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This March 8, Fu Yanjie is playing a very new content live broadcast

Women’s Day is a festival dedicated to women.

But at the moment, Women’s Day is not just a festival, but also an opportunity for major businesses to seize women’s marketing. As a result, the topic of women’s independence has remained high in recent years. There are more and more slogan declarations and discussions on women’s social value.

Modern women’s consciousness is developing rapidly, but only when the cognition of self and noumenon is deep enough can women’s independent thinking be truly stimulated.

A live broadcast of self-awareness

In order to let women know more about their bodies and strengthen women’s self-awareness.During the March 8th Festival this year, Fuyanjie, a domestic women’s private health professional brand, has joined forces with millions of fans on Douyin.[协和烟雨医生]The couple launched a “very new health live broadcast”.

Many health knowledge popularization in the era of fragmentation only stays in behavior: what should be done and what needs to be done. But it is rare to calm down and tell the recipients what your body structure is like, why this kind of situation occurs in your body, and the reasons why you need to take protective measures in your daily life.

In Fu Yanjie’s live broadcast, the Yanyu couple not only gave consumers a detailed science of the physiological structure of the female self, but also explained in detail the nursing principles of our physical health, helping women better understand themselves and understand themselves.

Deepen content construction and focus on women’s needs

The bottoming out of the traffic dividend has made the development of content one of the most important trends in brand building. How to continuously output interesting and fun content and influence more consumers’ minds through content has become the main direction of major brands. Fuyanjie is committed to the popularization of Chinese women’s health knowledge. Before this incident, it has been opening channels for dialogue between doctors, experts and consumers through official live broadcast rooms such as Tmall and Douyin to help consumers improve their health awareness.

The content of Fuyanjie is by no means limited to the form. This time, in the cooperation with Dr. Xiehe Yanyu, the recently popular form of Lianmai was also used in the live broadcast, and the live Lianmai provided answers to consumers’ health knowledge.

It is no longer just a one-way indoctrination of health knowledge. Instead, it starts from the perspective of consumers, puts the subjective needs of the audience in the first place, outputs content through real needs, and then extends the popular science explanation of related health knowledge to make it easier for the audience to accept, thus achieving a successful content output.

Every kind of “innovation” collision releases a huge new momentum of marketing. It is reported that the special live broadcast of Fu Yanjie and Dr. Xiehe Yanyu has been viewed more than 300,000 times.

25th Anniversary of Green Leaf Protecting Women’s Health in China

Strong voice, good reputation, and professionalism, behind this creative live broadcast that creates content value, is only the first step in building the brand image of Fuyanjie’s 25th anniversary “Green Leaf Guardian Project”.

As a well-known female brand in China. Fuyanjie is also one of the earliest female brands in China that began to help Chinese women popularize gynecological knowledge. This year is the 25th anniversary of the birth of Fuyanjie brand. Fuyanjie has completed the transformation from a single lotion to a professional brand of women’s private health with multiple categories and all-round care.

In 2023, Fuyanjie will use the brand’s green leaf logo as a symbol to create a green leaf protection plan, and continue to speak for the female group. Through the double blessing of public welfare and professionalism, we will grow together with Chinese women.

I believe that the dialogue between Fu Yanjie and women groups will continue in the future…

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