish a long-term mechanism for consolidating and deepening the achievements of thematic education, improve the system and mechanism for studying and implementing the party’s innovation theory, and ensure the normal and long-term effect.

  organizational leadership

Party organizations at all levels and party members and leading cadres should take the development of theme education as the primary political task, put it in a prominent position, stand at the height of politics and the overall situation, maintain a work situation that focuses on major issues, and ensure that tangible results are achieved.


  Formation of a leading body

A theme education leadership group was established, and an office was set up under the leadership group, and a special theme education class was set up in the office.


  well-planned organization

Strengthen the overall planning, top-level design and work arrangements for thematic education.


  Focus on assessment

Combine the development of theme education with the promotion of the work of the center.


  Strengthen supervision and guidance

Persist in adapting measures to local conditions, strengthen classified guidance, and clarify specific tasks and promotion measures.


  To achieve practical results

Strengthen publicity and guidance, give full play to the role of various publicity platforms at all levels, and create a good atmosphere for public opinion.


Carrying out the theme education of learning and implementing Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a powerful measure to promote the implementation of the Party’s 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and a major deployment of the new great project of party building in the new era. China Life’s party organizations at all levels and the majority of party members will unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, always unite with the people, resolutely implement the new development concept, and promote the Chinese-style Contribute to the modernization drive and complete the mission and tasks entrusted to us by the party in the new era and new journey.

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